How to Hire an Escort in Second Life | A Client Guide By Greg Bandy

How to Hire an Escort in Second Life | A Client Guide By Greg Bandy

Last Updated on: 28th October 2023, 01:28 pm

Recently I was chatting with Jess about her blog. At that moment she was working on some SEO tactics. She further explained how she often targets specific keywords and plans relevant blog posts to boost search results. As she explained, I had a flash of brilliance! “Jess, have you ever written a post about hire an escort in Second Life from the buyer’s perspective?” She had to think for a minute before saying “No.”

I asked Jess if she would be interested in my story as a newbie and she quickly agreed. Here is a little bit about my experience learning how to hire escorts and make the most of the experience. I’ll also share some of my tips and suggestions. Jess would say I’m still an SL noob and she might be right. However, if there is one thing in SL I feel qualified to discuss, its hiring an escort.

How to Hire an Escort in Second Life | A Guide

My Early Whoring Mis-Adventures

I first set foot on the grid in 2013. I’d heard about Second Life but never tried it and after seeing an article somewhere I decided to check it out. I made my account, logged in and had nowhere to go and I wasn’t sure what to do. I explored some random sims, and didn’t see many people. After 30 minutes or so I was ready to hang it up, but then I saw it! My first hooker board. The naked woman featured on the poster attracted my attention like a moth to a bug zapper. I approached and touched the board. A few minutes later, I was exchanging messages with a woman who wanted to fuck me for money. I knew I had found something intriguing.

Ten minutes later, I received a teleport offer and landed in a small skybox. Keep in mind, that I was still in the newbie avatar and newbie clothes. I knew nothing about SL whatsoever, Jess would say I still don’t know much… The other thing I had no idea about would become obvious to my new paramour quite soon. After some light flirting, the escort asked me to pay, which I did. She then asked me to remove my clothes, which I also did with much enthusiasm.

My Early Whoring Mis-Adventures | Where’s your cock, sir?

Then she laughed at me, a lot. “Honey, you don’t have a penis yet do you?” My ego instantly deflated. I’m not sure what I expected. The first time I removed my avatar’s clothing was in front of this woman. I assumed a penis would be part of the base avatar or something. Maybe it was buried in one of those myriad inventory folders.

The mood was certainly destroyed, but the woman offered to take me on a shopping trip instead. We found a decent penis, the “Aeros Cock Magnus”. Let me tell you it was glorious. We also got a body and some clothes. Very big improvement!

My Early Whoring Mis-Adventures | Now we’re fucking!

I never saw that Second Life escort again, but I did find my way to a brothel. Unfortunately, I can’t remember the name, but the ladies were friendly. I quickly found a favorite girl I saw multiple times. One memorable experience, I hired her and another girl for a threesome. We talked beforehand and came up with this elaborate scenario. It was a lot of fun.

Since my early days, I’ve had a lot of fun with many different girls in many kinds of sims. Some of them like Jess have even become good friends of mine. I like being around whores, they love to party, fuck, and have a great time. Which is really what we should be trying to do in SL right? And of course, the girls at the X-Sisters Sex Bar party and fuck the most. I’m basically an expert, I would know.

How to Hire an Escort

On to the topic at hand. How do you hire an escort? One of the girls at the X-Sisters Sex Bar told me it’s easy, “Pay the girl. Fuck her.” Damn, seems easy, why did I even bother writing an article? Hiring an escort is one thing. Making the most of your experience is something else. I would like to share some of my thoughts on the latter. In addition to my vast personal experience, I also spoke with several of the X-Girls asking them what a gentleman could do to ensure they had the best time possible.

How to Hire an Escort in Second Life | A Guide

How to Hire an Escort in Second Life | Your Avatar

Not one of the girls I spoke with mentioned anything about the attractiveness of a client’s avatar. Good news for some who may not have invested in their avatar. However, I think they would prefer it if you had a current mesh setup, and some places might require that. The prevailing consensus is that if a gentleman is respectful and willing to pay the requested fee, they will be happy to serve him. In my own experience, I have noticed that women, even escorts, paid more attention to me after I got a current, mesh avatar. In my opinion, you will be more likely to have a better experience if you present an attractive appearance, but it is by no means required. Like Mr. Cobain encouraged my generation, “Come (cum) as you Are.”

There is one aspect of your avatar that is required. You will need a penis. I wish I had this advice when I was new, would have saved some embarrassment. If you don’t have one, you can buy one in the shop at the X-Sisters Bar. Any of the girls would be happy to help with your purchase. I guarantee they would be thrilled to be the first one you use it on as well…

If you’re interested in having the girl of your dreams cum on you, get the INM hud. It’s a lot of fun, you can buy one in the shop at the X-Sisters Sex Bar if you don’t already have it. Because who doesn’t want a way to keep track of who has cum on you?!

How to Hire an Escort in Second Life | Know What You’re Looking For

There are many reasons you might consider hiring an escort: novel experience, enjoying connection with another person, trying something new you’ve fantasized about. Personally, I love great sex and escorts are the best at it. Especially the X-Girls. I’ve dated a bit in SL. I’ve also met women at random hook-up places. I enjoy being with someone who emotes well. Many people do not. Free is not better!!!

Before you ever hire a whore, and pay for her services, know the answer to “What are you looking for?” This could be very simple or more complicated if you have a roleplay scenario in mind or some kind of fetish. Knowing exactly what you want is critical. If you’ve hired an escort before and gone the vanilla route, perhaps think about something you’re interested in trying and bring that idea the next time you hire her.

Here’s an example of something I pulled together once. There was a girl I saw several times. I knew she had a very deep sub-tendency. So I put together a scenario I wanted to enact, wrote up an outline and scheduled a session with her. I implied it would be a date and asked her to wear something like a cocktail dress. When she arrived at my skybox, I launched into the narrative I’d created which involved me ordering her to change out of the dress into a harness I had purchased from her wishlist. Then I tied her up to my cross and did unspeakable things to her. We both had a great time.

How to Hire an Escort in Second Life | Select a Sex Worker

You might think that finding a girl who is available to hire is the first step. No, no no. You need to know what you’re looking for first, only then would you be able to hire a girl who will be a good fit. If you’re looking to have a wild time going rough, pulling hair, spanking and calling a girl dirty names you will have a terrible time hiring Jess for that. In fact there is a fair chance she will remove a testicle and suggest you thank her for going easy on you. In reality, she will cut your session short with no refund.

My next point is, to READ THE PROFILE. Most of the girls at the X-Sisters Bar have listed in their profile anything they are unwilling to do and some list things they love or consider themselves to be good at. So, read the profile if you like a girl. Ask follow-up questions over IM. Describe what you’re looking for and make sure that it’s compatible with her limits or abilities. Asking a girl like Chandra with sub tendencies to dom you may not be the best fit.

Something else to consider, before putting your donation in the tip jar, make sure she is available for however long you’re interested in booking. This will prevent any awkward scenarios in which you put pay the fee and the girl only has 15 or 30 minutes when you want an hour.

How to Hire an Escort in Second Life | A Guide

How to Hire an Escort in Second Life | Enjoy Your Time

Once you’ve selected your girl everything is ready to go, pay the fee and follow her to the chosen location for your session. I interviewed a lot of sex workers for advice on this post, and I was surprised by how few comments touched on the actual session.

Experienced escorts have seen all types of avatars and all sorts of communication and emoting styles. My advice would be to try to continually get better at emoting. Avoid shorthand or internet slang. However, that’s just my opinion and doesn’t seem to be on the radar for the ladies I spoke with. Jess even wrote a few articles on how to improve emoting, you can check those out here.

How to Hire an Escort in Second Life | Quick Tips

Having those four areas covered will get you far in your paid sex hobby. There are a few additional tips mostly around etiquette I would like to share as well:

-Don’t flirt with a girl and give her the impression you will hire her if you don’t plan to. Escorting is HARD. I’ve wasted many hours sitting in the bar leering…I mean admiring the women on shift. I’ve seen girls spend a lot of time dancing on the bar before receiving a hire request. Don’t get her hopes up and disappoint her. Sex workers are amazing people and they do have feelings, be nice.

-If a girl is flirting with you and paying attention to you, but you don’t think you want to hire her or you don’t plan to hire anyone on that visit, do tell her. If there is a clear reason, you might consider sharing it. For example, if you’re looking to be tied up and whipped but her profile says she is a sub, just mention that and explain you don’t think it’s a good fit.

-Pay attention to the time. Professional escorts will not be clockwatchers. They will not kill your erection by telling you that your time is up. Don’t make her ask you to pay for your extra time, settle up when the session is over.

-Above all, be polite and respectful. Have fun! If you’re having fun, it will likely be contagious. Trust me, nothing is better than a bar full of whores having a fun time.

There have been other posts discussing the best places to find escorts and sex, but my top pick would be the X-Sisters Sex Bar. You can’t go wrong there, that place has the hottest girls on the grid.

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  1. Bob Morane

    Very well laid out article Greg.
    There are some good ideas to consider before hiring.

    • Greg

      Thanks Bob! I can’t take much credit, these were all suggestions from the X-Girls, much of the tips were not things I had even considered much before starting to write the article. Frankly what I ended up writing is a little different from what I had in mind, I learned a lot as I was interviewing the X-Girls for ideas.

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