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Pregnancy already has its minor hurdles. For one I can’t have my soft thighs with my pregnancy body because the skin applier doesn’t work. Mostly, the journey has been so much fun though. Turned out that when I arrived at the hotel in the morning, it was World Fertility Day too. Two pregnant sisters and their baby daddy all present, it was always going to be a day of celebration.

World Fertility Day |

World Fertility Day | It’s Been Four Days

This challenge from Kane is hard. A week of not having sex with anyone apart from him means that I need to rely on his magic cock to keep me going.

Our morning breakfast feeds have helped a little, draining his cock into our mouths definitely helps. However, I had been left without sex for four days. I was aching every time I looked at him.

I couldn’t wait any longer, so I turned to him in the bar and pleaded “Daddy, can you please fuck me?”.

After checking if my sister Lumi would be joining us we all headed to the room above the bar.

Both Lumi and I have new pregnancy bodies, both bodies unfucked. We were about to lose our virginity all over again.

I straddled his face before he gripped onto me and pulled me close, delving his tongue inside my slit. I watched Lumi lower down onto his cock, the small look of pain on her face as her virginity was taken from her.

As I watched my sister bounce on his shaft I could feel myself growing close to climax. Sure enough, I moaned out as my juices drenched his face. Eventually, Lumi and I swapped places and he slid his length into my born-again virgin pussy.

As he fucked me harder I could feel his cock swell before he filled me with his hot seed. I finally had been fucked, the four-day spell was over.

What better way to celebrate World Fertility Day than with my baby daddy and pregnant sister?

Snapshot 1161

We Are Jess Foundation | Chandra

You may remember last week I spoke about our famous procedures. We have been signing as many people up for these as possible. Of course, we didn’t realize that they were scheduling one on World Fertility Day but these things happen.

Firstly we started with Greg, Gregs’ story with us is one that I want to do justice for and so at some point, the full thing will be available to read. This time it was Chandras’ turn.

The We Are Jess Foundation, known as WAJ, was started by Lumi during my first no-sex challenge. Now it consists of a Stylist business, the X Sisters, the xXx Sisters and the operating theatre.

Lumi, Rach and I headed to the operating room to get ourselves cleaned up and ready before sending a taxi for Chandra. This time we recruited a very good friend of ours – Doctor Kane Cyberstar.

World Fertility Day |

World Fertility Day | The Procedure

After a struggle at the reception desk, we finally managed to get Chandra to the operating room.

Nurse Lumi injected her with a pain enhancer serum while Nurse Rach got her axe ready for the procedure.

After a quick check of what was required, we were ready to perform a removal of the Labia and clitoris along with a breast augmentation to stop Chandra from being so close to a petite.

She attempted to speak but for her own safety every time she did, Lumi or Rach would yell at her to “SHUT THE FUCK UP”.

Dr Kane Cyberstar was on the other side of the glass partition. I turned around and he was waving his hypnotizing cock around like a helicopter again. I could feel myself being pulled into a trance.

Suddenly I had an overwhelming urge to save Chandra. Thankfully Rach had completed the procedure by the time I got back to the surgical bed.

World Fertility Day |

World Fertility Day | Aftercare

We never let any of our patients leave without aftercare. It is what we are famous for and we excel at it.

This time we had Doctor Kane Cyberstar to help with the aftercare session for Chandra. We helped her to her feet and made our way through the aftercare room.

The room is furnished with the finest of furniture. Debauchery bed, Ruckus Shower and an amazing bathtub. Doctor Cyberstar decided that the best place to complete his care was on the rug.

Nurse Rach placed her hands on Chandras’ back and pushed her forward. “GET ON THE FUCKING FLOOR” she yelled.

Chandra obeyed and painfully climbed onto the rug, soon followed by Doctor Cyberstar.

As he fucked her the WAJ Foundation took the watch from the viewing area. Making sure our patient was well cared for. After his magic cock erupted inside her pussy the healing process was complete.

What a great way to celebrate World Fertility Day

World Fertility Day |

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  1. Chandra Kusari

    I woke up this morning, feeling sore all over my body. I had this strange dream of being dismembered and build back together by some loony scientists. There was something about magic cum in there too.

    And then I read this!

    It can’t be true, can it?

    It was all just a dream? Or my weed gone bad right?

    • Zathras

      They got me, Chandra. I knew I shouldn’t have gone back down to the bar for that drink without you. It all happened so fast. Jess had this iPad with all these forms, and there were hard-hats, and weed, and beer, and apparently, my “procedure” is next Saturday.

      We may need to form a support group.

      • Jess

        XD You will be absolutely fine Zathras. I promise!

        – Disclaimer: Promises made on this site are not legally binding and hold no weight in a court of law.

      • Chandra Kusari

        Poor Zathras

        I hope they build everything back together the right way.

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