Jess Visits Sex Places in Second Life | Dusk Point Beach

Jess Visits Sex Places in Second Life | Dusk Point Beach

Last Updated on: 18th July 2024, 07:05 pm

It’s been a hot minute since we last explored a destination on my ‘Best Places to Find Sex in Second Life‘ list. I started my Jess Visits series six months ago but life kept me busy. The mission was simple: to give you a VIP tour, unearthing all the juicy details and decide if these spots still deserve their positions on my list. There are so many destinations in Second Life dedicated to sex, but the difference between a good location and a bad location is easy to spot. We started with Mature Doggers, where the experience was unpredictable but it held onto its spot. But fear not your guide is back with a ravenous sexual appetite. It’s time to strip down to my bare essentials and wade into the waters of Dusk Point Beach.

Jess Visits Sex Places in Second Life | Dusk Point Beach

Dusk Point Beach | Does it Still Make Waves in My World?

Dusk Point Beach has long been one of my favourite destinations to go to for sex. It’s picturesque, beautiful waves, nice sand textures and really it just feels like a little private beach haven. With adorable beach huts available for rent, a waterfall to set the mood, and a steamy jacuzzi, it’s an oasis designed for the indulgent soul. But let’s talk about the furniture. It’s a roulette of quality at Dusk Point Beach, from the good stuff of Debauchery to items that seem hastily grabbed from the bargain bin at a garage sale. There’s no in-between, it’s either great or awful.

Rewind the clock about 18 months ago and you would have regularly found me here, listening to the waves while I wrote blog post after blog post. My last visit here was coffee with Bob which turned into something far wilder. That feels like a lifetime ago. It’s been a year, maybe more since I’ve let my hair down and surrendered to the raw fun this place brings.

It took me less than a minute to get my first IM. A man dressed in a suit, on a fucking beach, making idle chit-chat about how nice the weather was and leaning for more. I immediately passed up on that one. He looked thrown together and whatever his reason for wearing a suit to the beach was, it was enough for me to have zero interest. But, it was nice to see that Dusk Point Beach hadn’t lost its touch.

Jess Visits Sex Places in Second Life | Dusk Point Beach

Dusk Point Beach | Fading Conversation

In my memory’s vault, Dusk Point Beach was more than a meet-up for sex. It was a relaxing place where people made conversation in passing with no intentions behind it. A place where the silence was broken by friendly hellos and talks about culture, dreams, and music.This time however that didn’t seem to be the case. Dusk Point appears to be going down the route that almost every other sim is going and that’s people just standing around in silence doing nothing.

I took a scan around the place, using my cam to go around the entire island. There were 16 other people there, a promising number, yet minus one whispering couple lost in their bubble of conversation, the rest were as still as statues. On top of that, nobody was having sex. I started second-guessing about my swift dismissal of Mr. Suit-and-Sand. With the atmosphere as it was, his awkward attempt at beach small talk might have been the highlight of the day.

Jess Visits Sex Places in Second Life | Dusk Point Beach

Dusk Point Beach and the Missing Joy of Lovense

As I looked deeper into what Dusk Point Beach offered, I noticed an unexpected void. a Lovense-sized gap in the market. For a place that at its heart is a destination to find and have sex, the absence of the Lovense experience was confusing. Now, I could write thousands of words about the pleasures of Lovense in Second Life. In fact, I’ve poured my thoughts across every corner of this site and how it seduces us with a deeper layer of connection.

Integration of Lovense in a region filled with the primal desire for sex could have been the catalyst, the spark that ignites more intense sex amongst like-minded people on the sandy stage. Without it, there’s a muted quality, a restraint on the potential to mesh lust with the advanced interactivity that Lovense offers.

Not having a Lovense-enabled region isn’t a deal breaker for Dusk Point Beach, but in a world where the tide of technology constantly rises, failing to implement this tool feels like they’re missing a huge opportunity.

Jess Visits Sex Places in Second Life | Dusk Point Beach

Dusk Point Beach | Sifting Through the Sand

About 20 minutes after Mr Suit and Sand, the calm was pierced by the ping of incoming messages—four suitors, as if on cue, lining up in my IMs. One told me he wanted to cum in my ass, the other simply said “X-Sisters Sex Bar” which was weird, did he think I forgot my own bars name? Another used the god-awful “Nice-avi” line and finally, the last one told me I was an amazing and beautiful person. Oh, and he was also wearing a suit. Did I miss something? Do men wear suits to the beach now?

In truth neither of them took my fancy, I know that writing this series means that I probably should be a bit less picky but it’s hard. I get to have sex a lot with work so when I’m going out on my own for fun why should I not be able to be a bit more picky?

The second-suited courtier tried to play his hand with some exceptionally smooth lines. The kind which might swoon over the insecure but fall flat with the empowered. You know the type, trying to make me feel good and convince me that he was a nice guy with his words. True charm is an art, and his canvas was blank. Trust me, the line between ‘charming’ and ‘scheming’ might be fine, but it screams volumes in Second Life. But even then, I didn’t care about whether or not he was a genuine nice guy or a fake one. I cared about if he was hot and whether or not we could have some amazing sex together. He most definitely was not hot and his groups were full of misogyny and Daddy Dom groups…

Yeah, we were not going to gel.

Snapshot 013

When Picky becomes Prohibitive

I had to take a breather. Yes, even in the virtual world, I can feel the weight of decision-making. Another IM came through and he seemed nice but his avatar was less than desirable and I instantly dismissed it. All this in the midst of my trying to evaluate whether this place still deserved its ranking as a top spot for sex in Second Life. And yet here I was turning it down at every opportunity based on their looks or their general vibe. Which is fine, I firmly believe that everyone in Second Life should never just settle to get some quick sex.

I paused, though, had I become too picky? This pickiness was throwing a wrench in my mission. I needed to know if Dusk Point Beach still had its ‘je ne sais quoi,’ but my own high bar wasn’t helping.

So I made a promise to myself at that very moment. The next brave soul to strike up a conversation would find no resistance, no lofty expectations—just me, ready to fuck.

Snapshot 012

Still a Jewel in the Crown

After all the virtual hemming and hawing, the rigorous screening, and a journey of self-reflection by the shoreline, I’ve made a decision. Dusk Point Beach retains its spot on my list of the top destinations for sex in Second Life. Sure, I’ve got an eagle eye for avatars and I cherry-pick, but that’s on me, not the sim. A girl has her standards, after all.

It’s undeniable that this beach still has traffic—foot traffic of the horny kind. I’m talking about a constant stream of IMs. Couple that with an array of quality furniture—yes, you have to sidestep the occasional dud—and you’ve got yourself a hedonist’s playground.

Now, I hear the chorus of Lovense lovers lamenting the absence of the integration of their favourite sex toy. It’s a slight downer but not a dealbreaker. Dusk Point Beach might not tick every box, but it’s still setting a gold standard for virtual sex.

And the million-dollar question: Did your favourite Second Life sex maniac find herself wrapped in the arms of a pixelated Adonis? I’ll let you in on a little secret—yes, the self-inflicted drought ended. And yes, I know he’s not good mesh but hey, I did decide that it would be the next person right? I stick to my word. It was awful, like really dreadful sex. But oh well.

Why not take a look for yourself?

Visit Dusk Point Beach by clicking here.

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  1. Fox Harker

    Next time you want to go the the beach or tour some sexy spots, give me a call and I’ll keep you company! 🙂
    – Foxy

  2. Chandra Kusari

    I like that idea.

    Let’s flood sum sim with our combined hawtness.

  3. Bob Morane

    No us guys don’t wear suits to the beach.

    At least those of us who have more than two outfits. (suit and no suit)

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