Designer Second Life Sex Workers | Getting Promoted


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I have far too much fun having sex and I have a lot of it. Working at the X-Sisters Sex Bar keeps me busy, especially this week with training for my slut off. Chandra doesn’t stand a chance of beating me but I’m sure we’ll both have a lot of fun with it. I’ve made a lot of money working at the bar and I wanted to do something with it that wasn’t just buying clothes. So I opened my own texture store called “Textures By Sasha”. I make a lot of textures for a lot of different reasons and always with full PBR files too so the idea for a store came into my head when I made some new textures to decorate my new house. Designer Second Life sex workers could be another idea for a business. You could hire me to design your texture and fuck me at the same time. Anyway, you’re not here to read about my textures or my house. You’re here to read about how hard I got fucked this week!

Designer Second Life Sex Workers | Getting Promoted

Designer Second Life Sex Workers | Internal Application

I was tired of being an X-Trainee at the bar. I work super hard and I’ve followed Jess and Lumi around for a long time, I was their walking sandwich board at one point when they opened their first-ever store.

There’s an application board to work at the bar when you walk in, I knew what I had to do, I had to fill in an application. Usually, those applications are for new hires but I was hopeful that someone would see how serious I was about getting a promotion to being a full X-Girl.

Christina, who recently got promoted to manager, picked up my application and wanted to talk to me about it.

“I understand you aren’t applying to be a tax consultant so filling in forms should not be your prime quality. But one needs to have some verbal skills around here to entertain our visitors”

Uhm. Was she saying I couldn’t be verbal?

“I can speaks good” I told her.

Designer Second Life Sex Workers | Getting Promoted

Then she started to nitpick at my application. “where you fill in ‘uhh’ as a blowjob emote”

“I couldn’t talk cause I had a penis in my mouth”

She asked if any customers had given me feedback so I told her that they had. When she asked how I treated our customers I told her that I either have sex with them or steal their wallets.

“Did you give them the wallets back?”

“Uuuuh no…”

“I think you’ve done enough to become an X-Girl”

Yussss! I got promoted

So I celebrated by grinding my pussy against Mister X’s mouth.

Snapshot 327

Designer Second Life Sex Workers | Taking Care Of Our Customers

I like to please our customers and keep them happy.

Usually, that means that I will jump on them whenever I get the chance. Not only do I love to be paid for sex, I just love having sex.

If a guy wants to throw me around and fuck me until I can’t remember my own name then even better

Designer Second Life Sex Workers | Getting Promoted

If you throw in the added kink of being watched as I have sex, then that will tip me over the edge.

That’s what I love about working at the X-Sisters Sex Bar, nobody is ever shy about having sex anywhere.

There is not a single location in that building now that I haven’t milked one of our customers in. Against walls, over the BBQ, in bed, on the floor, on the sofa, and in the shower.

It’s a building that is designed for sex and I make the most of that to its full potential.

Snapshot 351

I Will Be Victorious

I love Chandra so much. She is one of my closest friends but she has picked her battle poorly this time.

I will win our slut off and I will prove that I am the best slut on the grid. Even if I lose, I’ve had the best sex of my sex worker career in the training for this.

It’s really not a losing scenario when I think about it.

I do still need more training so if you want to help me then meet me at the X-Sisters Sex Bar. <Click For Slut Visitation Transportation>

Designer Second Life Sex Workers | Getting Promoted

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