Why Second Life is More Than a Game | Ultimate Test of Willpower

Why Second Life is More Than a Game | Ultimate Test of Willpower

Last Updated on: 21st July 2024, 02:56 am

Over the past two weeks, my inbox has been flooded with messages like ‘How did your challenge go?’ and ‘I can’t wait for your next post to read all about the challenge.’ For some, the term ‘Second Life game’ fits perfectly; for others, it’s more of a virtual world. Even Linden Labs, the creators, have clarified that Second Life isn’t a game—there’s no set objective or way to ‘complete’ it. I wholeheartedly agree with this perspective. However, I also believe that Second Life is whatever you make of it. It’s far from a game for me, and when I started this year’s ‘No Sex Challenge,’ I had no idea how intense the experience would become.

Why Second Life is more than a game

Round Two | The Challenge Begins in the Virtual World

Determined to succeed this year, I remembered failing within just 36 hours the previous year. I wasn’t going to let history repeat itself. After a motivational pep talk in the mirror, I felt ready to face the challenges that lay ahead of me that week in the virtual world. Honestly, avoiding my job at the bar would make my ‘No Sex Challenge’ way easier, given it’s a hotspot for temptation. But dodging the issue wouldn’t make for much of a challenge, would it?

One experience from last year I hoped not to revisit was coworker sabotage. Should’ve known better, right? Sure enough, it happened again. Ebony seemed to enjoy trying to trip me up, and during our time at the bar on day one, she was practically throwing Tye at me. I stood my ground—no way was I breaking my resolve in a matter of hours.

That said, I’d committed to offering lapdances throughout the week. Eventually, Tye and I headed to the private lapdance room. I’m not even going to lie to you, it was arousing and also a lot of fun. But then came the first major test. Throughout the lapdance, he had been throwing 1k tips at me, but then he pulled out his card and said “We continue our little interlude, or 25000L on the card for you to take me to the VIP room and fuck till you can’t move. Your choice”

Not a chance.

While the offer was tempting, I politely declined. The stakes rose even higher when he made an even bigger offer if I let him fuck me before hitting the 36-hour mark. Clearly, navigating this year the no-sex challenge in the virtual realm would be tougher than I’d anticipated.

24 Hours In | Temptations and Tricks in My Second Life Journey

It was ceaseless, utterly relentless. The first 24 hours in this no-sex online realm were relatively calm—just a surge in instant messages. It seems you’re all insatiable. My inbox was like a ticking time bomb; normally, it’s difficult to manage, but during the challenge, it became an onslaught. As the hours rolled by, the stakes escalated. The offers became more lucrative, and the messages increasingly tempting.

People got crafty, using the insights they’d gathered from my hundreds of blog posts against me. They knew just the right buttons to press to try to make me falter. Yet, I soldiered on, my absolute desire to succeed this year kept me going. However, determination is a double-edged sword; at moments, the temptation was overwhelming, and I had to fight hard to resist.

The most trying moments involved the pussy buffets. When I added this option to the bar menu, I was so excited. I couldn’t wait to be a part of the first one. But, my timing was dreadful. I launched the pussy buffets mere days before starting my challenge. So, when Greg and Tim indulged, all I could do was dance on top of the bar and look on, wrestling with the urges that threatened to consume me.

A Tug of War | Greg’s Persistent Bids and My Fraying Willpower

Last year, Greg entered my Second Life story during the first ‘No Sex Challenge.’ He aimed to be the one to break me, but despite some really good tries, he fell short. Although we did have some wild sex during his makeover, but by that point I was on attempt three and had sort of given up. This year, he was back with a vengeance. Every time a new offer rolled in, he’d raise it by 5k Linden Dollars. But the hardest part was him exploiting his knowledge of my turn ons.

Contrary to what many thought, money alone wouldn’t make me crack. Breaking would have to be genuine, it had to come from an irresistible urge—something that many failed to grasp. When the bids climbed to 70 or 80k, the temptation was sky-high, but this wasn’t an auction. This was a real test of my will, and I was committed to getting through the week.

By the third day, my in-game mailbox was overflowing and my resolve was fraying. I’d underestimated how much my blog’s growing audience would intensify the challenge. Last year, I had a small following; this year, it’s grown to thousands of you. This was a small yet important factor I’d overlooked.

On Wednesday night, Greg booked me for a lapdance. Instead of getting me to dance for him, we ended up talking for a while. This was my undoing. I let my guard slip, and Greg took full advantage. Before I knew it, I was helpless. His eyes, his smile, his entire being. He glanced at my tip jar, and a deposit of 90,000L appeared.

The challenge was officially over; he fucked my brains out and filled my pussy until it was overflowing with cum.

Reflections and Resolutions | The Realness of Second Life Beyond Gaming

The challenge concluded prematurely on day three. The emotional and sensory build-up experienced within the Second Life ecosystem had reached a critical mass that was simply unmanageable. If you remember right, last year I gave myself a second chance (and a third) after stumbling, hitting the proverbial reset button to try once more. However, this time around, I took a different route: acceptance. I admitted that achieving a full week without succumbing to temptation was a goal that eluded me once again. I am incapable of going a full week without sex.

As I contemplate the possibility of doing this challenge for a third consecutive year next year, I’m met with conflicting emotions. The joy and the fun of the previous years weigh heavily against the increased intensity of this year’s challenge. This crazy tug-of-war has highlighted an inescapable truth for me—Second Life is far more than a game. It’s a complex, immersive virtual landscape that emulates the nuances of real-world interaction, emotions, and even limitations.

Despite my own setback in this challenge, life within the world of Second Life moves forward. My sex bar is far from a forgotten corner; it continues to thrive as a hub for wild sex and crazy events. The X-Girls are always on hand to blow your mind and your cock.

So, as always take this taxi and come and fuck me or any X-Girl at The X-Sisters Sex Bar. I will see you there!

And one last thing, when you think of Second Life, do you think “the Second Life game” or “the Second Life virtual world”? I am fully set on it not being the Second Life game but I am curious as to everyone else’s opinions. Let me know in the comments.

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  1. Ebony Glendevon

    I’d suggest that Second Life is both a virtual world *and* a game, depending on the individual’s perspective. I’ve encountered both “residents” of the virtual world and “players” of the game.

    Although I am most likely biased as I am *firmly* one of the residents, I feel that those players who treat this shared hallucination we both call Second Life as a game are missing the depth of experience available to residents.

    Of one thing I am certain. When residents and players interact, there is a *huge* potential for conflict and misunderstanding as the two perspectives clash. Because of that, I ensure I know where others place themselves before I invest my time and emotions into any interaction. While players may be bemused and possibly confused by residents, they are seldom as traumatised as residents may become when treated as little more than a “non-player character”.

    Whatever your perspective may be, it is *essential* to treat others, be they players or residents, with the respect they are due as human beings.

  2. Ebony Glendevon

    Oh, as a post-script to my previous comment; yes, I was a *total* bitch when it came to my attempts to break Jess’ will to succeed. In my defense, I will say that in order to become stronger at anything, it is necessary to struggle against an opposing force.

    We grow stronger by learning from our experiences. Sometimes moreso from our failures than our successes.

    No hard feelings, boss, right?


    • Jess

      Oh payback will come, I’m just unsure how or when but it will come…

    • Chandra Kusari

      Jess can be a totes bitch tooo.
      Sooo methinks we are allowed sum bitchness too.

      I get the whole player vs residen thingy. Where I was before I was a player. I came on had sum fun and left and being gone for a week was no biggiy for me. Now I a happy for the time I can spend in SL and even trivial things as hanging with my friends are more meaningful than when I was a player.

      Methinks its important to add that not all players see others as NPCs in their own game. I was and still am fully aware that there are other peeps in virtual worlds than me. The simple rule don’t be an asshole applies to SL as much as to RL.

      Methinks in my player phase a virtual world was more a casual thing for me.

  3. Greg

    Jess, I think you did admirably this year. When considering the amount of pressure you experienced in comparison to the previous challenge, I think you should give yourself plenty of credit. I really didn’t think it was going to happen to be honest. Congratulations for sticking it out as long as you did!!

  4. Bob Morane

    Congrats Jess.

    Holding out several days is great. I remember when last year you more or less did daily resets.

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