Chandras Travels | Friendly Hookups & Ghostly Weirdness

Chandras Travels | Friendly Hookups & Ghostly Weirdness

Last Updated on: 20th October 2023, 09:39 pm

Dear Readers maaybees you are surprised to see me here and not there? Well, I am doing a few guest pieces on Jess’s blog. No worries I try to write my stories so you won’t miss any background info aaand of course I will link to the previous article, so you can go back and have a peek.

For those who haven’t read the stories about my travels in the wild pixel world of Second Life yet, my name is Chandra. You may have read about me, I am Jess’s overly optimistic roomie. I have been writing about my travels for a while now aaand if you wanna start from my primmy beginnings take a peek over here.

Wellcum back Foxy

As you all know Fox, I call her Foxy, because she is, has been away from SL for a bit. Just as she managed to get back into pixel land I was leaving for a vacation. So we didn’t see each other for a while.

When I got home I logged into Second Life to see if my house was still standing or if my Roomie, who as you all know has a liking for all things going kaboom, has blown it up .. again.

I still had a roof over my head YAY ME and noticed I had some stuff and demos in my shopping cart. So I clicked buy and started trying on demos and fitting clothes.

All of a sudden my phone buzzed. I had a message from Foxy inquiring how I was doing.

“I am goodies a bit tired from the flight. How about you?”

“Good, taking a shower I am drenched in cum. What are you up to?” Came the reply.

I typed. “Just trying on sum clothes. Wanna cum over?”


A while later my door rang. I opened not realizing I was only wearing a semi-transparent shirt and nuthing else. Foxy smirked at me. “Seems I come overdressed.” Walking in she began to undress and sat down on my sofa. I fixed us up with sum Gin-Tonic and we started chatting.

Of course, the two of us being nakie in the same room quickly led to some making out. I slid onto her lap and we began kissing and exploring each other bodies with our hands.

At some point, I took Foxy’s hand pulling her up. Winking at her I whispered. “Let’s go up I have a comfy bed there.”

Upstairs I pushed Foxy on the bed and jumped after her. Laughing we kissed again and her tongue pressed into my mouth. Sliding my hand between her legs I found her kitty wet.

Letting out a growl Foxy pushed between my legs and started scissoring me. Moaning I arched my body working against her. We both were horny and got pretty wild, clawing, kissing passionately, and bringing each other to a messy climax.

Enter the Zath

As we lay there both still catching our breath Foxy’s phone pinged. Half crawling out of the bed she took a peek, then grinned at me. “Zath just came home shall I …?” She raised an eyebrow.

“Of course, you shall.” I giggled this was gonna becum a hawt night.

It didn’t take long and Zath entered my bedroom. Seeing us both nakie on the bed he grinned and started to undress. “Seems you started the party without me.”

“Oh, we plan on partying for a while.” We both exclaimed grinning as we saw his erection. Fox winked at Zath. “I want to watch as you fuck Chandra from behind.”

Smiling at him I rolled over on my belly and slowly pulled my legs under my body sticking my ass up. I felt his hands squeeze my ass and his shaft stretch my slick kitty.

I got up, bracing myself against the wall pushing back, demanding he fuck me as hard as he could. Zath got quite into it, smacking my ass, as he slammed into me. While Foxy was sitting on my bed, legs spread playing with her pussy. Zath fucked me savagely till we both came. I was surprised my bed didn’t break.

After a short pause, I urged Foxy to ride him, which she did. While she bounced on Zath’s cock I began raking my nails over her ass, squeezing and teasing her backdoor, eventually sliding a finger inside her ass.

Moaning Foxy shouted she could take a lot in her ass. Sooo I gave her a lot, pushing one finger after the next inside her till my whole hand was up her ass. She started screaming, really getting into it. Good, my neighborhood is quite slutty, so screams and moans are kinda expected. Foxy soon came all over Zath.

A New Roomie?

A few days laters I came home finding my house all wrapped up in security tape. It kinda looked like this French artist, who has that kink of wrapping buildings had gotten his hands on my cutes lil cottage.

As I stood there baffled Jess approached me wearing a hard hat. “You should have packed a bag we are moving.” She pointed to a rucksack. “I did pack you some stuff.”

“How should I have known we are moving .. again?” I asked.

She looked at me confused. “I did send you a note, here.” She handed me a slip of paper. ”Roomie this was literally written like 15 minutes ago. How could I have planned for this and where shall I stay.”

Jess just shrugged noting sum stuff down on her notepad. “You find something.” Noticing the smile creeping on my face she added. “See you already found something.” Little did she know, that at this moment I was imagining strangling her with all that security tape.

I sat down, took out my phone, and flipped through my list of contacts. Gemmie’s, Sasha’s and Biggies’s house were in the same condition as mine. Scrolling further I finally arrived at Daria, my designer friend and owner of Pleasurescape.

This would be fun .. I pressed the call. From the sound I heard on the phone, she was in the middle of a project: I asked her if I could crash on her couch for a bit.


Did she have a heart attack?

Finally an answer. “Fine”

“YAY … THANKIES” I screamed into the phone. “I’ll be right over.”

“Take your time. I need to build up my resistance to cheerfulness.” She grumbled.

Daria is such an Emo Goth chick … Resistance to cheerfulness?

Who would want that?

Since my bike was already wrapped up in security tape I had to take a taxi. After a long ride, I finally arrived at the address Daria had sent me. I looked up at the old spooky building and checked my phone for the address Daria had sent me.

Fear Street 69

Okaaaay so this is the place. I got out and paid the cabby. As soon as he had my lindens he got the hell outta Fear Street .. must be a real cozy place. Def nobody getting all murdery here.

I looked around carefully as I walked through the garden. No hound of Baskerville jumping me.


Instead of a friendly ring, the bell let out a loud scream.

This house was CREEPY as fuck! Even Jezabel my cutes lil kitty didn’t like it. And normally she is into a bit of spookiness.

After a while Daria opened, dressed all in black, looking all gloomy and doomy. She looked disgusted at my pink, fluffy kitty earphones and did a jump back when I tried to hug her.

Who doesn’t want hugglies?

“Thankies sooo much ..” I started.

She waved a hand. “Yeah, yeah whatever!”

She led me up several flights of stairs. “You will be staying in the attic.” The attic wasn’t as dusty and spider infested as I had thought but quite roomie, with a nice bed made by Daria herself.

Daria looked at me. “So let’s go over some rules I have around here.” Raising several fingers, one after another she continued.

“1) You can of course use the house, but I like my privacy so try and stay up here.

2) No loud music

3) No boys

4) No bright colors

5) And most importantly NO happiness or cheerfulness before 10 am”


How can I be not happy?

I like being happy.

“Cheer up Gloomy, why do you have to see everything so black all the time?”

“I am just being realistic.”

From there we went into a discussion about optimism vs pessimism. We really didn’t get anywhere but I vowed to make her see my point and have her wear pink panties by the time I was leaving.

Methinks I saw a hint of fear creep into her eyes as I said that.

More Tales of Spooky Weirdness

Using the time in Daria’s attic to study her book of the dead I found sum interesting clues about how to deal with our ghostie problem in the bar. Sadly I was lacking the required tools because they were sumwhere in a bunch of security tape.Bouncing down the stairs I found Daria in the kitchen. “Heeyas Gloomie you sure have an Ouija board I could borrow.”

She winced and looked up from her coffee. “You are way too happy.”

I grinned at her. “It’s in in the evening sooo waaay past 10 am. I’m allowed to be happies.”

Ignoring my outburst she asked.” What do you need an Ouija board for?” Noticing my inability to stand still she added. “And do sit down I am getting headaches from you bouncing through my kitchen.”

I sat down and answered. “I did tell you about the ghostie in the hotel and read in your book how to contact the ghostie. But I need an Ouija board for it.”

“You know that calling on the spirits is dangerous.” She asked.

Nodding I said. “Sures I am careful and we could do it togethers, so it will be safer.”

Without saying anything Daria got the board and we started. Soon we felt a presence.

“Are you the ghostie haunting the X Sisters Bar?” I asked.

The planchette started moving. “NO”

Daria asked. “Do you live in this house?”


She grinned. “Cool” and I nodded.

My turn to ask a question. “Can you introduce me to the ghostie that haunts the bar?”

“MAYBE” That was a strange answer.

“Are you watching me while I am sleeping?” Asked Daria.


Giggling I whispered. “You have a pervie ghostie.” Daria smiled and seemed … happy?

Suddenly the doors began opening and closing a cupboard flew open and a broom started dancing through the kitchen. A loud thunder echoed down the street.


We both screamed the planchette flew over the board.


We screamed again and in the lightning, we could see a huge figure standing in the garden.


Another lightning and the figure was standing at the garden door.

“Run!” Screamed Daria and we both bolted into the living room.

We could hear a loud booming voice. “KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK.” And the door fell inwards.

Slamming the door to the kitchen shut I cast a warding spell, unsure if it would help. I heard steps on the stairs and also ran up. I couldn’t see Daria so I just jumped into the next room and saw … two fucking skellies … and I mean skellies that were fucking.

“Oh hello do join in.” A  rasping voice said.

I screamed and jumped back out of the room. Suddenly the hulking demon manifested in the hallway simply evading my ward. His voice boomed. “Can you two stop fucking and help me capture the humans.”

I was toast, not sures where Daria was hiding. Suddenly I felt my fear displaced by growing anger. How dared those demons mess up Daria’s house and disturb us? Calling onto the storm outside I summoned lighting to my hands. “What the FUCK do you want?” I yelled.

The demon’s voice was less boomy and sounded confused as he answered. “Uhm I am collecting you. You sold your soul and now it’s time to pay up.”

I screamed, “No one here did such a stupid thingy.”

“You sure did.” The demon produced a slip of paper and some reading glasses which looked kinda funny on his visage. ”Here is the contract, pretty standard, wealth and fame in exchange for the soul, delivered after 13 years .. Fear Street 89.”

I stared at him in surprise. “Dude this is 69!”

The demon looked flustered. “Uhm that is terribly awkward. Sorry for the intrusion we will take our leave then.”

“Chandra … don’t come up in the bedroom”

And all of a sudden it was quites. Suddenly Daria called. “Chandra … don’t come up in the bedroom” She sounded out of breath.

Of course, I did what I always do when not to go sumwhere. So I burst into Daria’s bedroom ready to rescue her and saw her getting fucked by a huge demon. Gawd he looked scary, but he did have a huge cock.

“So while I’m defending your house you fuck around with demons?”

“It seemed like the best way to distract it. How are we gonna get it to leave?” She moaned.

“Horny demons don’t go back to hell. Seems we have to drain it.” I started stripping and climbed on the bed. Fucking the demon, while Daria took sum time to catch her breath. We both came multiple times and it was a true team effort to banish the sex crazed demon.

After both of us had cleaned up we went down into the garden for sum tea.

You can visit me at the X Sisters Sex Bar or at Street Whores or at Candy’s Hotel here and do check out Daria’s store Pleasurescape for some amazing furniture.

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    I love this too.


    “Jess just shrugged noting sum stuff down on her notepad. “You find something.” Noticing the smile creeping on my face she added. “See you already found something.” Little did she know, that at this moment I was imagining strangling her with all that security tape.”

    As per Section 9.8.3 of our room mate agreement under the section titled ‘Thoughtful Contemplations and Whispered Warnings’, it explicitly states that any mere hint or passing thought regarding the strangulation of me shall result in swift and severe consequences. This can and will include death, explosions or something much much worse…

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