Dancing Whores | X Sister Chronicles Part 2


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Being pregnant has been a journey so far. Lumi and I start each day the same, we wake up at Kane’s boathouse and show him our best blow job skills. Then we share his cum before taking a shower. Then it’s time to start our day as whores. Sometimes, unexpectedly the days turn us into dancing whores. Rachael is one example from the day she danced on the bed when I broke my challenge.

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Waking up our baby daddy the right way.

Dancing Whores | The Baby Daddy Makeover

Kane is our baby daddy, so we obviously want to make sure that he’s looked after as well as he looks after us.

After my makeover of Greg a few days ago, we wanted to do the same for Kane.

Meeting up at the boathouse, I licked the remaining strands of cum from Lumi’s face and we headed out. Kane already had a Legacy body and Lelutka head so the shopping trip was already more leisurely.

I won’t bore you with the shopping details, but I can say that we made daddy hot.

I wanted to both dance and let him fuck me in the back of the store, but this was neither the time nor the place for sex or dancing whores.

Dancing Whores

Always A Party At Candy’s

We needed to celebrate how good our baby daddy looked. Dancing whores and parties are a good combination and so we headed to the hotel.

After Kane returned from having something to eat the celebrations started to pick up.

He was looking like a rockstar in a way, and rockstars need a good party. Not only is he the baby daddy to the X Sisters’ unborn babies, but he’s also a VIP Guest at Candy’s All-Inclusive Sex Hotel. Combine the two together and we were going to try and make this an even more memorable celebration.

Dancing Whores

Dancing Whores | The Rockstar Fuck Party

The drunker everyone got, the hornier they seemed to get.

It was only a matter of time before our VIP Guest was ready to try and impregnate someone else. The conversation turned to the quest for him to get all of us pregnant.

Rach turned to him and asked “Wanna black baby Kane”

After checking where she was on her cycle, he decided that it was time to take her upstairs. Then, almost as though he was gifting me some sweet revenge for what happened last week I heard him speak – “the other girls can dance on the bed”.

I didn’t need to be told twice. This was my chance to get payback for Rach dancing on the bed last week. I powerwalked from the bar and made my way upstairs. We were about to become the best type of dancing whores. The type that gets revenge.

As Kane fucked Rach and filled her with his seed, Lumi, Brooke and I danced in sync on the bed next to them. We tried our hardest to cheer them on to make a baby.

Lumi yelled “Let’s go daddy, finish her”

As I gave my most supportive “Put a baby in her daddy”.

Dancing Whores

Dancing Whores | Sharing Everything

After Rachael went to clean herself up we continued being the dancing whores, Kane knelt on the bed and started stroking his cock watching us.

A few moments later he asked if we were going to let his cum go to waste. Of course, we weren’t.

I knelt down in front of him and started running my tongue over his shaft, working his cock to drain him for more seed.

Before I knew what was happening, Brooke lay down and slid her head between my legs after stripping me. I could feel her tongue start to cross my clit. I looked down to see what was happening and saw Lumi with her tongue delving between Brooke’s folds.

This was the party that our VIP Baby Daddy deserved.

Finally, I felt his hot cum shoot across my face and my lips. I looked up at him and grinned, wiping some with my fingers before reaching down and placing it in Brooke’s mouth.

I looked at Lumi and told her that it was her turn. She nodded and told me that she wanted it on Brooke’s kitty.

As I started to run my fingers along Brooke’s pussy transferring his seed, I could hear something under the bed. It was Rach.

She had found a trunk and was determined to open it. After a few minutes of banging the echo of a Raven rang out through the room.

I was too distracted to really pay attention as to why there was a Raven in a trunk, under a bed in a sex hotel. So I dragged my tongue across Kane’s cock, lapping up the last drops of his seed.

“Mmmmm baby, I love it when you suck me after I cum” I could hear him breathe out.

Nobody can say that VIPs don’t get the best treatment at Candy’s All-Inclusive Sex Hotel.

Dancing Whores

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