I always like to say that Second Life has a way of amazing me, and it’s true. Then, some days really knock you back and into a realm of shock. Without the big head, I know that I make a good income with what I do. I consider myself a very successful whore. It’s why I can safely take my breaks when I do because my personal income in Second Life is very safe for a long time. However, what happened on this night shook me more than anything. Even Chandra was speechless and instead could only spit her beer over the bar in shock. This is the story of how I got my biggest tip ever and the one customer totalling 40,000 Lindens. 

My Biggest Tip Ever | How I Made L$40,000 in Second Life as a Successful Sex Worker

My Biggest Tip Ever | Saturday Morning Party

It was a pretty good Saturday morning by the time I came around. Well, truthfully when I woke up I headed straight over to Street Whores to start my day there. When I got there it was just Ebony and a pretty much empty sim. 

This was not a good start. 

However, the place soon started to pick up. Annie appeared not long after I did and said that she had moved the landing spot next to our bar to get us some more visibility. That was a nice touch. 

Soon Rich showed up followed by Deci and then not long after the bar kept getting busier. Both the beer and the champagne were fully topped up and it was turning into a Saturday morning party. I could feel myself getting drunk already so when Deci slipped me a big bundle of cash and told me to go back to his house, it sounded like the thing to prevent a hangover. 

When we got there he fucked me hard on his chair. Making me cum hard on his cock. Deci knows how to fuck hard, that is one true fact. And boy, did he nearly break me. 

The Human Dildo

The day kept up the pace mostly. Beers and champagne kept coming at regular intervals and the sun was super warm. I headed back to the main bar and eventually, it quietened down for a while. Then Rich reappeared and, as he always does, went AFK. He treats us so well, but he spends a lot of time with us while he’s working. So a lot of the time I call him a human dildo or human sex toy. 

Seeing an opportunity to pass some time, I started grinding on his face. Making his AFK self eat my pussy while I arched back. 

Then something surprising happened. 

He wasn’t AFK. And instead, he dove his tongue deep inside my pussy and then rolled it around my little bead. This was hot, I had been finally caught using him as my own personal dildo and he was making the most of it. 

After I hit climax hard I fell off of the sofa and grinned feigning innocence. “Fuck” was all I could say. 

I have a suspicion that he was waiting for that moment for a few days. Every time I use him as a human dildo I always send him the pics so that he can enjoy it later.

This time, I think he wanted to catch the live show. 

My Biggest Tip Ever | The Moment

As the day wore on, I was feeling rather drunk. The bar had picked up again with Chandra, me, and Leona all on shift and a handful of guys. Then Dan arrived. 

Dan is one of my best and most regular regulars. We have a lot of fun together and we tease each other senselessly. 

When he tipped me 1k, I was sitting on the table in the middle of the bar and he was at the bar on a stool. I swivelled my head around and asked “Is that it?” then he added another 2k. At this point I was just playing with him, so when he asked “Is that better?” I just casually replied, “Hmmm, not quite”.

He threw another 4k in and I hopped up off of my table and just grinned. Now we were going to have some fun. 

We headed round to the beach hut and I told him to undress and get on the bed. I wasn’t going for the light teasing or build-up this time. I was hungry so I hopped onto the bed and took his cock into my mouth. Slurping and letting my spit coat him. It didn’t take him long to explode, the first wave of cum. 

I wasn’t quite satisfied yet, so I told him that I wasn’t going to bounce on his cock until he had covered my face. That helped apparently, a couple of seconds later another load hit my tongue. 

Eventually, I was satisfied enough to start riding his cock. Him thrusting up into me while I kept my nails pierced against his chest. At one point he pulled out his wallet and threw it at me, “Take what you want. Jesus Christ just take it!” he cried out in sheer pleasured moans. 

The Tip

With my nails buried into his skin and my pussy riding up and down his cum covered cock he looked at me. Losing his breath as I wasn’t doing much better at keeping mine. 

Feeling him cum again, I could sense he was starting to run out of steam but I knew that he had one more in him. So with that thought in mind, I rode him harder, faster and gave him everything I could. He had paid 7k, I felt that I owed him at least that much. 

Then it happened, he looked at me and simply said “This is for you” and instantly I heard my jar ring out and the message appeared. 

Dan paid you L$33000.


That was enough for me, I couldn’t talk. I was speechless but I was also at the peak. I threw my head back and gripped on tight to him. My pussy acted of its own accord as it drenched us both in my juices. Covering his cock while he came one last time. 

Time to Party

40,000 Lindens. I pride myself on being good at my job but never have I had a tip that big. That is the single biggest tip that the X-Sisters Sex Bar has had to date. 

Sure, we’ve had customers come in and spend 30k before in an hour or so. But a total of 40k with the big one being 33k?

That’s new ground for us. I was speechless, and I still am. 

I really didn’t know what to do, all I could do was tell Chandra who ran over instantly from Street Whores after heading there while I was in the beach hut. She just stood at the bar and spat her beer out. Then she got down on her knees and said “Praise the Goddess of Whores”

Of course, we had to celebrate so I filled up both the champagne and beer and we danced the rest of the night away. 

Come and visit us. Take these taxis to The X-Sisters Sex Bar and/or Street Whores! See you there!


This is now no longer my biggest tip ever in Second Life. You can read the updated story by clicking on this link.

My Biggest Tip Ever | How I Made L$40,000 as a Sex Worker


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