Jess Visits Sex Places in Second Life | Mature Doggers

Jess Visits Sex Places in Second Life | Mature Doggers

Last Updated on: 18th July 2024, 07:07 pm

As I was updating my Best Places to Find Sex in Second Life list, I realized that while it’s a useful list there’s not much to back it up. So that gave me an idea, a new recurring series on this blog. ‘Jess Visits’ is the main theme. In this series, I will visit each of the locations on the list and write a more detailed review of each one. From the atmosphere to the traffic and from the furniture to the rules. Sex places in Second Life all have different quirks and while all of them share the same foundation of being used for sex, they’re all different. So, first on the list – Mature Doggers. 

Jess Visits Sex Places in Second Life

Jess Visits Sex Places in Second Life | Why Start Here?

I decided to begin my exploration at Mature Doggers based on it being one of Bob’s recommendations rather than my own. While Sasha had visited the place multiple times, I had never fully ventured in. So, I took a moment to browse through the group notices and familiarize myself with the rules, which were fairly standard for sex-oriented locations in Second Life. I had been a member for a while, the 100L group join fee doesn’t break the bank and it was worth being a member if I ever decided to visit. 

The rule set emphasized the importance of respecting boundaries, showing respect to others, and understanding that “no means no.” It also explicitly prohibited gesture spam and the presence of escorts. Although the “no escorts” rule could potentially pose a challenge if I were actively seeking work, my intention for this visit was purely for research purposes. Additionally, there was a rule against the use of weapons, which might require some adjustment on my part.

However, what stood out to me about the rules was their aggressive tone. My assumption is that they may have started out as simple and basic guidelines, but due to repeated rule violations, they had to be expanded over time. Dealing with such violations on a regular basis can understandably lead to a more forceful writing style.

Nevertheless, I now had a clear understanding of the rules and was ready to venture into the experience and play. So, donning the adorable baseball outfit that I picked up for a photo shoot, I set off on my journey.

Jess Visits Sex Places in Second Life

Jess Visits Sex Places in Second Life | First Impressions

Mature Doggers offers what resembles a budget-friendly woodland retreat with various spots like a motel, pool, and bar that enhance the ambience. Upon my arrival, I noticed that the place wasn’t overly crowded, with a total of nine people, including myself. The gender ratio was well-balanced, with five guys and four girls scattered around. However, there was a sense of silence that really stood out.

Bob mentioned the active nature of the doggers’ group chat. I’ve been in the group for almost a year and while yes it can sometimes be active, I wouldn’t call it a nest of activity. Whether it was just an off day for me to visit or not, I couldn’t be entirely sure, but the stillness of the place was noticeable.

Taking a quick look around, I appreciated the evident investment in high-quality sex furniture at Mature Doggers. Renowned brands such as Lalou, Ruckus, Darkfold, Debauchery, and PleasureScape filled the sim. While some may underestimate the significance of sex furniture, for many, it can make the difference between a satisfying and underwhelming sex experience in Second Life. There were a few well-designed spots in the sim that sparked excitement within me. It is a place with so much potential for being watched.

Being watched while having sex is one of my big turn-ons, so a place like Mature Doggers is definitely a perfect fit for that. 

After a while my first message came through, he seemed to match my list of requirements. I can afford to be a little choosy when I’m out looking for fun. Really there are only three requirements. First, read my profile and know I don’t accept things like being submissive. Also looking good and being able to hold a conversation are musts too. 

Jess Visits Sex Places in Second Life

Jess Visits Sex Places in Second Life | A Exciting Exhibition

When the guy I was conversing with extended an invitation to join him, I didn’t hesitate. Several factors played a role in my decision. Firstly, he looked good and displayed conversational skills. Secondly, I had a specific purpose, to find out just how good it was for sex. Lastly, the venue was becoming more crowded, yet no one was engaging in sexual activities. This presented an opportunity for all eyes to be on us, which was super exciting.

We had a brief discussion about boundaries. He expressed a preference for taking control, while I made it clear that I wasn’t submissive. However, we managed to find a satisfying middle ground by agreeing to simply have great sex.

As time passed, I noticed an increasing number of gaze markers landing on my avatar. For those unfamiliar, these are coloured crosses that indicate where someone is looking if they have the feature enabled. This indicated that people were already preparing to watch.

Almost instantly, I began receiving messages expressing how hot I was. Other messages detailing what they wanted to do with me afterwards. It heightened my excitement even further. Once we began having sex, the influx of messages grew larger. Comments such as “You look great bouncing on that cock,” and “I would kill to fuck you like that,” added to the heightened arousal. I found myself forming a queue, as guys asked if they could be next.

This was an entirely new experience for me, not the being watched part but the amount of interaction while being watched, it was undeniably arousing. Unfortunately, due to time constraints, I wasn’t able to start to get through the queue. Nevertheless, this will be an experience to remember.

Thoughts and Ponderings

When people talk to me about my Best Places to Find Sex in Second Life guide, they sometimes mention the gender divide. About how we have it much easier to get sex than guys do. I think that there’s an element of truth in that, I usually get swamped with IMs when I land in a sim and I can’t imagine that happening on a role reversal. Mature Doggers however was different. I managed to relax and write about half of this post without receiving a single IM from anyone there. 

As a sex worker, my job is to lure people in, to make them want me and pay me for sex. However, in situations like this, I want to do the opposite. I want to relax, have people come to me. The end result of both is the same. It ends up in sex but the journey to get there is different. It’s almost like a working holiday in a way. 

One drawback of Mature Doggers is their relaxed attitude towards looks. While some sims don’t care, in my opinion anywhere that charges a fee to join the group and gain access to, should have at least a requirement on how people look. Mesh should be a requirement, in 2023 it is very easy to make a semi-passable avatar for a low cost. It might not always be the most attractive but it’s better than a system avatar. I saw three generic system avatars during my visit. 

Jess Visits Sex Places in Second Life

One of the Best Places?

The guy that I spoke to at Mature Doggers was friendly enough and explained that the sim experiences peak and quiet times, which is quite common in Second Life. However, I found an issue with the excessive focus on spectating within the Doggers community. It concerned me when I observed that the group had grown to 16 people, yet everyone remained silent and inactive. I love the idea of spectators but the ratio just feels very off. 

I didn’t doubt that Mature Doggers can be a great place for sex, especially for those who enjoy being watched.

However, I still do have concerns regarding the lack of rules regarding avatar quality and the joining fee. Additionally, the seemingly unbalanced ratio of spectators to exhibitionists and the overall silence in both local and group chats make me hesitant to consider it among the best places for such experiences.

This one was a challenging decision to make. While Mature Doggers certainly has its drawbacks, I must admit that when it comes to exhibitionism, I haven’t experienced a bigger rush. So, despite its drawbacks, I still believe that Mature Doggers deserves recognition as one of the best places to find sex in Second Life, primarily due to its emphasis on public sexual encounters.

Make up your own mind on Mature Doggers and take this taxi. 

Final Confession

Oh, I might have also not been truthful about getting through the queue. I did sneak off to a back alley with one of the guys as soon as I was finished with that guy. A busy alley with more people watching? Not a great place to “find” sex, but definitely a great place to have sex. Check it out for yourself.

However, this guy was another one that got upset because I wasn’t submissive. It baffles me how fragile their egos can be sometimes. I’m up for good sex but if your entire sexual presence in Second Life is living under the assumption that every girl will submit to your name-calling and forcefulness then you need to take a step back. No naming and shaming, but here’s a picture anyway. 

Open lines of communication are important, if someone asks you not to do something then accept it. Don’t get mad and run away and then send abusive messages. Not everyone that you meet in Second Life will gel with you, not everyone will have the same idea of fun as you do. If you’re dominant, great but don’t assume that every girl you come across is submissive and will allow you to call her a bitch, pull her hair, choke her or succumb to your every command. 

Second Life is a massive community, if someone doesn’t line up with what you’re looking for then a polite “This isn’t going to work” before parting ways is all that it takes. There are many more out there who will click with you and it will be fun for both sides. 

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  1. Zathras

    “If you’re dominant, great but don’t assume that every girl you come across is submissive and will allow you to call her a bitch, pull her hair, choke her or succumb to your every command. ”

    Yeah… I honestly just can’t relate to that mindset at all. Sex is a mutual activity–a friend said to me last year, “It’s the most intense thing you can do with another person,” and that has stuck–and that whole dominance dynamic (or at least that kind of expression of it, where it’s assumed that’s what sex should be whether the woman is interested in it or not) feels like a rejection of its mutual nature that replaces it with sex being all and only about the man’s power and the man’s pleasure. And in addition to the potential of that to be really harmful…they’re missing out on the energies of mutual pleasure. Missing out on how much more your pleasure is when your partner’s pleasure is heightened. 🤷‍♀️

    • Jess

      Agreed. I like that side of it, I have fun with having that power exchange when a guy submits, but it’s not everything. Good sex, heightened arousal and just that exchange of energy is just as fun if not more. It just seems that recently more and more guys are showing that they need to have that power.

      Some of the best sex I’ve had has been where there is no power exchange and it’s just great sex. I can’t understand the mindset of those that don’t know how to enjoy that.

  2. Bob Morane

    I am on board with what you both said.

    Sex should be fun be it SL or RL and as long as all involved are on the same page everybody should have fun the way they like.

    I usually enjoy my sex on equal footing, but I am not adverse to let a woman tie me down or taking charge. And exploring those sides of my sexuality have enriched my sex life. But I would never assume that because of my gender every woman has to submit to me.

    In my experience a lot of the “Doms” running through SL are not into BDSM. Being a “Dom” for them means the women in SL are a free buffet for their sexual needs. And that’s not what BDSM is about. In a D/s relationship both gain pleasure out of it. And truthfully the person holding all the power is the one giving away control, because he/she can take it away any time .

    • Jess

      “I am not adverse to let a woman tie me down or taking charge”

      Oh Bob… you just made a mistake by telling me that.

      • Bob Morane

        I don’t think I made a mistake by telling you that.

  3. Chandra Kusari

    Methinks Bob might be onto sumthing here.

    A lot of guys seem to assume just because I am there they can fuck me. This seems to be the root of the so called dommies. In their expectation us girls have to be hawt and fall over as soon as they say “Let’s fuck.”

    a few guys went all pissy on me when I told them NO and suggested they might invest sum effort on their looks. Of course they can’t be bothered with sumthing like that. And it’s totes not fair that I refuse them based on their looks, when they give me nuthing else to work with. Naturally it’s totes okies they asked em because imma smoking hawt.

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