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Last Updated on: 13th February 2023, 05:00 am

Starting a new business in Second Life is both fun and tough. There’s not a day that goes by when I don’t have to run to the bar or store and fix something or do something. Normally it’s following a standard “sis” message from Lumi. Such as “Sis, the beer is only charging 1L”. Well, that’s not supposed to be the price, so I quickly jump up from my sofa and make my way there. Of course, those little moments are far outshined by the fun parts. Our business is new and it’s small, I can only imagine how much work Caroline has to do at the hotel. In the last week, she has gotten so much more of my respect and she already had as much as I thought possible.

New Business in Second Life

New Business in Second Life | Wendy And Boss Lumi

Wendy was a fun visitor. She stopped by and sat at the bar with us for a little while on Thursday.

As we were sitting there sipping on an X-Sisters Beer she looked at us both. “Oh and you both are in a bikini”

We explained to her that it was Black Lingerie Thursday in the bar, Lumi’s idea. During the explanation, Lumi told her that we had to wear it or our boss would kill us.

“Gosh, what a boss you have”

This is where I have the most fun with my sister. Brooke told me a few days ago that you never know what side of the X-Sisters you’re going to get. It could be the sweet and caring duo or it could be the crazed violent jokers.

“Lumi IS the boss,” I told Wendy.

Her reply was a very simple “Oh, ok”

Lumi kept her face straight, looked at me and then back to Wendy.

“I care about employee motivation so I dress like them”

At some point during the conversation Lumi started calling me Employee Jess. I don’t know if she thought this through because now if we ever get complaints which I don’t think we will, I’m going to send them straight to Boss Lumi.

New Business in Second Life
Wendy joining us at the bar.

New Business in Second Life | Emz And The Audition

Some of you may remember Emz’s one and only post on this blog. She used to work for Brooke a few months ago and I hadn’t seen her since.

She showed up at the bar one night after Brooke had told her about it and asked for a job.

Caleb, one of Candy’s All-Inclusive Hotel‘s finest photographers had also stopped by to show us his new look.

I am ever an opportunist to get someone to work and show their worth. Emz wanted a job, Caleb is always horny and I thought it was a perfect opportunity for an audition. When you’re starting a new business in Second Life you need to make sure that you hire quality staff.

“You will need to audition,” I told her.

She looked at me, her eyes widening just a little bit. “What does said audition consist of?”

“Well, since Caleb is here I think it would be the perfect opportunity for him to get a hot blow job from a redhead. It would be the perfect audition.”

Without any hesitation, she turned and looked at him and just told him “pants off”.

I think she’s going to do well.

New Business in Second Life
Emz auditioning with a blow job on Caleb

Beer And The Roundup

We finally managed to finish our beer script. After three days, and six hours on the final day of me and Lumi standing in front of the tap. We completed it.

The beer tap now stores beer instead of distributing them to everyone in the bar, along with some other fun features. Next, I think we should do joints, it would make sense. We do get high a lot.

It seems to be a good seller too, with a few customers already butting some beer on tap for the staff. Of course, we knew it would be. Everyone loves beer and I’ve yet to see it fail in a bar.

We also got our teleport system finished for the bedrooms. The teleporters now show which room is occupied so visitors won’t get any unexpected guests.

Although unexpected guests can lead to unexpected threesomes, foursomes or gang bangs so it’s not all that bad.

One thing that we are all looking forward to, is the opening event.

Monday, January 23rd at 10 am SL time, 6 pm UK time and 7 pm for the rest of EU, we are holding our opening event.

It should be a very fun night. Starting a new business in Second Life has been exciting, now it’s time for everyone to just enjoy it.

We have two DJs ready to bring the bar alive. We have staff excited to welcome everyone. Most importantly, it’s exciting to think of everyone just enjoying themselves and having fun.

Why not come and join us for our opening event?

You can take this taxi.


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      It took a couple of days for us to work out the kinks to it but we got there eventually.

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