Best Second Life Beach Spot? | X-Sisters Sex Bar Beach

Best Second Life Beach Spot? | X-Sisters Sex Bar Beach

Last Updated on: 20th October 2023, 09:34 pm

The quest for the best Second Life beach spot. There are options aplenty. Breakwater Beach? It’s a popular choice for some. Dusk Point Beach? That’s my personal go-to, and I’ve written about it a couple of times. Second Life beach are like these picturesque oases, free from real-world beach drawbacks. No couples arguments echoing in the background, no crying babies, no partygoers throwing everything they can into a campfire. It’s a combination of sun, sand, sea, and sex. Just perfect, right?

So what is the crème de la crème of Second Life beach hangouts? Well, if we’re showing bias then that honor goes to none other than our very own X-Sisters Beach. Oh, you didn’t know about the beach? *smile*

Snapshot 122

Best Second Life Beach Spot? | The Beach Idea

The main building of the bar is our hub, it’s where we spend the majority of our days. Our staff cover basically 24 hours a day at this point. Mornings kick off with the crew of Ebony, Tahlia, Benafsha, Christina, Magda, and Ellie who bring in the sunrise. As the sun climbs higher, I usually roll in during the afternoon, joined by Lea, Dizzy, Natasha, and Gem. When the sun sets, the scene shifts yet again, evenings and nights are covered by Mel, Bunny, and of course Rach. We’ve got the whole squad, including the other X-Girls who drop by when they can.

But you know how it is when everyone’s under one roof, it can get a bit cosy. Our spot spans a 1/4 sim, which is pretty big for a bar. Still, Second Life is all about limitless possibilities, right?

That’s when the outside bar idea came to life. We already had the beach, so why not take the party outside? I built an outdoor bar and for the next few weeks, we have moved the action outdoors.

Best Second Life Beach Spot? | The Toilet Pest

The sun was warm, the waves were soothing, and all I wanted to do was use the toilet in peace. But guess who had other plans? Yes, of course, it was Gem.

The Gem Bot must have been given a secret mission to test my patience. Just as I settled down, she appeared out of nowhere with that mischievous glint in her eye. I could practically hear the gears turning in her head.

As soon as I stepped into the little beachside toilet, she was there, hovering like a ninja. I could see the corners of her lips twitch like she was trying to hold back a giggle. And then, just as I was about to get down to business, she started making weird noises. It was like seagulls on steroids with dolphin impersonations thrown in.

I shot her a look that screamed, “Are you serious right now?”  It didn’t faze her at all. She cranked up the volume.

Just when I thought she might give me a break, she pulled out her ultimate weapon. Her insane twerking HUD. 

Well, who needs privacy anyway?

Best Second Life Beach Spot? | Growing Popularity

Recently the bar has been the busiest it has ever been. More customers, more staff which of course means more sex. Everyone has been getting in on the fun too, at some points the bar stools have been filled with couples and the smell of sweat is insane. Bodies colliding, skin smacking and moans being heard all over. Even Rich has shown up as not AFK on some days to get his fill of fun. 

For the majority of days, we are busy. There are of course quiet periods but it’s very rare these days to arrive at the bar and not see multiple people enjoying themselves. This also means that the staff are always drunk, and the customers constantly topping up the beer and champagne.

We also have shots now too, a system built by ToniMind. At first, we franchised it from him, then I made the decision to just purchase it. 

It has basically been an ongoing party. I’m surprised the X-Girls have any energy to recover from their hangovers and show up for more. 

Best Second Life Beach Spot? | The Wife Collector

Biggie has been collecting wives recently. He currently has six and so when he showed up at the bar and sat next to Natasha, I had a suspicion. 

I was right. A few minutes later he asked me “Jess, can I please have your permission to marry Natasha?

Oh hell no! 

Rach and I quickly pulled out our guns and started interrogating him while Natasha sat there giggling. Eventually, he understood that X-Girls were off-limits to his collection. 

Thankfully Huckus arrived not long after and it was time to trade one pistol for another. I recently got the Darkfold Airbed (a gift from my slave) and hadn’t fully had a chance to try it out. 

So, after a few beers, we both headed over to the water and climbed onto the airbed. It didn’t take long before things heated up and he fucked me hard and fast. 

A Late Night Threesome

Rich seems to have been enjoying the beach, he had some fun with Dizzy during one of the days. Usually, he’s not around properly until very late in the day. Normally 5 am my time (UK). It has been good to see him having fun though with everyone at the beach. 

One night at his normal time, he showed up with me and Melissa and decided to take us upstairs for a threesome.

First Mel took him into her mouth while I grinded my pussy against his face. Then, he pulled me on top of him, bouncing me on his cock before swapping to do the same with Mel.

Both of us took turns milking his cock as he experienced his first-ever Second Life threeway. Finally, he bent me over and as Mel writhed against me Rich pounded hard into my pussy making me cum on his cock. 

It was a fun night.

Round Up

Moving out to the beach has been a lot of fun. Not just for us but for our barflies too. We’ve had some interesting adventures including trying to snake charm Tim’s cock out of his shorts and then Bryk having to give me mouth to pussy resuscitation after his dancing got me to a ridiculous state of horniness. 

The X-Girls are having a great time, the barflies are loving life and the sun is shining. 

The X-Sisters Sex Bar isn’t just a place for escorts to make money, it’s now a fun beach. Come and join us! Take these taxis to The X-Sisters Sex Bar and/or our bar at Street Whores! See you there!

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