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Every day is a new adventure. It doesn’t really matter what I end up doing, or how relaxed I try to be. Adventure is never off the cards. A few days ago Lumi, Rach and I decided that we would take Wednesdays as our day off each week. We all work hard seven days a week, it was time that we tried to take a day off. When I say a day off, I mean a real sex workers’ day off. A day of venturing into the real world, without stepping foot onto the grid. This is how that day went.

Sex Workers' Day Off

Sex Workers’ Day Off | Caught

I woke up and rolled out of bed, maybe it was the pregnancy brain fog or maybe it was just habit, but I got dressed and decided to sneak into the hotel.

Everyone else was taking the day off so it wouldn’t make a difference if I was there anyway. They wouldn’t know and if they asked I would just say that I had a wonderfully relaxing day to myself.

Standing at the bar I read through my daily notecards when I heard a familiar voice ring out from the other side of the bar.

“What the fuck are you doing here bitch?” oh no, Lumi had caught me.

Wait, actually… she was supposed to be on a day off too?

I repeated her question back to her and she told me that she came to check if I was there. It sounded like a likely excuse and one that I wasn’t believing.

We decided that instead of staying at the hotel, it was a perfect day to do more shopping.

Snapshot 1087

Sex Workers’ Day Off | Jean Thieves

When we got to Riot I started looking around, all of a sudden I could hear Lumis’ excited voice calling out to me “Sis… you’ll love this”.

I sprinted across the store to see what the excitement was. Strip jeans… just what every good whore needs. After we both picked them up we decided to gift a pair to our baby daddy too.

While we were standing there Lumi suddenly ripped my jeans off of me. I stood there in shock, my pussy exposed to the world. After realizing what was happening I reached out and tore hers off. Now we were both exposed.

“There’s a boy here sis, give me them back,” Lumi told me. She started this, I was not going to give her them back until I got mine back.

“I don’t mind”… his raspy voice travelled across the store. Oh boy, he had spotted us. We were in the middle of a store and we couldn’t afford to get banned. I loved this store. We had to behave.

We traded back our jeans and headed back to Candy’s All-Inclusive Sex Hotel.

Snapshot 1090

The Failure | Day Off

When we were standing at the bar we were joined by Greg also known as Jess 2. Then Rach appeared.

After yelling at her for not taking her day off we settled down at the bar. We had all failed at our plan to take the day off from the world. We could still have a sex workers’ day off though… maybe.

A few days ago after the Halloween party, Greg had said some things which really upset both of the X Sisters. Later that day he sent us some handwritten letters apologising.

He was right about one thing, we are crafty.

We finished making arrangements for our appointment later in the day. That is a story that needs a full post so you can read that soon.

The day was relaxing, it was maybe not the day off that we all had planned but it was nice and peaceful.

Sex Workers' Day Off

Sex Workers’ Day Off | Feeding Time

After the clock struck breakfast time, Lumi and I looked at each other. It was time to go and wake Kane up.

We both made our way to the boathouse. He still looked hot, part of me was worried that he would have reverted back to his old look. Not that the old look was bad, just this one was the panty-dropping kind of hot.

We took our usual spots on the bed and milked him for his seed. The daily breakfast blowjobs are always fun to give.

We may have failed at taking our sex workers’ day off but at least we had a lot of fun doing it.

Maybe next week we’ll manage to take the day off?

Sex Workers' Day Off

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