Chandra’s Travels: Addicted To Jess

Chandra’s Travels: Addicted To Jess

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Dear readers last time you read abouts Kiras first step in virtual whoring and sum early Christmess prezzies. Todays I will talk about one of my oldest friends in Pixelland who is also my boss … JESS .. or Roomie as I call her.

Addicted to Jess: The Setup

A while back Jess acquired sum drugs and has been trying to peddle them with more or less success to the X Girls and Barflies … Basically, anybody who doesn’t run away screaming … which admittedly are not many when Jess is involved.

Among her toys, you find Dizzy, Greg, and her slave. You can read about their fate here.

When I arrived at the bar she had Dizzy already hooked. After sum heavy withdrawal Dizzy decided she wanted to go clean, so I helped her to be comfy, and gave her sumthing to drink … basic decency. I might have said that she always had a choice not to take the stuff.

Of course, Jess chewed me out for trying to ruin her fun. Butt I am a HUGE softie and I have troubles seeing peeps suffer, who don’t deserve it.

Of course, I too got offered a mystery pill which promised to be soooo much fun. I am wary of drugs that are not organic and that I did not cook up myself.

Addicted to Jess: The Hook

For a while, Jess tried her best to get me hooked on her stuff. But I was wary of my Roomies tricks and foiled her at every corner.


Of course, this made her more eager to trick me. All it took was one slip, one moment where I did not look.

And slip I did finally.

It took her quite sum time. We were out with sum friends visiting the amusement park at MadPeas. When we were done I was soooooo tired and almost fell over where I was standing. So I decided to get home and sleep for a day or two.

I still don’t know whut she did and how she managed it. Butt the next day I awoke and thought “Damn I miss Jess.”


Where did that cum from?

Sure I like Jess and I miss her when we don’t see each other for a while. Butt HELLOES we saw each other just a few hours ago.

While I showered and had breakfast that strange feeling grew. So I headed over to the bar. Jess was there and all was well. I felt good and hugglied her.

She just smirked. “Feeling strange today Roomie?”

Addicted to Jess: She Got Me

At that moment everything fell into place: SHE GOT ME!!!

Looking at her I whispered. “Whut did you doooo Roomie?”

Her smile grew wider. “Do you remember the mystery leaflet I gave you last night when you left? The one you took with your bare hands and put in your  pants?”

I was thinking hard abouts last night .. all seemed like a blur.

Yesssss, there was a leaflet she gave me. Methinks it had something to do with the mystery door event Jess was planning.

Wait why am I stroking Jess’s hair?

Jess laughed. “Oh this is going to be fun. That little leaflet you couldn’t resist taking because it had mystery written all over it, was treated with my latest formula. Unlike Dizzy you are not hooked on simple drugs. You are addicted to me. And when I am not around .. well you will see.”

I only got half of it cause I was basking in the warm light of the sun that was Jess. Then Jess stood up patted me on the head and left. On instinct, I started to follow her.

Why did I do that?

But when I reached the door she was gone already.


Addicted to Jess: Life as a Jessjunkie

I went back to the bar and tended to the guests. All the while this nagging feeling grew.

I missed Jess bunches.

I wondered how she was doing.

Damn, I wanted to be near her.

Whuts a girl gotta do to shake an addiction to her Roomie?

Shopping seems a good idea. Browsing through shops, and treating myself to sum new clothes or jewellery always takes my mind off pretty much anything.

I went to one of my favorite stores and looked through the shelves. Nuthing was drawing my eye.

Suddenly I heard a voice. “You are worthless!”

“WHUT did you say?” I yelled whirling abouts. A couple behind me jumped back and busied themselves elsewhere. Not wanting to do anything with the crazy girl.

There the voice was again. “They know it and you know it too … WORTHLESS,”

YAY hearing voices this will be funs.

“I might not know everything but I know my worth. So whut pearls of wisdom do you have to offer?” I muttered. I would not break to sum silly voice. So I tried my best to ignore them and mock them. Sumtimes I forgot that only I heard them and spoke my witty retorts out loud much to the irritation of my fellow shoppers.

Suddenly my vision became blurry. I was seeing pretties colors.

Now that was more like it.


Butt also my field of vision dwindled till I could only see a few meters ahead. This and the sudden cramps made shopping not much fun. So I hollered a taxi and drove back to the bar.

Jess was there and I could feel her warmth rolling over me.

“How was your day Roomie?” she asked. I wanted to say lotsa things like how my day just became betters. Butt my inner brat took over. I grinned at her. “Goodies I had sum interesting convos with spirits aaaand the pretties colors are groovie. Butt you could give those sum more variation.”

Jess smirked “We will see.” And vanished again.

Addicted to Jess: Conclusion

I went back to the bar thinking about what to do. I felt fine so I dressed up for my roleplay in Hogwarts. Halfway through my lessons, the symptoms started again. I gritted my teeth and tried to enjoy the colors and made silent fun of the voices. The cramps were still annoying.

This went on for a while. Towards Jess, I behaved as bratty as I could trying not to show that I was annoyed by my addiction. Methinks Jess sensed that I was bluffing by not caring but every time I irritated her with my brattiness was a lil win for me. 

Don’t get me wrong… I still like Jess nothing wrong with sum fun among friends. Butt those withdrawal symptoms can make life difficult when you try to give a sloppy blowjob to a guest, while being tripped out by colors and disembodied voices and all you can think about is your roommate.

To put an end to it or betters to have options for ending my addiction I dug out my potions book and started experimenting with counter poisons. Which after sum trials and errors, don’t get me started on the yellow dots covering my body, I did.

But this was gonna be my last resort. So after abouts two weeks I went to Jess and suggested we end it since we both had our fun with this lil game.

To my surprise Jess gave me an antidote without much hassle. See my roomie can be reasonable and I only found one bomb under my bed that night.

The Three Faces of Jess

As many of you know Jess has a split personality.

Uhm no wait that came out wrong.

I meant that Jess has two sisters or alts Sasha and Dee.

Sasha worked for a while at Candy’s Hotel and later at the X Sisters Bar with only a smoll number knowing that both were Jess.

Dee came on when the X Sisters opened their bar. Before that, she had been lying around in Kane’s creepy AFK morgue. Jess wrote a pretty morbid article about it. If you want to catch up on that please read here and while you are at it here you can find out how Sasha came to be at that morgue.

You might be wondering “Why is Chandra writing all this stuff we already know”

Weeeeeeell because I can aaand I want to tell the tale from my end. As you might know, Jess is an amazing roleplayer and she gave that spin to all her alts. Most of the time she stays in character. From the top of my head, I can recall one occasion when I was chatting with Sasha and we were breaching a difficult topic and suddenly she said (stepping out of character for a moment I can’t translate what I want to say into Sasha). Which led me to develop very different relations with all of her alts. So further down I will talk about these relations and the stories we spun from those and how I experienced Jess’s three faces.


Let’s start with the original the one and only Jess, goddess of whores, or Roomie for short.

I assume you all know how Jess and I met at Candy’s Bar. For me, Jess is a few years older and she is kinda a mix of my big sister and a mentor in all things slutty. She took lil nooby me in and coached me in my first steps to becum a top tier hooker.

We have this thing called the roommate agreement .. a HUUUGE folio of rules regarding to my behavior as Jess’s tenant. Of course, I have regular inspections.

Methinks I neva pass one.

In the beginning, I tried my best to adhere to the rules. But my roomie gleefully adds new rules to the agreement, just so she can distract points. For example, once she removed a pic Greg had hung in my house with a sledgehammer and broke the wall of course. So first I lost points for a pic I didn’t knew was there and then I lost more points due to the hole in my wall.

So at sum point, I tried to do exactly the opposite of whut she told me. If I can’t pass I can be as bratty as possible and try at least to fail spectacularly. In my Hell O Weenie inspection, I got a long letter with new rules I hadn’t heard before like the N.U.T.S. clause … the No Unicorns To See clause.

I mean who doesn’t love unicorns? And I only have a stuffed one.

Anyways I did rewrite the whole letter turning it in the opposite added a few more unicorns and when she complained I showed her my version of her letter.

Lost a few extra points.

YAY me.

Jess also has a HUUUUGE kink for guns, explosive and all thingies that go KABOOOOM so I regularly check for explosive devices around my house. We do need a nice gentlemen in the neighboorhood who does that and gets exploded on the way.


I knew Shasha pretty early and we clicked right from the start. We are of a similar age .. maybees she is a bit youngers than me. We have a similar sense of goofiness abouts us and can laugh at the same silly jokes aaand we both looove to dance. For a while, we both danced at Brookes Club and got the crowd pretty worked up.

Many think Sasha is as dumb as a rock. Butt she is not.

True she is not exceptionally intelligent and won’t get a doctor’s degree in anything except sluttyness.

Sasha has a narrow focus of thingies that are of interest. Mainly sex, Food, sex, music, and more sex, nothing wrong here, just a young girl with a healthy appetite and a zest for fun and life.

Sasha is the one I can goof around and laugh with. She tends to get herself into trouble sooo Imma bit protective of her.

Many don’t know she has a musical talent and owns a shitload of instruments she can all play. Soo much for dumb as a rock. We spent an entire night hanging out in her house chatting while she was playing and teaching me a bits.


Dee is difficult to describe. At first glance she is similar to Jess. She was my boss at the bar and her behaviour is pretty similar.

At first glance

Looking closer there are differences.

First off Dee is no gun nut. Soooo no need to check for bombs when she offers you a gift.

I like that about her.

Second we are a bit more eye to eye in our interactions. I see her as my age .. a bits older than me.

Dee is a bit more goofy than Jess or at least her version of fun does not involve blowing stuff up. And Jess would neva eva jump on my back and have me carry her around because she was to lazy to walk.

Then there is Dee’s backstory at the morgue, which through some roleplaying developed into an interesting arc.

When Dee showed up at the bar I started calling her Dead Girl, which nearly cost me my job laters.

Sooories I was such a meanie Dee.

From there we came up with the story that I knew Dee before she came to the bar. You see at some point when Sasha disappeared into Kane’s Sex Morgue I tried to rescue her, got caught, and in an attempt to break free kinda resurrected Dee by accident.

This story spun in IMs gave us a spiritual connection that further defined how we interacted with each other.

How did you dear reader experience your interactions with the three faces of Jess or with other peeps and their alts? Please share your (s)experiences with us in the comments.

Apart from that Christmess is getting closer, but it’s still time to get yourself some snowballs from all the hawt and smexy X Girls. Each of us hands them out after you hire us for sum fun. Before Christmess you can turn them in for FUUUUUN prizes like a BJ or a lapdance or sum sexy time with your favorite X Girl aaaaand there is also a mystery prize which you should try and grab.

Also you can still sign up for our secret Santa aaaaand DO write your letters with all your dirty wishes to Santa. He likes smut and has promised to make 3 wishes cum true.

So whut are you waiting for?

Head to the X Sisters Bar.

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