Hot Sex in Second Life | Escorts, Sex and Changes

Hot Sex in Second Life | Escorts, Sex and Changes

Last Updated on: 20th October 2023, 09:23 pm

In Second Life, change is a constant, it’s a fact of the grid that we all become accustomed to over time. I’m one of those people who thrives on continuous activity and growth. So, during a recent shopping trip to the latest events, my mind began to brim with ideas for revamping the bar’s layout. This initial spark of inspiration cascaded into a wave of fresh concepts for a menu overhaul too. The new structure of the menu brings a whole new meaning to having hot sex in Second Life.

The result was a remarkably busy week, marked by a flood of alterations, surprises, and, of course, plenty of sex. Now, you might be wondering about the current appearance of the bar. Well, I invite you to take a firsthand look and experience the exciting changes for yourself.

Hot Sex in Second Life | Beach Wildness

Before delving into the significant changes that I made to the bar, let’s remember that we started the week on the beach. Tuesdays have taken on a unique turn as Uniform Tuesdays. With the beach as our backdrop this Tuesday, we all dressed in swimsuits for a Baywatch theme.

The highlight of the day? Undoubtedly, it was the interactive swimsuits from S&P. These swimsuits react to the touch of Linden water or even water pistols, becoming wet and transparent. The result? A lot of excited men with hard cocks.

I took a swim dip in the sea at one point during the week. My outfit succumbed to the waves, leaving me drenched. To expedite the drying process, I decided to entertain the bar with a dance while drying off. As I moved to the music, Wilco and Greg, who were having a drink, couldn’t help but comment on how hot I looked while glistening with seawater. In a passing comment, Wilco remarked that I would look sexy in a potato sack.

Without hesitation, I accepted the challenge and purchased a potato sack. What followed was a surprising revelation: Wilco’s theory held true. As I danced enthusiastically in that simple potato sack, the appreciation from our barflies poured in, filling my tip jar with appreciation for the sexiness of the sack.

Hot Sex on the Beach

The day after, I made a start on my bar renovations, and then I headed back out to our beach bar. The sun cast a warm glow over the scene, setting the stage for what would be an eventful afternoon. Fox and Tim were getting wild on a bar stool. Fox moaned out as Tim was thrusting his hard cock into her. Wilco, a familiar visitor by now, had also joined us.

As I climbed onto the bar, Wilco decided to make the moment count. He tossed some money in my direction and said we should use the time wisely. With that encouragement, I joined him on the stool. I know that he loves my curves so I used them to my advantage. First making him cum in my mouth, then over my breasts before finally riding his cock until he flooded me.

Hot Sex in Second Life | The Returning Masochist

Do you recall my customer from SinTracker? The one who discovered me while I was testing the built-in escorting feature? Well, he has become a regular at the bar lately. I’m not entirely certain what draws him to the experiences he suffers, but he eventually managed to arrange another session with me. Rach, Ebony, and Gem had previously enjoyed their time with him, but due to my busy schedule, it took a while for him to get me again.

We made our way to my playroom, where I told him to undress and lie down on the cold, tiled floor. Then, I positioned myself on top of his chest, doing something that’s rather unique for me—I smoked a cigarette. It’s worth noting that I don’t typically smoke, except in situations such as these, and as I flicked the burning ash onto his face I could hear him start to beg. 

The last time he ventured into my playroom he was left hanging there when I refused to let him cum. This time, as I pinned him down and burnt his face with ash before extinguishing the lit end against his skin, he begged to be allowed to. So, I dragged him to the bed and rode his cock for my own pleasure. After he burst and filled my pussy I grabbed his hair and made him clean it. He didn’t get enough time to enjoy his orgasm, but at least I had fun. 

Hot Sex in Second Life | Upgrading to Premium X-Sisters Sex Bar

In the ever-evolving landscape of Second Life sex work, change is often the catalyst for growth. From the very beginning, our bar had embraced the identity of a place that you could just walk into from the street. A quintessential dive bar basically. This rustic charm served us well for a considerable amount of time, but as history has shown time and again, progress is impossible without adaptation.

Thus, the time had come for a transformation, a “glow up,”. The first step involved saying farewell to the old brickwork bar, and deconstructing it to make way for a new building. Swinging a sledgehammer is fun! The new building exudes class, with its expanded, open design that oozes a premium ambience. The vision had always been to offer a premium experience without the premium price tag, and while we had achieved this to some extent, the aesthetic did slightly hold us back.

To infuse sophistication into the atmosphere, I adorned the walls with images of some of our most active X-Girls, with plans for more to follow after scheduled photoshoots. Additionally, I introduced an entirely revamped menu, complete with a V.I.P menu. Two exclusive spaces, the V.I.P Suite and the V.I.P Lapdance skybox, are reserved for V.I.P menu barflies. Meanwhile, a dedicated lapdance room on the ground floor ensures that these sexy and arousing experiences are readily available from the regular menu.

The result is a bar that now exudes professionalism and warmth, inviting barflies into a world that’s simultaneously welcoming, alluring, and seductive—much like our X-Girls themselves. This transformation heralds a new era for the X-Sisters Sex Bar and hot sex in Second Life has never been hotter.

Breaking In The New Rooms

Exploring the newly renovated rooms at the bar always guarantees a good time, and it’s become a tradition for both staff and barflies to eagerly vie for the opportunity to be the first to enjoy them. Among them, Christina stands out as a frequent needer of firsts. Consistently luring in our barflies to fuck her in one of the new spots. This time around was no exception.

As Rey sat at the bar with us, I couldn’t help but express my sense of awe as I sat next to Christina. She is the Centrefold in this month’s X-Girl Monthly, which in my eyes makes her a genuine celebrity. Rey’s excitement was palpable, and he lavished her with praise, even calling her a superstar. Before long, Christina teased him with the idea of a private lapdance in the discreet room tucked away behind the bar. Without hesitation, he accepted the invitation, shouting, “Let’s go!” as he leapt from his stool in excitement.

As they disappeared into the room, Tim joined me at the bar. The two of us sat in silence, our ears attuned to the sounds of excitement coming from the lapdance room. Reys moans and then suddenly slurping sounds. I guess Christina got hungry while she was in there. The atmosphere was tense, and it became increasingly challenging to contain our own excitement. Eventually, Tim broke the silence by tossing some Lindens my way and fucking me against the back counter of the bar. This does get him a head start in the new Wall of Fame initiative at the bar. 

Wall of Fame

The  Wall of Fame was a moment of creative inspiration. As I looked at a vast, empty wall, pondering its potential, fate struck. “Hall of Fame” by the Script chimed in on my Spotify playlist, which sparked this idea in my head.

At its core, the Wall of Fame is straightforward. Our bar now boasts a plethora of sex locations, and our community of barflies has grown to over an impressive 200 members. To secure their coveted spot on the Wall of Fame, all they need to do is take part in a fun adventure. They must fuck an X-Girl at each of the specified locations, capture these moments with snapshots, and then send them to me.

In return for the completion of every location, they not only earn a place on the Wall of Fame, for all to admire (or be jealous of) yjey also receive a 2000L voucher. This voucher can be used at the bar with any X-Girl of their choice.

The only question that lingers is, who will be the first to etch their name and image into the annals of our Wall of Fame?

The new bar looks amazing and our X-Girls are super excited about it. So why not come and see it for yourself? Take this taxi and come and fuck me or any X-Girl at The X-Sisters Sex Bar. I will see you there!

Oh! A small reminder, issue two of X-Girl Monthly is out now! Pick it up here for free!!

Hot Sex in Second Life

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