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Perseverance and determination and of course some amazing sex. That’s all it took to finally get Bob to send me something to post for him on this blog. All This Wicked Witchcraft is a Halloween story written by Bob and now I get to share it with you right here. Jess

All This Wicked Witchcraft

All This Wicked Witchcraft

All This Wicked Witchcraft by Bob Morane

Meghan looked at her reflection in the mirror. Her Halloween costume looked great. Being a huge Star Wars fan she had decided to dress up as a Twi`lekk smuggler. The costume consisted of tight-fitting black pants and knee-high boots of the same colour. A crimson shirt fell down to her upper thighs.

A belt held her blaster pistol and pouches for equipment. Her short hair was covered by a prosthetic she had made herself, giving her the appearance of a bald head with two headsails called lekku wrapped around her neck and shoulder. Getting it right had taken some time and it had taken some time to paint her face, neck, cleavage and hands in the same blue colour as the headpiece. She put her phone, some cash and pepper spray in her belt pouches and was ready to go. She just had to wait for her roommate Justine and they were ready to go to the Halloween party on campus.

Meghan waited for another 30 minutes and finally, the door to their dorm room opened and Justine came in. Justine was gorgeous and she knew it. She also was a huge flirt and her costume showed it. She was dressed as a witch, wearing a black, low-cut bodice showing ample cleavage. Her skirt, equally black, was slit high on the left side showing her fishnet-clad legs. Justine’s red tresses fell wildly over her back and shoulder. In her right hand, she carried a broom.

All This Wicked Witchcraft

“You show enough skin for both of us”

“It’s about time.” Meghan said:” We are going to be late.”

“Don’t fret hun.” Justine replied:” We are going to be fashionable late.” She looked Meghan up:” It’s Halloween, you could have shown a little more skin. You know you can easily pull off a skimpily clad Twidlit slave girl.”

“It’s Twi`lek.” Meghan corrected her grinning: “Also you show enough skin for both of us and as a smuggler, I get to carry a blaster pistol and all this cool gear.”

Before she could get into any more detail her friend cut her off:” OK sweetie enough geeking or we will be more than fashionable late.”

They reached the frat house on campus. There were several Jack O Lanterns in the yard, some tombstones and some skeletal arms reaching out from the graves. Heavy curtains were drawn before the windows and cobwebs hang at every angle. Both girls stood there for a moment and took in the sight of the building.

All This Wicked Witchcraft | “She also saw a sexy blond nurse down on her knees”

“Wow”, said Meghan finally:” I heard they put some effort into building a house of horror but they outdid themselves.”

“Quit staring and let’s get inside. I want to party.” Her friend said and nudged her in the ribs with an elbow.

Several hours later, after they had satisfied Justine’s need for dancing and flirtation, the decision to go upstairs and explore the chambers of terror. The guys had done a terrific job and more than once the girls screamed in terror and delight. Meghan opened a small door leading from the ancient crypt they were in.

“Let’s see what we got here.” Her eyes opened wide and she breathed out an:” Ooohhhh”

Behind the door was a small closet. Inside was the mummy, which supposedly should have been inside the crypt. She also saw a sexy blond nurse down on her knees sucking the mummy’s cock. She watched the girl’s head bob back and forth, watched the erect cock disappear between her red lips. Meghan bit her lower lip.

“What do we have here“, asked Justine:” Oh nice, I always knew you were a pervert Meg.”  Justine reached up, cupped Meghan’s breasts and gave them a quick squeeze. “Does it turn you on?”

“Just a bit startled, that’s all.”, Meghan lied.

Justine slapped her ass, giggling:“ Liar!”

“The room looked like a wizard’s laboratory”

Meghan stuck out her tongue and left the room. In the next hallway, she stopped. “That’s strange.”, she said.

“What?” asked Justine, who just came after her.

“That wall over there looks like there was a door here. Maybe there is a hidden room here.”

Justine laughed: “Lara Croft found the hidden treasure chamber.”

Meghan joined the laughter. ” Come help me look for a door.” She asked.

Both girls started searching the wall. It was Justine who found a hidden switch and pulled it.  A panel in the wall swung open and revealed a dusty room. The room looked like a wizard’s laboratory, complete with a summoning circle, shelves with vials holding strange substances and a skull hanging from the ceiling. In the middle of the room stood a pedestal on which rested an old book.

The girl started to explore the room.

“Looks cool!” Meghan said, looking up from the shelves in which she had found a jar with an eyeball:” A little yucky but cool. You can imagine a witch practising her craft here.”

All This Wicked Witchcraft | “I thought this was a transformation spell”

“There is a real witch here,” Justine replied waving her hands and pointing at Meghan and started reading gibberish from the book.

Surprised Meghan stumbled backwards. OUCH!!! A painful sensation shot through her as she connected with the shelf. Not through her, she felt the painful sensation in the props that made up her lekku. Shocked she slowly touched the props of the head tails, she felt warm skin. She opened her mouth but was too shocked to speak.

“MMMM I thought this was a transformation spell.” Justine shook her head not realizing her friend’s predicament. “Oh, this one is much better a love spell of some kind.” She started speaking gibberish again.

“NOOOOO!!!” Meghan screamed but too late. “What have you done?”

“Calm down Meg. I am just having a bit of fun.”

“This is no fun! This is real. See!” Meghan almost screamed while holding the lekku towards Justine. She started feeling strange and hot. What was happening to her? Justine reached out and touched the tail at Meghan’s head. Her eyes opened wide and she began running her hands over them. ”Fuck, that is awesome.”

All This Wicked Witchcraft

“No more talking I want you now!”

Meghan moaned. That strange feeling grew stronger and stronger she needed … something.

“What’s up with you?” Her friend asked.

Meghan’s face burned:” Uhm the lekkus of a Twi`lekk are very uhmm sensitive.”

“You mean if I do this.” Justine pinched the tip of the Lekku producing a moan from Meghan“. You get all hot and bothered.”

Meghan didn’t answer. She grabbed Justine’s red curls, pulled her towards herself and kissed her with a wild unbridled passion. After a short moment of surprise, Justine answered the kiss with the same ferocity. Her hands roamed over Meghan’s body. The two girls stumbled into the next wall.

“Wow, if I had known you were into girls I would have done that a lot earlier.” Justine breathed, her face flushed.

Meghan growled while undoing the laces of Justine’s bodice:” No more talking I want you now!” The bodice fell to the floor baring her large breasts. Meghan didn’t know what was possessing her. She should have more pressing concerns, like why did her body look like a blue alien from Star Wars, but she pressed her face in her friend’s breasts and began covering them in heated wet kisses. Justine moaned in delight. Wrapping one hand around Meghan’s head she began caressing the appendages with one hand while starting to undress Meghan with the others. Interrupted by raw passionate kisses the two girls ripped each other clothes off. Justine pressed her friend into the wall. Her kisses left a wet trail on Meghan’s heated blue skin as she went down to her knees.

All This Wicked Witchcraft | “Her body was filled with need and desire”

Meghan didn’t know what happened to her. Her body was filled with need and desire and as Justine started kissing her thigh she wrapped her leg around Justine’s shoulder demanding: „More!”  Justine’s tongue drove between Meghan’s wet folds. She banged her head against the wall as she let out a lustful scream.

Her body was on fire as she circled her hips against her friend’s experienced tongue. She began squeezing her breasts and pinching her stiff nipples increasing her pleasure even more. Justine’s hands seemed to be all over her body and her tongue drove her mad with desire. Her moaning grew louder and louder she needed release. It didn’t take long and Justine’s tongue pushed her over the edge, her body shaking as her climax wracked her body. Meghan’s blue skin glistened with a thin sheen of sweat as she tried to catch her breath. 

“My turn”

Justine pulled her to the floor and mounted her face. “My turn” she demanded pushing her wet pussy in Meghan’s face. Meghan looked up enjoying the view of Justine’s naked body, running her tongue along her friend’s pussylips, tasting her. Justine closed her eyes, smiling and let out a low moan. Reaching up Meghan grabbed Justine’s breasts, caressing and squeezing them, while her tongue boldly explored Justine’s pussy her juices flowing over Meghan’s face. Justine’s moans grew louder and more frantic as Meghan started playing with her clit. First with her tongue, then with her lips, finally daring to nibble on it. Justine was getting close and Meghan slid her fingers into her friend’s dripping pussy driving her into a loud climax, as she collapsed over Meghan.

They lay on the floor limbs and hair tangled up. Justine was the first to speak:” I am so keeping that book. I like you as my horny Twidlit sex slave.”

“It’s Twi`lekk.” Meghan corrected. “And you better find a spell to turn me back to normal. Outside of Halloween and Star Wars conventions, my looks might raise suspicious glances. And no more throwing love or lust spells my way.”

Justine pouted and Meghan smiled coyly:” Just ask sweetie.”

All This Wicked Witchcraft by Bob Morane

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