RLV collars in Second Life are strange things. Submissives and Slaves in Second Life however are fun things. I believe in symbolic collars but not so much the RLV effects. We don’t have RLV in real life, so why would we need it in Second Life? Nonetheless, it does serve its purpose. I have had numerous slaves and subs over my time on the grid but none quite as pathetic as my current toy. Neil. My journey into Second Life sadism started a long time ago and it continues. Being sadistic involves deriving pleasure from inflicting pain, humiliation, or suffering on other people.

It’s a psychological inclination that finds gratification in exerting control and dominance through cruelty. That cruelty can find many forms either physical or psychological. I prefer to combine both. For example, I will make rules for my slaves and then change them as I see fit just to punish and torture them. They soon realize that they have no control over their lives, I do. 

Submissives and Slaves in Second Life

Submissives and Slaves in Second Life | The Wanderer

My initial encounters with Neil bore two distinct faces. Our first encounter remains in my mind, separate from the day we first met in person. The sun was playing hide and seek with the horizon, casting a glare over my makeshift workshop on top of the bar’s roof. Yes, I am strange and have the bar roof cluttered with all sorts of things. 

Neil ventured into the bar and for his introduction, Gem and Mel took on the role of guides. After showcasing our 1/4 sim, the three of them ended up at the beach’s massage room – of course, they ended up in a threesome. This was however before the massage room was destined to become a relic of the past, it was destroyed when I remodelled the beach. 

I consider myself to have good intuition, and I can smell certain things. One look at Neil and a realization emerged – Neil’s demeanour gave the unmistakable aura of submission. Curious, isn’t it? How some scents are imperceptible to the nose yet undeniable to the senses.

Like a predator attuned to the scent of vulnerability, I recognized the subtleties. It was this recognition that lit up my Second Life sadism hunger again. I have a small number of submissives but there had been a vacant slave spot since I parted ways with Sara. The dominion of power dynamics, where pleasure mixes with surrender, had always had my intrigue. 

As the sun dipped below the horizon, Neil left the bar that day, he seemed happy with his visit. Yet, a lingering intuition whispered to me that he would retrace his steps. Sensing that, within me grew the certainty that our paths were about to cross. The stage was set, the players in position, and the next time he entered my bar, things would change.

Submissives and Slaves in Second Life

Submissives and Slaves in Second Life | Playtime

“Jess was nice enough to let me linger here”. Partially correct. After a span of a few days, Neil made a return, bearing some real-life tasks that needed his attention. He came to me, asking if he could hang out at the bar and immerse himself in daydreams while tending to his real-life matters. Christina nodded in agreement but I held my tongue. Despite my silence, he still thanked me later and even slipped me a tip, that was his first mistake.

Later in the day, Gem recounted stories from that past. Her telling of the time that we kidnapped someone at Street Whores was perfect. Neil mentioned that it sounded scary. Seizing the opportunity, I took a step closer, allowing a faint smile to play upon my lips. And then, with deliberate poise, my nail found its place on his chest before I pierced against the skin.

“Scary? No, it’s a simple concept really. I need to keep making sure my staff have new toys to play with, that’s all. Usually, they survive it and the ones that don’t…. well… not really worth talking about. Gem, get him some water, I think he’s starting to get cotton mouth and that’s just going to annoy me”

Suspicions Confirmed

With his reactions and words, my suspicions were confirmed. It was obvious that Neil wasn’t merely submissive; he was a slave waiting to be captured. His dominant side existed, as evidenced by subtle cues, but his facade of dominance crumbled when he was near me, almost from the moment we met.

Gem quickly delivered a glass of water, which he accepted but I could see the beads of sweat forming. Recognizing my moment, I let my fingers graze his chest with a small amount of tenderness, accompanied by a smile.

“Men are only useful for two things, money and giving us something to cum on. Eventually, they run out of money and when that happens suddenly their cocks start to feel less satisfying. So a fresh supply of toys keeps us all happy on a regular basis.”

I decided to play with my food a little bit. Letting Gem claw at his chest before having some fun with him. That was the first day where a precedent would be set. I would only touch him if it was absolutely necessary. 

Submissives and Slaves in Second Life | Enslaved

“I love you, Jess.” It’s a phrase I hear too often, a worn-out line. Some customers hire me and they’re so wrapped up in their desires which is understandable. Eventually, they drop those words, only to end up heartbroken. It’s a cycle, rinse and repeat. I didn’t pay much mind to it and truth be told, I don’t really care. But if I had to guess, it took Neil about 6 days to spill those words for the first time.

Eventually, I collared him and took ownership of him. He was now my slave, his mind mine to bend to my will. 

I didn’t want anything from him and I still don’t, just a bit of amusement, something to keep me entertained. His money wasn’t a big deal to me, but I take it anyway because there’s something satisfying in seeing his eyes fill with heartache when his wallet’s empty.

I don’t do that financial domination stuff, to me that’s just lazy and cheap dominance. But with Neil, taking his money till he’s got nothing left is the final sting after everything else.

A few days ago I made him empty his wallet for me and I sent him back to his cage via the bar. He had to stop on his way and explain to Fox and Gem that he couldn’t buy them a drink because “Jess has taken everything”.

Back when he first showed up at the bar he had his pride, his dignity, his freedom. Now? All gone. He’s nothing but a toy to me, something I play with for my amusement.

The Choice

His love, his unwavering devotion is a source of amusement. I’ve suspended him upside down from a barrier, my kicks landing on his chest and face and I’ve even had Gem repeat the same thing. He has been clawed, scratched, cut, kicked, trampled on and he’s endured a barrage of torment and been subjected to various forms of torture.

Yet, through the agony, his gaze fixes on me and his voice spills out that he loves me. It’s a sight that leaves a bitter taste in my mouth.

Backbone recently had a competition on for the best Ken and Barbie picture, I made him dress up as Ken so he and Gem could get pictures taken. The aim was simple. Gem was meant to secure the 10,000L prize voucher by winning the competition.

The outcome? A disaster. His portrayal of Ken was nothing short of pathetic, and worse yet it cost Gem the competition. For that failure, he suffered the consequences.

By and large, he shows obedience, tinged with elements of repulsiveness, it’s a pitiable existence. So, ask yourself this question. How did he find himself trapped between consequences so severe that it forced him into the agonizing choice between potential death or being shipped off to auction?

That’s a story for next time

Submissives and Slaves in Second Life
Submissives and Slaves in Second Life | Exploring Sadism


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