From club nights to horses to sex as a police officer, this week has been a whirlwind, to say the least. Which, unsurprisingly is usual for Second Life. It keeps things interesting, fresh and above all fun. I once read one of those motivational images that said “Sometimes you just have to jump in a mud puddle because it’s there” and that is what I live by. Go with the flow, soak it all up, enjoy yourself and never question why. In Second Life that works perfectly when trying to have fun. Even if it means that your Saturday night turns into a wild and sweaty fuckfest with bodies everywhere. Exciting Second Life adventures are what I live for.

Exciting Second Life Adventures

Exciting Second Life Adventures | Drinks and Sex Shows

The drinks available at the bar serve a dual purpose beyond mere consumption and subsequent recycling for Lindens; they come with attached rewards. These rewards, however, differ based on the type of drink you choose to purchase. When you opt for a drink, such as beer or champagne, and enjoy it in the company of an X-Girl, you’re not just indulging in a casual drink; you’re also reaping numerous benefits.

For instance, buying 30 beers will grant you the opportunity to get every X-GIrl on shift topless. Similarly, the purchase of 30 champagne bottles will allow you to choose any two X-Girls to perform a live sex show for you right there on the bar.

Whenever a customer gets the sex show, they are free to choose any two X-Girls. I will always give my recommendation though, and usually they take it. Almost always that recommendation includes Fox. She lights up like a whore in a cum factory as soon as someone takes the recommendation and gets her on the bar. On night one, Sam purchased 30 champagne so I recommended Fox and Chandra. Both of them were already on the bar before Sam could make his choice. That’s how horny those always two are. 

Night Two

Night two got a little wilder, Zack arrived at the bar and first off he tipped every X-Girl on shift to give blow jobs to the guys. Needless to say, there was a lot of excited lip-licking from the X-Girls. While that was going on he decided to buy 30 champagne and then took my recommendation of Fox and Gem. Those two started touching and licking each other on the bar, the moans ringing out while the slurps of mouths around cocks kept going.

Eventually, Zath pulled Nat onto his cock and started bouncing her, this got me extra horny and so I pulled myself onto Greg and started riding him. After a while, it was like a chorus as almost everyone climaxed in unison. 

Exciting Second Life Adventures

Exciting Second Life Adventures | Club Nights

You may have read on this blog, seen posters around the grid, or read on Reddit or the forums that we have started our new weekly club night. Zath takes to the stage at 4 p.m. every Saturday night to play a mix of amazing music. Our first one was a huge success. 

Second Life has been relatively quiet as of late, so I was a little worried that the turnout wouldn’t be what was hoped for but I was pleasantly surprised. At 4 p.m. the doors kicked open and myself and Rach decided to be the dancers. We didn’t actually plan on having dancers, Rach just decided we should dress like twins and dance on the stage, so we did. Then, for whatever reason she threw a box at me and yelled across the floor “Put that on, we’re now Box Sisters”. 

I did contemplate renaming the bar after this to the “Box Sisters Sex Bar” but strangely it doesn’t have the same ring to it. 

Zath kept the music flowing for hours, the dance floor was busy with a mix of old and new faces and it was such a fun night. He kept up with requests, kept the place alive and it was just amazing to be there. These weekly nights are going to be a highlight and definitely something that you should try out. Free entry, every Saturday night at 4 p.m. SLT. 

Exciting Second Life Adventures | Perl and the Lovense Love

Perl’s a fun customer when he comes around. We don’t see him all that much and when I worked at Candy’s he always said he was going to hire me but it never worked out with timing. However, since we opened the bar he’s hired me on a few occasions, he does have a love for Lovense too. 

After a few drinks we both headed upstairs, it was super late so it was time to tire him out so he could sleep well. “Ready for bed?” I asked him and he gave me a quick nod and replied “Oh yes”. As I stripped I could see his eyes focused on my breasts “Such soft big tits you have” he told me. Those have always been his favourite part of my body when he hires me so I gave him a grin and slid to my knees. Pressing his cock between my breasts I could hear the distinctive moans of excitement coming from his mouth. 

His excitement was growing and his cock was swollen and twitching so I lay back against the headboard and he started to thrust his cock into me. The juices from my soaked pussy swam around his cockhead as our bodies collided, moans echoing around the room. A heat of passion and wildness before eventually I hit a climax, cumming on his cock and then feeling him burst inside of me. His hot cum flooded me and trickled out onto my thighs. 

Lovense Plans

As we lay together catching our breaths we spoke a little more about Lovense and the benefits that it has. Controlling your partners’ climax from anywhere in the world. It got me thinking that I should upgrade mine. The Lush 2 is good but the Lush 3 would be so much better both for me and our customers. So that’s what I’m going to do. Of course, there’s always a wishlist. You can see mine by clicking this link

Exciting Second Life Adventures | Horses and Ranches

My life is so busy at times. If I’m not working at the bar then I’m running around the grid doing ad boards. I might be at the office doing some social media work or writing this blog. Sometimes I’ll be working on the next issue of X-Girl Monthly, other times I’m dealing with the numerous booking requests that come through this blog either setting them up or going to them. My days from start to finish can at times be 16 to 18 hours long. 

I have worked hard over the last 18 months to achieve a lot of what I wanted to in Second Life. I became a successful sex worker, I have a blog with thousands of readers, I own a successful business and I have a group of friends who I will cherish for the rest of my life. There was however one thing that was still on my list to complete. I wanted to own a full sim, not for business reasons or for sex work, but for me. A place that I could go to and relax, unwind and do whatever I wanted. 

When Rach and Droid first took me to Teegle to get my first horse I fell in love. Moonbeam was my first horse that I owned but I knew that eventually I would want more. After realizing that my income was very sizeable, I knew that I could finally get my sim. So, I got a full region and built my own retreat complete with a stable, paddock, hills, a beach and a host of other things. 

The Bucket List

I now own 11 horses, each one just as beautiful as the last and each one named, tacked up and looked after. I hired Brooke as a stable hand, she sweeps out the barn and grooms and feeds them when Dizzy or the toy aren’t around. The region is locked, nobody can get in or out without me adding them to the access list which is bliss. I can truly escape and relax.

My Second Life bucket list is complete now, now I can enjoy everything that I worked for. 

Round Up

I never really expected to complete my Second Life bucket list so quickly, when I told Rach the other day she seemed worried. “You can’t get bored and leave,” she told me. Of course, I’m not going to leave. I still have Phase Three of the X-Sisters Sex Bar to look forward to and so many more adventures to write about and experience. The bucket list really was just the first chapter. Now things are about to get truly wild and crazy. 

The drinks at the bar are great though right? You should come and drink with the X-Girls sometimes. I use the phrase “hottest escorts on the grid” to describe them constantly and it’s not a lie. They really are the hottest escorts on the grid. 

So, as always come and join us! Take these taxis to The X-Sisters Sex Bar and/or our bar at Street Whores! See you there!

Oh yeah… the sex as a police officer? I’ll get to that next time.

Exciting Second Life Adventures | Club Nights & Fun Encounters


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