Let’s Get Irish | St. Patrick’s Day Second Life Street Party

Let’s Get Irish | St. Patrick’s Day Second Life Street Party

Last Updated on: 18th March 2024, 11:37 am

We moved our usual St. Patrick’s Day party out to the open and let me tell you, it was a hoot. Our DJ duo, Zath and Stacia, served up four hours of top tunes that had heads bobbing and feet tapping. The X-Girls turned up the heat, rocking their sexy Irish outfits. They were as hot as ever, lighting up the street. Oh, and the evening had a wild side too of course. Want to know more about it? I’ll dive into those juicy details soon.

Let's Get Irish | St. Patrick's Day Second Life Street Party

Bright and Early | Prepping for the Second Life Party

I spent all of Saturday morning turning our regular street into a party-ready spectacle for Sunday’s celebration. From the banners to the lights and the stage, everything needed to be perfect. There’s something about setting up a stage that just amps up the excitement. It turns an ordinary place into something spectacular.

In the midst of arranging the props and decorations, Whotter stopped by. Ever the little charmer, he gave the stage a quick whirl, making sure it was ready for the big night. Tsai captured the mornings hustle and bustle in a blog post. Want all the behind-the-scenes details? The link’s right here waiting for you.

The street party kicked off on a high note with Zathras, belting out Irish tunes that set just the right vibe. The X-Girls, full of life, joined the shindig with their usual sexiness and it didn’t take them long to go topless. When Zath was dones, Stacia took the center stage to keep the party grooving.

Over the four-hour duration, the street ebbed and flowed with clumps of people. At one point, I think I counted around thirty – what a riot!

Bryk’s Arrival | Things are Going to Get Interesting

Bryk has a knack for making anything more interesting. As soon as he arrived, he came over for a chat. Once he suggested we sneak away for a little private fun, I wasn’t going to say no. So just like that, we slipped into the alleyway right next to the party.

Leaned against the alley wall, Bryk started kissing my neck. It wasn’t long before things heated up as I got down to give his cock a treat. The loud slurping sounds were being drowned out by the party music, making it even more fun.

Once Bryk had filled my mouth with cum, it was my turn to have some fun. I straddled, riding him with his back against the wall. Our moans echoed down the alley, as his cock slid in and out of me. Doing all this with the party just a few feet away, it was insanely hot. What a rush!

Living It Up | Our DJs Deserve the Best

Our DJs are one of the highlights of ourevents. They deserve nothing short of a glam lifestyle, right? I did think of gifting them a luxury tour bus stacked with champagne and well, loaded with some fun sex animations. But, the marketplace didn’t offer much in that regard, so I had to get creative.

There happened to be an old camper van parked near the lake at my lake house. Unused and longing for some attention, it seemed like a perfect fit to repay my DJs. So, I had it placed backstage, right next to the stage entrance. As I had hoped, the van wasn’t to remain lonely for long, as Zath decided to put it to good use right after his set.

Our very own Little Red, a.k.a the Blowjob Fairy, decided to offer some exciting fun time to Zath. She really was up for anything, making sure Zath was drained. When she stepped out back onto the street, she showed clear signs of a wild ride, looking every bit the part with cum dripping head to toe. Surely, that’s living the celebrity lifestyle.

St. Patrick’s Day Sex-a-Long | Another Night to Remember

And there goes another great St. Patrick’s Day Sex-a-Long in Second Life. What a night it was! Equal parts wild and fun, just like last year’s party, only this one was larger, grander.

I may sound like a broken record, and maybe there’s a bit of owner’s pride in here, but X-Sisters Sex Bar truly is one of a kind. A place where fun is a guarantee and wild times are the norm.

If you’ve never paid a visit to our bar, it’s high time you did. Why miss out? We’ve got one of the best communities around, topped only by our incredible X-girls. Marketed as the ‘hottest escorts on the grid,’ they bring so much more to the table. They’re lively, full of personality, and far from ordinary. They’re genuinely the crème de la crème of ‘Second Life.’

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  1. Chandra Kusari

    Was an amazing party. I had soo much fun. Also, I like green clothes.

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