Recently a lot of our focus has been on the bar and making it successful. While that’s a lot of fun, running a Second Life business can be a challenge and it can be time-consuming. I love my sister more than anything on this earth and after we caught up for a while at her house, we decided it was time to let the X-Sisters be the real X-Sisters again. It was time for the X-Sisters return to Candy’s All-Inclusive Sex Hotel.

The X-Sisters Return To Candy's All-Inclusive Sex Hotel

The X-Sisters Return To Candy’s All-Inclusive Sex Hotel | Memories

“The two best Candygirls back home. Feels like we’ve never been gone” I grinned as we hit the landing spot before looking around. Not much had changed other than an ad board for Bravestone Cafe behind the reception desk.

If we got some guests while we were here then great but if we didn’t, we were home and we were together.

Going into the bar together was strange, we only opened the X-Sisters Sex Bar in January but it feels like a much longer time. I had been at the hotel once since we opened, Lumi hadn’t been there at all.

I still don’t know why Lumis beer is behind that shutter

Candy’s is where our journey started, where the X-Sisters were born and where all of our close friendships were formed. When Caroline sent out a notice suggesting downsizing the hotel due to her RL commitments, it really put a pain in my heart. Lumi was the same.

After Lumi found one of her months-old beer bottles hiding behind a shutter outside we made our way to the pool.

We talked for a while, about a lot of things. The hotel, the fun we’ve had here and even how traumatized I was after delivering Lumis baby in the poker room next to the bar.

The X-Sisters Return To Candy's All-Inclusive Sex Hotel
“Push sis!”

Then we spoke about the time that Greg insulted us by calling us money hungry and crafty. Of course, we didn’t really take it to heart but we wanted to have some fun with him.

Two days after that happened, Lumi and I snuck into Carolines’ office and wrote him a notecard addressed from Caroline saying that he had to apologize to us and pay us each 5k.

He did. Greg became one of our really good friends, he was fun to torture and fun to have sex with. For whatever reason Greg disappeared from Second Life over a month ago and we miss him. We know that he reads this blog so, come back, we promise not to cut your penis off again with a chainsaw.

The X-Sisters Return To Candy’s All-Inclusive Sex Hotel | Tequila

For some reason this time while we were in there, the chair in Carolines’ office made me look drunk, when I asked Lumi why she asked if I wasn’t already.

“Not yet, we need tequila for that”

“Let’s fucking go” she yelled aggressively bounding out of the room.

About ten shots of tequila later, neither of us could stand up straight. We were stumbling and our sentences weren’t sentences at all.

The X-Sisters Return To Candy's All-Inclusive Sex Hotel

“Let’s fucking go leave a note to Uwe” Lumi was getting very aggressive, more than usual but that’s tequila.

We stumbled through the lobby and whatever alcohol-tainted mindset we had thought that Carolines car was the teleporter.

After Lumi tried to get to the Gallery through the car she looked at me “It must be broken”.

“We should blow it up, that will fix it”

“It’s trying to say something” she could hear it apparently but I couldn’t. So I asked her what it was trying to say.

“I think it says the bitch near you has a bigger ass than mine”

This was a very rude car. “You can’t talk to my sister like that” she shouted at it. Then I saw it, in her hand. The red can of spray paint…

“Don’t cross X-Sisters you fucking car” she shouted while I kicked it and fell over.

The ground was spinning, the car was painted and after a moment the sudden realization hit that this was Carolines’ car and not the teleporter.


The X-Sisters Return To Candy's All-Inclusive Sex Hotel
… sorry Caroline

The X-Sisters Return To Candy’s All-Inclusive Sex Hotel | Accidental Murder

The following conversation, I have tried to put into context for this post but I just can’t. It is however an important lead-up to what happened next.

Jess X (itsjess.skydancer): I don’t feel so good sis
Jess X (itsjess.skydancer): I think I ate a bad cock earlier
Lumi X (lumix3): oh are you ok
Lumi X (lumix3): I hate bad cock
Jess X (itsjess.skydancer): The ground is spinning
Jess X (itsjess.skydancer): Or am I spinning
Jess X (itsjess. skydancer): Bad cock is dangerous and deadly. We should recruit some into the army
Lumi X (lumix3): it stops when you lay
Lumi X (lumix3): hi Kenya
Jess X (itsjess. skydancer): That helps, you’re the best sister
Jess X (itsjess.skydancer): Who’s Kenya, why are you talking to a country
Lumi X (lumix3): am I
Jess X (itsjess.skydancer): I think so
Jess X (itsjess.skydancer): Wait, am I Kenya? No I’m Jess.
Lumi X (lumix3): aren’t you luckee
Jess X (itsjess.skydancer): I’m very lucky
Lumi X (lumix3): sis
Jess X (itsjess.skydancer): sis
Lumi X (lumix3): am I drunk or is there a robot there watching us?

The X-Sisters Return To Candy's All-Inclusive Sex Hotel
Little Green Robot

There was…

There was a little green robot standing and staring at us.

“Heyy Mr Robot… we’ll have sex with you but you have to leave a good tip. Minimum of 1000L. If you agree then step closer. If you’re a cheapie then stay where you are” I shouted over to him, but he stayed where he was.

“Kill him” the words dripped off of my sister’s tongue like venom.

The X-Sisters Return To Candy's All-Inclusive Sex Hotel
Locked and Loaded

The X-Sisters Return To Candy’s All-Inclusive Sex Hotel | Mexico

Loading up the rocket launcher, I did what had to be done. It was just a robot, nothing could come back against us.

Except that it wasn’t.

When the rocket hit it, bones and blood went everywhere.


I had just killed someone. There was only one thing to do.

Drink more tequila and run to Mexico…

The X-Sisters Return To Candy's All-Inclusive Sex Hotel
Getting ready for Mexico

Ok so it wasn’t exactly Mexico but Lumi said that it was.

We ended up back at the X-Sisters Sex Bar. When we got there Torch was there. We thought she was the police but she wasn’t.

We had managed to flee from arrest but most importantly we had some fun at home. I would have loved a guest to show up so we could have had that X-Sisters threesome at the hotel again.

Maybe next time.

The X-Sisters Return To Candy's All-Inclusive Sex Hotel
“Are you the police?”

The X-Sisters

I got very lucky the day that I met my sister and since then we’ve been a pair of inseparable whores.

Don’t worry, we cleaned the spray paint off of the car and made sure that we tidied up the mess. We never did leave the note for Uwe though. I guess we’ll have to go back and do that.

You never know what you’re going to get with the X-Sisters, it could be flirty or it could be deadly. It is always guaranteed fun.

That’s why we started our own bar, it’s why we have an armoury of weapons that any army would love to get their hands on. It’s why we’re the X-Sisters and we were born at Candy’s All-Inclusive Sex Hotel.

The X-Sisters Return To Candy’s All-Inclusive Sex Hotel


Welcome to the virtual world of Second Life! I'm Jess, the proud owner of Jess And Her Gentlemen and the co-owner of the renowned X-Sisters Sex Bar. Join me on my adventures as I delve into the wonders of this digital realm. Discover more about my exciting escapades and stay updated by following my journey right here!

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