Caroline Takeda | The Interview


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Caroline Takeda is someone that has one of those names that most people instantly recognize. She is the owner of Takeda Media, Second Life Adventures and of course Candy’s All-Inclusive Sex Hotel. Many people know that her adventures are what brought me into the world of sex work, but I was interested to know more about the person behind the business mind.

I got the privilege of finally sitting down to ask her questions. Not as an employee of Takeda Media or a friend or as the fan girl that I have been for the longest time, but as a writer. Caroline invited me to her beautiful home and I was prepared with a wall of questions. Interviewing Caroline Takeda is one of the highlights so far of my blogging career and now here it is for your reading pleasure.

Caroline Takeda | The Interview

Caroline Takeda | Second Life Adventures

Jess Businesswoman, marketing genius, sex worker and blogger/inspiration to many people. I think the interesting thing about you is your ability to maintain it all at once and be successful at doing it but what was the motivation to do all of them together? Was it always your plan or did you naturally fall into it?

Caroline – It all belongs together. One would not work without the other components. Let me explain. It started as a simple, innocent, small, hobby blog for noobs in Second Life. I did not have any ambitions to grow this into something that would make me money. So that is/was the first component, the blogger.

Then the next component came along:

My curiosity about the sex worker scene in Second Life. That would eventually become my main dedication in-world and supplied the majority of the content of the site from then on. The game-changing post was this:

Then the third component:

Marketing. I do online marketing in RL. Hence I simply applied what I know from other websites and client websites to SLA.


The fourth component was a major investment in the then-founded inworld company, now known as Takeda Media. So it all belongs together really. Imagine the sex worker part would not be there, but everything else was. It would probably still be a small blog.

Blog + Sex Work + SEO + Business = Takeda Media.

Caroline Takeda | The Interview

Jess The formula works; I don’t think anyone could doubt it. The name Caroline Takeda has a special effect on people. I see guests arriving at the hotel, and the thought of meeting Caroline is amazing. It’s interesting to wonder how things would be if you hadn’t ventured into the world of sex work. I think Second Life would be a very different place for a lot of us. Up until the game-changing post, was there ever a point when you thought that the blog wasn’t going where you thought it was, or that you might give up?

Caroline – No. Not really, because I did not have any high expectations to start with. It was just fun to do it, so I continued. I am sure you heard that saying: Do what you enjoy and you will never have to work again in your life” Hence giving up was never an option, as there was no set goal and no expectations set.

Caroline Takeda – “Until today more than 2 million users did visit the site

Jess True, I think it’s important to always enjoy it. I live by it, fun first always. Is there anything that you would go back and do differently? Everything obviously brought you to this point but I’m curious if there’s any one thing that stands out in your mind that you wish you could go back and change along the way.

Caroline – Let me think. Yes, I opened a club years ago with a partner called Anna, but that was not really such a good idea. Maybe I would have started to scale earlier too.

Jess I remember reading about the club. So it’s interesting to hear that. What about the opposite then, what about the things that you’re most proud of?

Caroline -The actual success of the website as such and how well-known it made me despite being “a whore”. Until today more than 2 million users did visit the site. There are not many SL bloggers who count their users in millions.

Caroline Takeda | The Interview

JessHow does that feel? I guess I’m interested to know how it makes you feel knowing that so many people have read your work but more importantly so many people look up to you in a way. Does that ever feel overwhelming? Or is there ever a point that you want to write something but worry that it might not fit with the Takeda Media branding?

Caroline – It is not overwhelming at all. Because in my daily SL I do not even notice. It is NOT like, hey look there is the famous Caroline Takeda. Only very few people let me know or approach me like that or even contact me. I don’t feel often like a celebrity unless somebody tells me. About writing something unsuitable for the brand?

No. the brand is known for adult productions and it sells adult products. So what can I do wrong? The only thing that might change now, is that I will produce more content that drags in new people to SL, that’s because of the new deal I have with the Lab. I will be beta testing their new affiliate program. So LL will become an advertiser of Takeda Media. Darcy Linden is in charge of that and keeps us up to date on the forum.

The one thing that makes a business is an ability to work with people.

JessSo, this is a topic I am slightly familiar with. Candy’s All-Inclusive Sex Hotel. What brought the idea to the table and why do you think it works so well?

Caroline – I know this might sound weird, but just like everything else: it just happened.

If you look at the Candy storyline, it is a development that wasn’t planned. It kind of came out of the job at Bar No 5. A bit like “Hey why don’t I try that myself and see what happens.” Another reason why it also works well is the blog… again.

And I think I am pretty good at leading people. The one thing that makes a business is the ability to work with people. That could be staff or clients, doesn’t matter. People are the essence of every business in all worlds.

Therefore leadership qualities are essential to have good people, motivated to do something for you. Not because they HAVE to, not because they are TOLD to, but because they WANT to. This is especially true in virtual worlds where people can just walk away from you with no consequences. You need four things for that, and you need all four. If you lack one of them you are not a leader.

1. Character.
2. Awareness.
3. Courage.
4. Communication.

Snapshot 224

JessYou have a lot of things already under you from everything you’ve done. You can make things just work. What’s next? What are Carolines Takeda’s plans next in life? Or is it just going to be a case of riding the wave and seeing where you end up?

Caroline – No. Now it’s going to be scaling the affiliate business and starting to sell advertising in-world. I also might write for different markets in different languages, especially German. And I have another focus which is writing again about online marketing as well.

That part has not much to do with SL actually. But I might do a blog for SL bloggers The best links are the ones that cite you as a source. Gosh, I even have a Wikipedia link. to my sex guide. Talking about it, I might go into some Gor content again.

Fun fact: Before creating Caroline Takeda, I was heavily involved in Gor RP.

“What I really enjoy is couples dating couples for sex and swapping partners”

JessI thought about Gor after reading your guide but I never really ventured into it. If you could pick one storyline or post on SLA that is a must-read for everyone, one that really shows what you do, what would it be?

Caroline – There are two. hard to choose I pick that one: alternatively

JessThe rat story. I can never imagine fucking a furry, so I’m extra curious as to how much fun that was?

Caroline – None at all. Boring as hell. Not even bad, just did nothing to me.

Jess and her Gentlemen

Jess – So what’s the hottest sex you’ve had then? and if someone was to say, I want to melt Caroline Takeda’s mind what is the best way for them to do it?

Caroline – Now that’s a difficult one. OK, what I enjoy is couples dating couples for sex and swapping partners. and watching your partner doing it of course. Another one is sex in the context of an actual storyline. Like the one with chic studios, yeah, that’s it, swinging and stories.

JessI think storyline-type sex is always a turn-on. Like, even though you handed out those VIP tags and Rachael was dancing on the bed. The sex with Kane last week was hot because it had a build-up and a story to it. So I can get that. Ok, important one actually off the back of that. Has he got you pregnant yet?

Caroline – Haha no.

“That really gave me an adrenaline kick”

JessI know you’re a big fan of sailing. What’s your best sailing memory and is sex on the open waves better than in a bed at home?

Caroline – My best sailing trip was the actual “sailing around the world story”. and no, the animations on those boats are not really good, so I do prefer a proper bed for sex.

JessWhat is it about sailing that you love? I tried it, I enjoyed it and I think it’s something that I’ll go back to but you seem to have a real passion for it. I’m interested in why.

Caroline – It is a combination. It’s for one the simulation of actual sailing, the immersion into it and at the same time exploring the grid. It feels like an adventure, especially when sailing into unknown waters.

Caroline Takeda | The Interview

JessOut of everything, what is your happiest Second Life memory? One that you would go back and relive over and over if you could.

Caroline – That was when I was very immersed in the world of GOR and was exposed to a dangerous situation. That gave me an adrenaline kick. I was “playing” an outlaw woman (referred to as the forest girls of Gor) and found myself hunted by slave traders. I got away in that situation. Also, my first poor attempt at flying a plane was so hilarious.

“I might take that story up again”

JessThe story of the plane makes me laugh every time I read it. How do you feel about flying now? Is it something that you enjoy? Or is it a rare thing that you really need to be in the mood for?

Caroline -It’s now a rare thing, but when I do it it’s always a lot of fun. I got better at it – a little.

JessWhat’s one thing about Caroline Takeda that not many people know? We know about the business side, the marketing side, the sailing, and the sex work but what’s one thing that just isn’t out there?

Caroline – The name of my original avatar and my very old blogs from my past Second Life about Gor.

JessSo there are other blogs out there written by you that people might not have discovered? Hmmm, now that is interesting.

Caroline – Very old, with bad grammar, and bad spelling, but I do not have access to those anymore. and

And the original name is…

drum rolls

Magdalena Siemens

JessThis is my last one based on that. Will we ever something from Sheraka? 5 years ago she appeared on SLA and then sort of vanished.

Caroline – Oh, that’s another Sheraka but a good point, I might take that story up again but it has nothing to do with the old Sheraka of Gor.

Caroline Takeda | The Interview

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