Second Life and Lovense | Tip Jars and Communities

Second Life and Lovense | Tip Jars and Communities

Last Updated on: 31st August 2023, 07:08 pm

The worlds of Second Life and Lovense have come together seamlessly, much like classic pairs of Salt and Pepper, Cheese and Onion, and that irritating persistent happiness and Chandra. A quick search for ‘Lovense’ within Second Life’s search function reveals an extensive list of results, presenting 100 unique destinations on each page. This shows the incredible popularity that Lovense has gained on the grid.

Among these pages, some may be inflated by bots, but there are a number of great locations to satiate your desires. The X-Sisters Sex Bar was already equipped with Lovense capabilities, but now we have stepped things up a bit. On top of that, there is now the hottest new hub for Lovense aficionados on the grid. So, whether you’re already immersed in the world of Lovense or simply curious about diving in, keep reading.

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Second Life and Lovense | What is Lovense?

If you’re unsure what Lovense is then imagine technology and pleasure coming together seamlessly. Lovense is a revolutionary brand and they have crafted a wide selection of interactive adult toys that take Second Life sex to new heights. These innovative creations, ranging from lush vibrators to suction sleeves, empower users to take part in a sensation-enhancing sex session, regardless of physical distance.

The merger of Lovense and Second Life is not merely a novelty. It’s about creating an immersive experience that transcends the screen. The palpable throb of a Lovense toy resonates with the actions of your avatar, whether it’s a gentle caress or an intense thrust. This synergy bridges the physical and virtual which ushers intimacy beyond the constraints of distance.

In conclusion, Lovense isn’t just a toy.

Second Life and Lovense

Second Life and Lovense | The Lovense Community

Caroline Takeda is a prominent figure in the world of Second Life sex. Her footprint spans across multiple horizons, from her Second Life Adventures blog to the ownership of Takeda Media. A decade of influence has left a mark on the entire world of sex in Second Life. A recent conversation outside at our beach bar showcased the impact she has made. Among the five of us who were there, Caroline herself stood as the only person who hadn’t started on the journey of Second Life sex through her own blog’s narratives.

My own journey intertwined with Caroline’s when I went to work for her. I contributed to both her blog alongside my own through a plethora of posts about my tenure at Candy’s All-Inclusive Sex Hotel. That of course was before Lumi and I branched off and opened the X-Sisters Sex Bar.

Caroline’s trajectory is now steering towards a new direction with her Lovense community. The Lovense Community location is based inside of a penthouse skybox (yes, THAT penthouse). There, Lovense users gather, finding like-minded users. 

The living room area warmly welcomes new users into the Lovense lifestyle, even welcoming them before they own a Lovense device. 

To use the rest of the skybox and the other rooms, group membership is required. A low fee gets you access to the group and the facilities.

You can read more about this over on Second Life Adventures.

Second Life and Lovense

Second Life and Lovense | New Tip Jars

The X-Sisters Sex Bar has been embracing Lovense technology from the day we first opened. Our collection of Debauchery furniture plays a huge role in that. All you have to do is give a swift scan of a QR code, and just like that, your Lovense device reacts to the bed animations. It’s a delightful and enthralling twist to your time at the bar.

As we expanded, it became evident that our Lovense journey needed to expand. With fresh faces regularly joining our staff roster, an increasing number of Lovense devices were coming into the family. So, I introduced Lovense Tip Jars. Imagine yourself seated at the bar, watching your favourite X-Girl as she concocts your chosen drink. During this, you have the knowledge that her Lovense device is at play. The question lingers – How long can she maintain her composure before the sensations slam her hands against the bar, trying to keep balance?

That power is yours to wield. Each tip into her Lovense tip jar is your control tool. The more you tip, the higher and the longer the intensity of her toy is. For our X-Girls, the process is seamless. Armed with their Lovense devices, they log into the tip jar. A quick scan of the QR code at the hub on the back wall gives the sync.

Make your X-Girl cum while she’s tending the bar.

Second Life and Lovense

Round Up

Using Lovense in Second Life is one of the most exciting things that you can experience in your in-world sex experiences. I am an avid lover of immersive text roleplay, our bar was built around it. Adding Lovense to that mix only takes it to a whole new level. Whether it’s with the new tip jars at the bar or you’re taking a visit to the new Lovense Community location, your experience will be like nothing you have had before. 

As always come and join us! Take these taxis to The X-Sisters Sex Bar and/or our bar at Street Whores! See you there!

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  1. Greg

    I love the new addition Jess, soooo much. For everyone else you need to stop in and request Jess to log into the Lovense jar. After seeing this article I stopped in, dropped $1000 L into her jar, “I want you to turn your Lovense on” She agreed and less than ten minutes later her hands were indeed slammed on the bar her entire body quivering in SL and RL. Hell of a rush. I hope the other girls get plugged in soon too. Amazing!!!

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