Did Somebody Say Shenanigans? | A Second Life Story

Did Somebody Say Shenanigans? | A Second Life Story

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There’s nothing more I love than hanging out in the X-Sisters Sex Bar waiting to see what sort of shenanigans I can get tangled up in next. Many of my adventures have been well documented in these pages. In fact, I love hanging out with X-Girls so much, that I came back from the dead recently to continue my adventures. After returning, Jess made sure I felt very welcomed. She welcomed me back to the grid in the bar, her other bar, a furniture store and some other places it was kind of a blur. Of course, after luring me back in with her womanly charms, the shenanigans began….

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Did Somebody Say Shenanigans? | The Pants Arrest

If you know Jess or have been following her adventures, you may know that she owns a sadistic streak. One of her tactics is to lull you into a false sense of security before springing her trap. I fell victim to this tactic shortly after I returned.

Chandra is another friend who was affected by my long absence. To my great delight, Jess arranged for Chandra to surprise me with a visit. We had a lot of fun making up for lost time, “You owe me a few cums,” she told me before we both undressed and got reacquainted.

After Chandra and I finished, Jess crawled onto the bed for a turn. After she melted my brain, the three of us grabbed seats on a couch to relax in our post-coital bliss. I may have been feeling a bit cocky, smug perhaps. Bedding two of the hottest girls in SL does funny things to your mind. I completely forgot who I was dealing with. Shortly after sitting on the couch, I made an unfortunate comment. “This is nice, we should start here on the couch next time.”


Did Somebody Say Shenanigans? | The Pants Arrest Part Two

Chandra dragged her nails across my knob and then Jess slapped my balls. With my previous comment, I had sprung the trap. Jess turned to Chandra with an evil smile, “So roomie. He disappeared for 6 months, he ignored all smoke signals and then he waited until I had to buy him a gift. Now he thinks he’s getting a next time.” What followed was pitiful pleading on my part and cruel indifference from Chandra and Jess.

There was a discussion of various forms of torture. But what was settled upon as a suitable punishment was far worse than anything I could imagine. “I think now that you’ve been back almost a week it might be punishment time. I was thinking, uhm… what do you think Roomie? A week without sex?” As Jess said the words, my spirit was crushed. The bait had been laid with care, the trap triggered, and now it had shut closed. What may have stung more, was when my sweet friend Chandra piled on, “Of course, he has to come to the bar and watch us get fucked.” The agony was real.

Like any good X-Sister shenanigan, the rules are never clear and change dynamically seemingly on a whim. While my arrest should have ended already. It keeps getting extended. I’ve stopped asking how much time is left, I’m pretty sure Jess would just add more days for me having inquired.

You may wonder why I would even agree to such a thing. If you’re wondering that, welcome to the blog! Keep reading and you’ll find your own answer to that question, (Hint: being banned from the bar would be the least of my concerns…)

Did Somebody Say Shenanigans? | Addiction

Jess recently wrote about her experience getting Dizzy addicted to pills. It was sort of like watching a train wreck. We all knew what was going to happen and that it wouldn’t be pretty. The crash came, and now that sweet innocent child is addicted to the hard stuff. So sad.

Anyway, the same day she was mixing the chemical cocktail for Dizzy she mixed something else up for me. “The drug I gave Dizzy has a sister drug. It gets you addicted to me.. cough cough” She told me proudly. I nodded and said, “But I’m already addicted to you, I don’t think this will do anything.” Jess smiled at me with that evil gleam that precedes every good shenanigan. “Hmmm, just take it,. It’ll be fun.” I looked at her skeptically, I really didn’t want to be involved with any illicit substances. Especially not after witnessing Dizzy’s downfall.

Unfortunately for me, someone walked into the bar and as I turned to look, Jess cracked the pill open and dumped the powdered contents into my drink. I turned around grabbed the glass and took a sip. “Alright, now about this pill…” The smile Jess gave me as I asked the question was so wicked it froze my heart. “What pill?” She winked at me and then took her place behind the bar.


Did Somebody Say Shenanigans? | Addiction Part Two

A short time later, Jess left to tend to a customer. I’d of course finished my drugged drink by then, none the wiser. The moment Jess left the room, a strange empty feeling descended on me. No more than a few moments later, my brain became foggy and I started forgetting the names of people around me. In less than 20 minutes I was hearing strange voices and the next thing I remember is waking up on the floor. Evidently, the convulsions knocked me right off the stool where all the wonderfully concerned X-Girls left me until Jess came back to the bar.

I got re-settled on the stool, strangely feeling just fine. Jess leaned across the bar and asked, “How are you feeling?” I brushed some dust off my shoulder and said, “Fine now I guess, but only a few minutes after you left I had some kind of weird reaction. Seems to be better now.” Jess giggled, “That’s from the pill I gave you.” I frowned at her, “But you didn’t give me one.” At that point, Jess was wearing one of those grins that people attribute to cats who find cream, “Yes I did. I put it in your drink. Now you’re chemically dependent on close proximity to me. “

I’m sure my face paled. Jess is a difficult woman to track down sometimes. No way I would be able to get in her presence often enough to avoid the withdrawal shakes. I was anticipating a lot of terrible moments, strange voices, and blackouts. “You weren’t even gone a few minutes before the symptoms started…” I whined to her. Jess smiled a sickly sweet smile and said, “Well…I may have given you the strongest concentration possible…ooopsie.”

Did Somebody Say Shenanigans? | A Fistful of Strap-ons…

At the time I came back, there were two different events being advertised at the bar, There was The Boxing Orgy which Jess has written about. Also the “Key Chain Party” hosted by Chandra. This sounded like a lot of fun and perhaps was inspired by an event Chandra and I attended once at Spa Sensuelle. That day, Chandra’s random key partner was a no-show, so I filled in to fill her. After reading the advertisement, I was eager to help my friend with another Keychain Party.

Now, of course, I was still slated to be on Pants Arrest at the time of the event. I did what any upstanding citizen on Pants Arrest would do. So I submitted a waiver request to the X-Sisters office. I didn’t hear anything back for several days and I started to panic. Eventually, I texted Jess about it, “Would you be willing to allow me to support Chandra at her Key Chain event?” It was some time before the response came back, “If its to support the bar, sure. Knock yourself out.” I fist pumped in the air, Success!

I showed up on the day of the event, surprised to find the bar empty of any other customers. On the one hand, I felt bad for Chandra. But on the other hand, the guy/girl ratio was looking to be in my favor. Right at the appointed time, I received a taxi to a nicely appointed skybox with a giant orgy bed in the middle.


Did Somebody Say Shenanigans? | A Fistful of Strap-ons…The Strap-on Strikes Back

We all got naked and tumbled into the bed. However, we soon realized this was a “Gang Bang” bed and what we had was a “Reverse Gang Bang” group. There was initial confusion and debate about how we should proceed, but soon enough two of the girls started making out. I stroked my cock waiting to see how they wanted to set up. I was starting to get a bit impatient though, “If you girls are just going to tease me I guess I’ll have to take care of things myself…”

Christina was the clear MVP of the event. After hearing my threat, Christina proposed a brilliant solution. “This thing won’t work if you only got 1 man…unless we all find strap-ons…” I’ll say one thing about whores (and no Jess, not the thing you told me never to say that starts with a ‘c’ and rhymes with “drafty”) they are resourceful. Also, they will not give up until the job is done or the man cums or both.

After Chris solved the conundrum of the bed /gang mismatch, the girls got to work. Nuur was up first, I sank my cock into her eager snatch while the other girls donned their strappies and surrounded her. Before long all her holes were filled and wet slapping sounds filled the room. My sweet friend Chandra who is my sometimes cheerleader, was in my corner this day, “He is horny enough to give us all a good dicking!”

A Fistful of Strap-ons…The Bone Wars

Christina was up next and then Gem, followed last by Chandra. I fucked all of them hard and fast leaving my deposit when I came. It was a wild time, the girls were busy pleasuring each other while I ploughed whoever was on deck at the moment. It’s hard to remember how everything went exactly. All I know is, I was one man in the middle of a Reverse X-Girl Orgy. Hard to complain about four sexy girls all jostling each other to get in line to be next for a good dicking.

Now it wouldn’t be an X-Sister event without the Shenanigans. When I returned to the bar, Jess gave me a look and I knew right away I was in trouble. “Have a good time Greg? I hope so because you just earned another two weeks on your sentence.” I attempted to reason with her unfairness, “But Jess, you said I could go.” She gave me a smile and said “You’re a big boy, you do whatever you want. Now I’m adding two weeks as a consequence.” Fuck fuck fuck.

Summing Up

I had a lot of fun at the event and all the girls were great! Big shoutout to Chandra, Gem, Christina and Nuur for showing me a good time
Fellas, you should come to the events. There will be enough girls for everyone, and likely you will get to bang multiples. Jess made cool t-shirts for the attendees at the Boxing Orgy. All in all, it’s a fantastic time and seriously worth attending. Do yourself a favor and sign up when the next event rolls around. Or stop by the bar, grab a drink, ogle the girls and ask when the next one will be. These ladies are amazing and you’d do yourself a favor to come out and support them and their shenanigans.

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  1. Chandra Kusari

    Great Story GREG!!!
    That was sooo much funs. Sooorries for the added pantslock.
    *whispers* Maaaaybees I have key for the lock on your pants. Butt don’t tell Jess. 🙂

    • Greg

      Looks like we’re busted Chandra. Maybe if we Jess a nice enough gift, she’ll let us borrow that key for a little bit…

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