Dizzy The Second Life Drug Addict | Dark Side

Dizzy The Second Life Drug Addict | Dark Side

Last Updated on: 20th October 2023, 09:35 pm

I had never crossed paths with a Second Life drug addict, let alone created one myself. Addictions, be they substance-related or otherwise, are harmful. The silver lining is that help is available. However, what began as a mere joke took an unexpected turn. In Second Life, shopping events tend to fall into two categories. They can either waste away our time or unveil a trove of possibilities, creating new memories and fun adventures. Little did Rach and I know, when we acquired the WickedWire EvilCart, that a whirlwind was on the horizon.

Second Life Drug Addict

Dizzy The Second Life Drug Addict | The WickedWire EvilCart

Allow me to introduce you to Dizzy, a fresh addition to our team at the X-Sisters Sex Bar. With her sweetness, energy, and sense of fun, she has quickly become popular member of the team. Yet, beneath her fun exterior lies a layer of innocence and a heavy inclination towards submission. Our barflies love her, and she has mastered the art of keeping them engaged and entertained.

As a lover of the Fetish Fair in Second Life, I am usually excited about it, although recent months have been somewhat disappointing. However, this month’s fair held a few interesting gems that caught my attention.

Enter the WickedWire EvilCart. You’re wondering what that is? It’s straightforward – a tool designed to dispense a simulated drug to people of your choosing. After they accept it, they find themselves caught by its effects. Using RLV, this tool mimics withdrawal symptoms, allowing for a controlled and adjustable experience.

The intensity, swiftness of symptom onset, and even the nature of the effects can be tailored to your own preferences. All in all, it had a lot of potential.

You’ve likely connected the dots by now, haven’t you?

Second Life Drug Addict

Dizzy The Second Life Drug Addict | Getting Hooked

“Dizzy, do you like drugs?” It was a straightforward question that carried underlying intentions, asked as Rach and I reentered the bar. Our intentions had been set well in advance, and our first target had already been selected. With Rach stifling laughter behind me, fully aware of what was coming, the stage was set.

Dizzy’s dance on the bar abruptly ceased as she hopped down, approaching us. “Mmmhmm,” she responded.

Her liking for drugs was evident, crystal clear. Before joining us, Dizzy had been a Street Whore. In fact, we had found her at our Street Whores bar not long after its opening. “I’m going to give you a pill, take it,” I instructed her. Her innocence shone through as she quickly ingested it, with no hesitation, apprehension, or questions. The pill disappeared down her throat without a second thought.

After watching her quickly swallowed it and granting her a few moments for the effects to kick in, I asked, “How do you feel bitch?”

Her reply was short, but it was exactly what we hoped for.


Second Life Drug Addict

Dizzy The Second Life Drug Addict | Work or Pay?

The system functions like this: once the person ingests the pill, it becomes intricately linked to them through RLV. This linkage renders their addiction permanent unless I decide to release them from it. The start of withdrawal symptoms is timed according to the speed rate you’ve selected, determining the point at which the effects will take hold. For Dizzy, her first withdrawal was the inability to see everyone’s names. Over time, her capacity to function as a typical human diminished quickly. Urgent cravings for a fix took hold of her; she was in dire need.

Giving her a booster dose could remove her withdrawal symptoms, even just temporarily.

I had two choices. I could charge her Lindens for some relief, or I could make her work for it.

Now, if you’re familiar with me and my approach…

Can you guess which option I opted for?

Without a doubt, I made her work for her relief, guiding Chandra to make Dizzy eat her pussy. When Dizzy finished, she dropped to her knees, her pleas for her fix were as pathetic as they were loud.

“Please, please may I have a fix” She was filled with desperation, and Chandra had soaked her face in her pussy cream. She was a mess. Chandra motivated her to push through and resist the urge for another dose.

Regrettably for Dizzy, Chandra made a grave miscalculation.

The Consequences

It didn’t take too long before Dizzy found herself contorted over the bar, gripped by agonizing spasms and clutching her stomach. The withdrawal symptoms hit her relentlessly. Her vision failed, the world around her morphing into something unfamiliar.

“It’s becoming so hard to see,” she choked out, her sobs mingling with her descent to the floor. Chandra had urged her to push through it, nudging her to withstand the onslaught. Now, Dizzy was facing the repercussions of her choice.

I let her writhe and beg for a while, it was amusing how stupid she had been. Her failure to take her next dose had led her here, it was a self-inflicted predicament for which she had none but herself, and perhaps Chandra, to blame.

Her cries became unbearable, so I grabbed her jaw, prying her mouth open and throwing another pill in. “In the future, take it and don’t fight it,” I hissed. Gradually, her withdrawal symptoms began to subside.

After sending her to mop the floor, Rach and I laughed, it was amazing how easily we had manipulated one of our staff members into a drug addict.

The next chapters of Dizzy’s journey are definitely going to be interesting.

Round Up

The start of a new journey, Dizzy the Second Life drug addict. Of course, I doubt that it will make her any less desirable to our barflies. However, there remains a glimmer of hope, maybe you can be the catalyst for her redemption.

Come down to the bar, who knows, with enough dedication and demonstration of her value, I might consider releasing her from her drug addiction, although she would need to have a lot of hired sex for me to consider that. 

Remember, Second Life exists within the realm of virtuality. None of these symptoms and consequences are really taking place. Nevertheless, real-life addiction has grave repercussions. What we engage in at the bar is roleplay, a form of immersive storytelling. But, just maybe, if we navigate this with care and precision, we can shed light on the gravity of addiction, even if we only educate one individual along the way.

And to you, yes, you! Why not grace us with your presence? 

Come and join us! Take these taxis to The X-Sisters Sex Bar and/or our bar at Street Whores! See you there!

Oh and before I forget, I did pick up one other type of drug to give out. This one makes people addicted to me and have to be near me to get their fix. 

Can you guess my first victim?

That’s a story for another day.

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  1. Greg

    Poor Dizzy, addiction couldn’t have happened to a sweeter girl. However I did enjoy seeing her give such a rousing oratory performance with Chandra. Cheers ladies, glad I was able to make the show

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