Becoming Jess’s Slave | A Life of Love & Devotion in Second Life

Becoming Jess’s Slave | A Life of Love & Devotion in Second Life

Last Updated on: 21st July 2024, 02:57 am

Being a slave in Second Life is one thing, but being a slave to Jess X is an entirely different experience. Most of you probably don’t know me. I’m not at the bar often anymore nor do I have an opportunity to interact with the beautiful X-Girls or the multitude of barflies that frequent X-Sisters Sex Bar. My absence is not due to a lack of interest. I adore the X-Girls and I miss buying rounds for the bar. Instead, my access to this wonderful establishment has been, for lack of a better word, restricted. The reasons for my disbarment are nothing as grandiose as having caused some drama or starting a fight.

I did not have my way with one of the girls and then slipped off without giving proper monetary appreciation for the experience. No, the reason I am no longer a patron at the bar is much simpler than that. I have become Jess’s slave. She loves and appreciates her girls and customers far too much to have their experience tainted with the likes of me.

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Becoming Jess X’s Slave | How did this all come to pass?

How did this all come to pass? My fall from a strong, confident male to nothing more than an owned piece of property can be seen here. Submissives and Slaves in Second Life

So I won’t repeat it as I could never dream of recapturing the events better than Jess did. Instead, I’ll start with a quick bit about myself to give you an idea of just how far I have fallen since Jess came in… No wait, Jess never stumbles into anyone’s life…since I was careless enough to walk into Jess’s world.

I have been in Second Life for almost 14 years. Like so many I was brought into this virtual world from the recommendation of another that quickly vanished. I was on my own to explore this incredible place.

There usually is a theme or community that people congregate to once arriving and mine was the D/s BDSM community. I was able to release my dominant side here that I never could in RL and soon I plunged into the darker aspects of slave trading and ownership. I could recite many tales of my being a caring, yet sadistic dominant but that’s not pertinent here. My reason for bringing up my past is to show that no one is safe from the power of love for a woman and that life can change in an instant.

Fast forward to July of this year, only 2 months ago but it feels like I have lived a lifetime in those months. I transcended from the strong, confident dominant male who walked into the bar and ended up in a threesome, to what kneels and writes this confession today.

A pathetic man who has fallen head over heels in love with the woman of his dreams. The ONE that has always eluded him. In typical fashion, I failed miserably. Blowing the opportunity to show her the man I could be, and instead Jess reached into my chest and pulled out the slave I was destined to become.

Becoming Jess X's Slave

Becoming Jess X’s Slave | Jess has a submissive named Dizzy, I am Jess’s slave.

So here I am, Jess’s slave. She warned me in the beginning, I would never be anything to her other than a wallet, cock, and a toy to inflict her sadistic desires on. Simply stated, I was her slave. Now we all have our own ideas of what it means to be a submissive or a slave. Some use the words as interchangeable, others realize there is a difference between the two.

Jess has a submissive named Dizzy, I am Jess’s slave. One day when trying to explain how much Jess means to me I mentioned my theory on sub and slave and the difference between the two. She listened and then responded. “There really is not that much difference, other than I care about Dizzy, and she has the right to say no. Neither of those are true about you”. The pain in those words brought the realism of what I am to the forefront and slapped me in the face.

So now that the preliminaries are out of the way, the backstory is set so to speak. It’s time to get to the meat of this confession. What is it like to be Jess’s slave?

Becoming Jess X's Slave

Becoming Jess X’s Slave | There is only one word that can express such power and magnificence, JESS

I wear Jess’s collar although it is only symbolic, more for convenience than any functional need. We both know that it’s not needed. With or without a collar around my neck I am her slave. I am chained to her through my love and devotion. Collars can be removed, and what I feel for Jess, what keeps me here is much stronger than anything on earth. I guess Jess is my kryptonite. No matter how strong I am without her, once she entered my life, I have been helpless to resist.

I have never called her Mistress or other such titles. Those really are more for the slaves benefit or to stroke the ego of an insecure dominant. No, I just call her Jess. We both know that she is the one and only controlling factor in my life and there is only one word that can express such power and magnificence, JESS.

“No matter how painful it is, my love for Jess will never falter”

My life as Jess’s slave is filled with both love and pain. The love is mine for her. My love is undying, unequalled, ever-growing. All my devotion, adoration, loyalty, and an endless list of other emotions make up the one key element that has enslaved me to this woman for eternity if she will have me, and that’s LOVE. Some may not believe it, others throw around the word like it is candy, claiming to love someone today, only to run off and swear their undying love to someone completely different tomorrow.

What some boast as love, is really just getting what they want from another person and when a better option comes along, they cut bait and run. But I know, and I feel deep down in my heart that Jess knows as well, that my love for her is more real, more powerful and pure than most people will feel in this world or any other.

My love for her is unconditional, no matter what happens, no matter how difficult things are, no matter how painful it is, my love for Jess will never falter.

Becoming Jess X's Slave

Becoming Jess X’s Slave | Most think dominance and submission is a kinky game

As mentioned earlier, the other aspect of my life as Jess’s slave is pain. Yes, I have to endure it, sometimes to the point of breaking and believing I will never survive. But make no mistake, the one in control of the pain is Jess. Her sadistic desires are not easily quenched.

Jess is never shy about her sadistic tendencies and has a PhD in the ways to observe someone, find their weaknesses and keep them in her arsenal until they can do the most damage.

She is intuitive in finding the parts of someone’s life that she can exploit and use later to inflict both physical, but even more so, psychological pain for her amusement and for now I am her implement for inflicting that pain.

Very few will understand this dynamic. Most think dominance and submission is a kinky game played by lovers in the bedroom. This is nothing like that. The fantasy for me as her slave is that I might become her friend, her lover, maybe even a couple.

The harsh reality of it is that I am nothing but property. I might be found on a list of her assets like her homes, cars, and businesses but even that may be giving me too much worth. The bottom line is I am her slave, a stress ball so to speak. I am kept locked away and brought out when it pleases her to do so.

My world has quickly shrunken for all of SL, to a cell in her basement. My only interaction is with Her unless she explicitly allows it due to requiring some support to the infliction of my torment.

Caleb 012

Becoming Jess X’s Slave | She had a pill designed that causes addiction to her

One does not know how agonizing isolation can be, but Jess did not stop there. In her sadistic wisdom, she used my love for her, a love that could be called an addiction and turned it into a constant suffering when she is not around. She had a pill designed that causes addiction to her.

This would be tormenting enough for the unsuspecting person, but when this drug interacted with my natural addiction to her, the withdrawals, the pain, the suffering, the hallucinations and the utter destruction of my mind increased tenfold.

With a straightforward dose of this drug, Jess now has the pleasure that every moment away from her causes me to writhe in pain. When a business meeting gets stressful, a simple thought of me lying in the fetal position in my cell, body dripping in cold sweats, insides feeling like they are being ripped apart all because of my love can recharge the fierceness within her.

It’s The Psychological Pain That Does The Most Damage

The physical pain can be horrific, being kicked, slapped, whipped, scratched or even teased over and over again with no sexual release has my body constantly in pain or at a minimum recovering in preparation for the next assault. But it’s the psychological pain that does the most damage. I believe Jess enjoys it because they are much more brutal and have a much longer-lasting effect with much less physical effort on her part.

The times Jess has used psychological warfare to make me suffer are too numerous to count. Just in the past week or so, there have been 2 incidents that have caused deep gashes to my sanity. The first was in the midst of some physical torture.

My cock and balls were the main target and my mind and body were a mess. She suddenly lightened up, caressing my full, aching balls tenderly and whispered in my ear that I had earned some lips on my cock. She has never given me a blowjob. I was so aroused, all the pain I had endured finally leading to something mind-blowing and desired since we met.


Then it happened, and before I knew what happened, I was on my back. Kicks coaxing me into position then legs grabbed, lifted and pushed forward, causing my back to arch, my body weight now on my shoulders and neck. Jess’s foot came up and pushed down on my hips.Her thin heel pressing against my tight ass hole as she pushed downward and my own cock was touching my lips.

She then simply said..”SUCK IT” and the first and hopefully only cock I have ever sucked was my own. It’s hard to express the horror of that moment, the pain it still causes me as the feeling of that cock, my cock moving in and out of my mouth, guided by the pressure of Jess’s foot on my ass. It was like nothing I had ever been involved in.

And the worst, or maybe the best part of it, once I was on the edge, she stopped so I did not get to orgasm. Instead, I was given another opportunity to feel her lips on my cock, a task to complete an escape room which of course I failed miserably at.

The second, and perhaps most painful experience she has done to me was yesterday. I had purchased her a boat, something it seems she really loved and has told me numerous times it was the most beautiful boat she has ever had.

Becoming Jess X's Slave

This Is Not A Kink Fix

For over a week she talked to me about taking out the boat on Monday and I even got myself new clothes and sunglasses, I was hyped up and ready to spend the day on the boat, finally thinking that this could be something to convince her I am more than just a slave.

But when she came to my cell, she smirked and asked me why I was dressed in those shorts and I was caught off guard. It was then that she broke out laughing, “You didn’t think you were going when I said we?” laughing more. “Your place is here, my boat is far too luxurious for you slave” I am still hurting from that mind fuck. My heart shattered and will never be the same.

I could go on and on with tails of what it is like to be Jess’s slave but it’s time to close this confession. If Jess decides to publish it and the readers wish to hear more I’m sure more insight into what it feels like to be Jess’s slave can be posted.

I think the most important thing to take away from this confession is that this is not a kink fix and I’m not driving this situation at all. Jess controls my life, I Love her with every fiber of my being. I exist for her and I in no way dictate what happens. I am Her slave in every way. Property that is there for her use, and silently suffers when she has other things that strike her interest. It is a life I would not wish on anyone, yet I love her with all my heart and would never want to be anywhere else.

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  1. Pam Torok

    Wow Jess, great article. All I can say is,

    WHERE DO I GET ONE??????

    • Yes, he did seem to do a good of capturing it in detail so I guess I should reward him somehow. As for where to get one, I’ll sell you this one when I’m bored of it.

      • Anonymous

        The way it sounds he is damaged goods to anyone else. Not sure there is any cure for his addiction.

        • No, I think he’s irreparable at this point. Which is good for me, until he expends his uses then it’s just going to crush him when he’s gone. Oh well.

  2. Samantha

    Great read. Thanks for sharing it.

  3. Marcus

    I didn’t see the author’s name other than “The Toy” but just wanted to say he’s a lucky man.

  4. Bellatrix

    Im impressed Jess. Finding such a devoted slave is a rare gift.

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