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I’m not going to say that I prefer weekends as a sex worker but… I prefer weekends as a sex worker. It’s never dull and it’s always busy unless it’s some sort of holiday period. I rarely come out of a weekend feeling disappointed; this week was no exception. It also makes it difficult to choose what fun adventures to write about, I always feel a little bit guilty for leaving people out. Weekends are definitely my biggest periods of earning but they’re also when I have the best fun.

Fun Adventures | Sex Work Tales

Part of my motive for going to the beach so much is also to subtly lead people to the hotel. I’m a greedy whore and I can’t deny that. I could have a customer once and make a decent amount of Lindens from my rates.


I could get them to sign up at the hotel as a guest, they pay less than my hourly rate, and I make more money from them in the long run. Sure, I nearly always take a hit on that first time but after that, it’s payday at the bank.

Sometimes, as I’ve already proven, the beach can be a disappointment and result in no fun adventures at all, which is rare though.

Not just with having disappointing sex but also with meeting some people who are, for want of a better term, dull.

Sometimes you do meet some really nice people, even if they just want to talk. I guess that’s ok too right?

Beaches are a lot of fun if you can find the right one. That’s why they’re included in my Best Places To Find Sex In Second Life list.

Fun Adventures In Sex Work

Fun Adventures | The Very Furry Interruption

I like to have fun adventures, I think that’s becoming evident. Especially when they involve my job.

Zathras returned to the hotel after signing up recently. I told him all about the kitchen in the penthouse during his last visit and so this time, that’s where we headed.

When we got there we were very rudely interrupted by a furry. It ran around screaming at me to make some dinner until I yelled at it to make its own dinner.

After a few minutes, it was clear that we weren’t going to be on our own.

Home delivery at Candy’s All Inclusive Sex Hotel does come with a minimum 2000k tip but I like to believe that it’s worth it.

Zathras and I headed back to my office, an unexpected but nevertheless exciting home delivery session to be had.

We made our way to my Bento Physics Bed and he fucked me with such passion that my body thrashed around as he brought me to climax before emptying his seed into me.

I actually had many fun adventures with Zathras over the weekend. I’m starting to think that he can’t get enough of me.

Fun Adventures In Sex Work

The Gang Bang And More

Sunday morning was my gang bang and you can read more about that on Second Life Adventures later today.

I had been excited about it all week. Nothing was going to stop me from making it to that event.

It turned out to be a huge success and I’m already planning more events.

Later that evening I arrived at the hotel to do a small shift, hoping for more fun adventures. When I got there Grayson was sitting at the bar.

It turned out that he had been at the gang bang. Normally I like to always welcome our guests before they feel the need to speak.

It’s professional right? Plus, I would be a terrible host if I didn’t.

This time I didn’t get the chance before Grayson spoke to me.

“I was hoping to catch you after that awesome gangbang” he told me. It seemed like he wanted more.

He asked me to accompany him to a Swinger party at a beach later on. I let him know about the minimum fee for off-premises fun and he thought that it was very reasonable. He told me that he had time for a quickie now if I did.

I couldn’t say no to that, we quickly made our way to the penthouse.

It was a quickie but it was hot. He used me to cum so hard, spraying his hot seed all over my face before he left a very generous tip as he was leaving.

When I headed back to my office later that night, I had a new guestbook message from him that he had left before our fun at the hotel. I like when people stop by to leave messages. You can too! Take this taxi.

Fun Adventures In Sex Work

Weekends As A Sex Worker | In Summary

Weekends for me are full of fun adventures and a very good treat to my bank balance. On Saturday and Sunday between working at the hotel, hotel beer, regulars and having a couple of people reach out through my ad boards, I made almost 30k.

It’s a good income and it’s mainly made by following my own How To Be An Escort In Second Life guide.

I had a very successful gang bang and already Christina and I are thinking of other events that we can do at Caroline’s Secret Hideaway.

How was your weekend? Let me know in the comments!

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    Weekends are a time to rewind and have fun. Looks like you did a good job on both accounts.

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