Sometimes people can be elusive. Take Bob for example, someone who I’ve always had so much fun with but who isn’t around all that often. I hadn’t seen him for a long time and so a few days ago, I did the only logical thing and broke into his Linden Home and left him a giant sign. “Where are you Bob?” it said next to a picture of me standing in his house. Thankfully he saw it and messaged me soon afterwards. We arranged to meet up for coffee a few days later but knowing how horny we tend to make each other, I suspected it would be a little bit more than coffee.

A Little Bit More Than Coffee

A Little Bit More Than Coffee | Dusk Point Beach

Lazily dragging myself out of bed I heard my phone ring, it was Bob.

After talking for a little while we decided to meet at Dusk Point Beach for coffee. Early morning beach visit, the day was already starting off great.

I got myself ready and headed out to Dusk Point. It is one of my favourite places to visit and if you’ve read my Best Places to Find Sex in Second Life list then you might have already visited it too. When I arrived he handed me my coffee and we made our way to the loungers by the water.

A Little Bit More Than Coffee

I felt the need to repay the coffee of course so I gifted him an X-Sisters Chest Stroker from our store. As we both lay down on the lounger I stroked his chest. Running my fingers through his chest hair.

After starting to get a little excited playing with his chest (I love chest hair) I ran my fingers along the band of his shorts.

“Careful Jess that can go quickly out of hand.”

Oh really?

I grinned at him before replying “I was thinking more.. in hand” before sliding my hand inside his shorts and gripping his cock.

A Little Bit More Than Coffee

A Little Bit More Than Coffee | Old Friends

While I played with his meat he slid a finger into my pussy, both of us getting turned on more. The beach was quiet, but not quiet enough that nobody was watching.

Knowing that there were other people there, watching us naked as we both pleasured each other drove me wild.

After a few minutes, he grabbed me and pulled me on top of him. His cock twitched as he thrust it into me.

Grinding and bouncing on him, we fucked hard.

I wanted him to cum, I wanted to cum and I wanted anyone watching to cum.

After a long period of me riding him, he grabbed me again and flipped me over. This time he fucked me hard and he fucked me fast.

I couldn’t hold it any longer and I let out a piercing scream while I came around his cock. This drove him more into a frenzy and I felt his cock explode and fill me with his cum.

We both collapsed onto the lounger as we recovered our breath. I had to run and deal with some things but it was great to see him again. I did warn him that the next time he disappears on me I can’t guarantee that I won’t blow his house up. I guess we’ll see what happens.

A Little Bit More Than Coffee

Fucking Hot

I have spent a lot of money over the past few days on clothes, shoes and hair. I don’t regret any of it, my spending problem is less of a problem and more of a happy place.

Ok, it’s a problem but I earn it so I’ll spend it.

In the sales, over the weekend I found a bodysuit that had X’s on it. I was obviously going to buy that and when I did, I also tried to gift one to Lumi. Unfortunately, the vendor didn’t allow gifting. It’s 2023, vendors must lose so much money by not allowing gifting.

I bounced my pogo stick around Lumis’ house waiting for her, I forgot I had one so when I found it I absolutely had to use it. When she woke up I told her that I found the bodysuit and so we went to get one for her. After that, we ended up at Magicka and got some more new hair.

“We look hot sis” I told her.

“Fucking hot” she quipped back.

We headed back to the bar where Torch was kind enough to remind us of our previous night’s drunken adventure.

Torch said that she wasn’t police, then she said she was fake police. So she was impersonating a police officer.

That doesn’t go down well with the X-Sisters Police Force. Before we could deal with it accordingly in the absence of Judge Rach, she resisted arrest and fled the building.

We’ll get her when she’s not expecting it.

There’s always something fun happening, come and join us.

A Little Bit More Than Coffee | Second Life Beach Sex


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