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Last Updated on: 21st October 2023, 12:17 am

It has been busy busy busy recently. Working two jobs is a lot more work than I thought it would be. At least I have great amounts of fun doing it. I know I’m late with this roundup post and I thought I would have gotten away with it but someone *Jess* had to go and style a person and now the pics look dated. Being a sex worker is becoming something much more fun than I ever thought possible. Who would ever have known that the adventurer would have become the escort? Maybe me? Maybe you?

Working Two Jobs | Sasha
I got fucked on the bar… so much fun.

Working Two Jobs | Uh Oh’s

Ok, so there is a man at the hotel who has been on a journey to put a baby in every member of staff.

With me working two jobs I don’t get to the hotel all that much. When I do I can have some good fun.

I got there one night and there was a man at the bar. He introduced himself. I get confused easily and lose track. Not trying to offend him in any way, I had to ask “have we had sex yet”?

He gave me a laugh and said no. Then he asked if I ever thought about getting pregnant. Uhhhh…

It never crossed my mind until that point.

He seemed horny and I love horny men. He took me to a room and he pushed his cock deep into me.

I was a little panicked. I don’t know if I was ready for a baby. Worse than that, how would I explain it to everyone at home? This was scary… but I was so turned on.

I could feel his cum fill me as his swimmers started racing. I don’t think I’m pregnant though. At least not from what I can see.

Snapshot 885

Halloween | Party Time

I do love a good party. Sadly I thought I was going to miss the Halloween party at Strip Advisor. My heart would have broken if I had.

Luck was on my side and I managed to make it there. It was a lot of fun. Working two jobs isn’t horrible. I get to dance, have lots of sex and meet some amazing people.

The club was so busy I couldn’t move so I climbed up onto the DJ Booth with Brooke and Jess and danced the night away.

I did make a mistake and accidentally called someone called Cantro a different name… “hiii cuntro” was not was I was supposed to say.

There was a fear of being fired as soon it slipped out. Brooke was nice and just laughed.

I promise I will try and stop getting distracted and write more things…


Working Two Jobs | Sasha

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