The Second Annual Second Life No Sex Challenge

The Second Annual Second Life No Sex Challenge

Last Updated on: 6th June 2024, 05:27 pm

Last year I attempted my ‘No Sex Challenge’ when I worked at Candy’s All-Inclusive Sex Hotel. The premise was straightforward enough, 7 days with no sex. Of course, working as a sex worker in a sex hotel made it difficult. The stakes are even higher this year, I own and run my own sex bar. The X-Sisters Sex Bar where the sex is plentiful and the temptation is there in much higher doses. In theory, a Second Life No Sex Challenge should be easy but the reality is that it is so much harder. So, from today I will again attempt to go 7 full days without sex. 

The Second Annual Second Life No Sex Challenge

The Second Annual Second Life No Sex Challenge | The Safe Choice

In theory, I can still do lap dances. Technically, giving a lapdance isn’t having sex, as long as I avoid the happy-ending menu options from customers. The arousal of giving a lapdance in the private lapdance suite is unique though. The few times I have done it so far in our new bar building, it has been extremely exciting and I don’t know if I can recall any other times when I have felt as sexy as I have up there. 

In a way, building the lapdance functions into the bar is a godsend right now. For a whole week, I can give lapdances and resist the temptation to have sex. Lapdancing is a fun and sexy way to express your sexuality with someone. In fact, many people find that giving a lap dance can be even more arousing than receiving one. I can definitely see why. 

Even in Second Life, when you give a lap dance, you’re the one in charge. You decide what moves to make, how close to get, and how much to reveal. This can be incredibly empowering, and it can also be a great way to tease. There’s something incredibly sexy about knowing that you have the power to turn someone on. When you give a lap dance, you’re giving them a gift of pleasure. It makes you feel both desirable and generous.

So, for the next week I am not “Jess the Second Life Sex Worker” I am “Jess the Second Life Lapdancer”.

This will work, right?


The Second Annual Second Life No Sex Challenge | A Messy Few Days

Of course, I have been kept busy at the bar the past few days too. 

I got the latest Cuming Soon bed, a gift from the toy, and so of course it thoroughly needed testing. Tim is no stranger to helping me test out beds at the bar, he is one of our most regular regulars and has helped me test out a few furniture pieces. So, after he arrived and threw money at me to hire me, I asked him if he wanted to help test the new bed. He of course had no complaints about that so we headed to the bedroom at the top of the stairs. It was a wild 30 minutes but both of us sank onto the bed after climaxing and agreed that it definitely was a good bed. So much so, that he hired me again the next day to try it out for a second time. 

I hadn’t seen Deci at the bar for a while, but he showed up and after talking for a while he got me naked and sitting on his lap. Always the usual way of things. Mid-sentence he hopped up from the stool and speared his cock into me. It took me by surprise even though I knew it was coming, he has a habit of pulling the same move but fuck it’s hot every time. 

The Second Annual Second Life No Sex Challenge | The V.I.P Suite

Since the bar makeover, all of us wanted to be the first to be hired in the V.I.P Suite. It is our most expensive menu option but it is a beautiful room. When I was building it, I couldn’t find something that I liked so I pulled a photography backdrop apart and built the room from that. The questions on everyone’s lips were – Who is going to be the first V.I.P customer and who are they going to hire?

If there is one thing that I have learned over the past eleven months, it’s that Greg has this very strong competitive streak in him to be the first and to complete every challenge. Uhm… no he won’t break my No Sex Challenge. So when he was at the bar and loaded us up with drinks it was only a matter of time before he was up in the V.I.P suite. The remaining question was who he was taking up there.

Well, it was my lucky day. He took Bunny and me up to the V.I.P Suite. At first, Bunny got on her knees and soaked his cock in spit while I danced for them. As I watched them I was getting more and more aroused. Eventually, we made our way to the bed where he fucked both of us hard and, at one point, Bunny even stuffed a dildo in my ass. I was not expecting that. 

The V.I.P Suite is by far the most fun room in the bar. I can’t wait to see who else ends up there. 

Here We Go Again

One week. 

Seven days. 

Ten thousand and eighty minutes. 

Six hundred and four thousand eight hundred seconds. 





That’s all I have to get through. A week without sex, not giving into temptation and fighting off the urges. Of course, if someone decides to throw 50,000 Lindens then I can’t reaaaaaaaallly be held responsible for my actions at that point. But, this is it. My annual Second Life No Sex Challenge is now officially underway. 

Do you really think you can get me to break? Then try your hardest at The X-Sisters Sex Bar. I will see you there!

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  1. Greg

    Best lapdance ever! Not sure how I never got one of those from you before, I was definitely missing out. Glad to see those aren’t off the menu this week. Funny enough you were in the middle of your last one when I met you the first time, I REALLY wanted to make you break it, very happy to have another shot! Best of luck, I can’t wait to see what sort of shenanigans come up!

  2. Chandra Kusari

    Hey Roomie
    Have you already broken the challenge?


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