Exploring the World of Second Life’s Sex Scene at the X-Sisters Sex Bar

Exploring the World of Second Life’s Sex Scene at the X-Sisters Sex Bar

Last Updated on: 21st July 2024, 02:29 am

Sometimes I catch myself daydreaming about an alternate reality where I stepped into Second Life with a halo instead of devil horns. Weird thought, right? Especially since I’m not under the illusion that Second Life is synonymous with 24/7 cyber debauchery. I’ve got friends here who wouldn’t touch virtual world sex with a ten-foot pole. But for me, sex in Second Life is like that favourite spice in my kitchen, I just can’t cook without it. My journey into Second Life’s sex scene has given me more than just goosebumps and climaxes from my trusty Lovense arsenal. It’s the mind play, the chase, the dirty talk that revs me up. To me, it’s as much about the cerebrum as it is about the climax. But what if I had gone down another path? Maybe I’d be the queen of a bizarre weapons warehouse or the Miuccia Prada of virtual couture. Of course, that’s all just pointless imagination that will never happen. Why? Because I love sex.

Second Life's Sex Scene at the X-Sisters Sex Bar

Yaya’s Start at the X-Sisters

Ah, Yaya, a familiar face in an ever-changing world. She and I have a long history together. Once the first friendly face many would encounter as the receptionist at Candy’s hotel, she played a big part in my own story. Calling me one day and connecting me with a client who needed someone in the Luxury Suite. When Yaya transitioned into real estate she reached out to me and showed me her new place of work.

Candy’s played a huge part in many of our lives, especially for me. It helped me grow this blog and meet my best friends. Why am I telling you this again, you ask?

Because Candy’s is no more, at least not in the way we knew and loved. It’s transitioned to an on-demand service, and with it, a piece of my heart aches for the nostalgia of its heyday. But every change brings a positive. As Candy’s rebranded, so did Yaya’s prospects, leading her right to our doorstep – into the X-Sisters Sex Bar.

It’s an odd week, quieter than usual across every corner of the grid. It seems either our barflies are watching their wallets post-holiday splurge, or they’re staying true to those New Year resolutions to step away from the screen and spend less time online. It seems that the anomaly of last week has definitely passed as a one-off.

Quiet as it may be, the X-Sisters Sex Bar never really sleeps. Yaya got the best seat in the house as Deci hired me for a wake-up call and fucked me on the bar stool.

Now, which of you is going to be the first to break Yaya into her new job?

It’s Award Season in Second Life – Welcome to the X-Girl Awards!

It’s awards season all over.. Last week, as the stars strutted their stuff at the Emmy’s, a plan that had been brewing finally fully formed. We have our own constellation of stars in the X-Girls. They light up the bar, and it’s time that they got some well-deserved recognition.

With the X-Girl Awards, it’s their turn to get the spotlight. And get this – the winners are picked by none other than you.

Cast your vote! It’s super easy to do so. No really, it is. Just click this link, head over to the X-Sisters’ site, and pick your favourites from the dropdown. Your voice, your power.

Mark January 25th on your calendars and set the reminder for 7am SLT. Trust me, the main bar is the place that you want to be for this. This isn’t going to be just an ordinary get-together; this is going to be wild. Come for the awards, stay for the party. Because after that, if we can convince the X-Girls to get dressed again (I have a feeling nobody is even going to try and convince them) it is time to party.

A Week of Festivities at the X-Sisters Sex Bar

Short and sweet today to announce the opening of the X-Girl Awards. It’s been a funny old week but thankfully we’re heading towards the end of the month and we’ll be on a non-stop train of wildness for the rest of the year. Sure, there’s this thing I call the ‘Summer Slump,’ but we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it. But after THAT we’ll be on a non-stop train of wildness for the rest of the year.

So, go get your votes in and head down to the X-Sisters Sex Bar for a fun Anniversary week. Go ahead, make your choice known, cast that all-important vote, and let’s kick off an Anniversary week properly.

Oh, and if somehow you’ve managed to miss the new issue of X-Girl Monthly magazine, correct that oversight immediately! You can grab your copy here on the marketplace.

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