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When we were starting a virtual business in Second Life and we opened our store, we knew we would have customers and were excited. In the first two weeks of opening, we made well over 20,000 lindens in profit alone. No matter how we looked at it, we had a successful business. Everything was going great until Lumi received this message: “I did see one issue, you feature “BJ Coupons” which is considered escorting/prostituting on our sim. So could you or her please remove those?”. We were in trouble already, so we did what any respectable business owners would do. We kept selling the blow job vouchers and changed the name to “Experience Packages”. One thing was sure though, we had to relocate to somewhere with fewer prudes.

Starting a Virtual Business in Second Life
Searching For New Land

Starting a Virtual Business in Second Life | Auction Time

The store is just a small part of our plans and it is designed in a way that funnels into our bigger plans and funds it.

So we knew that at some point regardless of being in trouble already or not, we were going to need to have our own land anyway. The hard part was finding some.

“Sis, sis, sis, bitch, sis, sis, sis” Lumi likes to leave me a barrage of messages to wake up to.

After I had finally showered and woke myself up properly I messaged her back. She had found some land at auction, it was big and had more prims than we would need. It was perfect.

We took a trip over there with Rach and looked around the place.

Neither of us has ever taken part in a land auction so this was a new experience. After doing some research and working out the monthly tier costs and everything else that comes with it, we made a decision.

We were going to set our maximum bid and hope for the best.

It was exciting, we were making plans and deciding where to put our armoury and how to build the place out.

5 seconds left on the auction, would we get it?



We lost.

It was deflating.

I headed home feeling slightly defeated.

Starting a Virtual Business in Second Life

Starting a Virtual Business in Second Life | Time To Move

Given that we had been in trouble already, less than a week into owning our store, and that we had just over a week left on our rent before the next payment was due, we had to find a solution.

“I found a place”

I quickly headed out to meet my sister there, I love her because she always thinks things out and does it in such a calm manner.

“OH! There is one in the seaside” she yelled at me before quickly vanishing.

One thing that I have recently discovered about Lumi, she loves the water. Every time that we have gone looking for land, her preference is to be near water.

The seaside plot wasn’t great, as we stood there she vanished again. I followed to a small platform in the sky.

It was low priced, we could add it to the search function and the prims were just perfect for a store.

I started reading the information notecard that was available.

“We have naughty neighbours” she whispered over to me “AFK Grandpas”

I guess we finally found something almost as creepy as an AFK Morgue.

Starting a Virtual Business in Second Life | Relocation

We made the decision to rent the plot. For our needs, it was perfect.

Now I just had to get my decorating head on and get to work.

Building, vendors, a method to contact us and of course blow job vouchers.

A bar to hang out in? Why not, we do get thirsty.

There are a lot of upsides to having the store on its own parcel. Namely, we can be found in the search function.

Starting a Virtual Business in Second Life

The downside is that we lose out on the passing traffic from being in a busy sim.

So now we have it set up, we are ready to reopen with a new look.

Why not come and visit our new location? We haven’t been in trouble already, because we can’t get in trouble. That means that you can buy a blow job voucher and nobody can tell us we’re not allowed to sell them!

Starting a virtual business in Second Life has been a lot of fun and sharing the journey with Lumi makes it so much better. We’re excited to see you there!

Starting a Virtual Business in Second Life
Relaxing with Brooke and Sasha after decorating

Update | January 17th 2022

After getting everything set up, we were so excited.

Now we installed a DJ booth and will host exclusive events. These should be a lot of fun.

We also started selling X-Sisters Beer. You just simply pay to the beer tap and everyone in the building gets an X-Sisters Beer.

Starting a Virtual Business in Second Life

With the bar area being so relaxing, and of course, us being whores, we decided to start offering our services.

You must join the group, which is a 200L fee, and then you can fuck any of the staff members. There is a flat rate of 1000L and of course, you can tip on top of that. Everyone loves a tip.

You can also exchange the vouchers purchased in the store if you wish. For those, you don’t have to be a member.

We are so excited to take the next step in this journey, I can’t wait to see where we end up next!

Starting a Virtual Business in Second Life

Everyone loves competition, including us. So we decided to add a “Top Donation” board to the bar.

It’s simple, be the top donator for the week through our tip jars and you get your picture on display for an entire week.

Lumi is our top donator so far because she really wanted her name on the board. Thankfully we both have the same profile picture but I couldn’t let her have it. I think that Starting a virtual business in Second Life has made us competitive.

A few minutes later…

“[13:42] ‘The Best Donor’ Contest Board v 2.0.1 shouts: Ladies and gentlemen, the winner of the contest is Jess X!”

Starting a Virtual Business in Second Life

Cletus stopped by and bought us some drinks.

I tried to tell Lumi that she had drunk too much but she just told me that she can’t get enough and kept drinking.

Update | January 18th 2022 |

We finally got our rooms built out. They’re simple, but do exactly what we need them to do.

There are Debauchery beds in all of them with Lovense enabled.

There’s also a relaxing bath and shower room for use. It’s always helpful to have somewhere to clean off after you get drenched in cum.

Brooke ended up doing an impromptu DJ set at night. It was a fun way to relax and unwind after the day.

Starting a Virtual Business in Second Life

The store products are all looking great in the store. We ended up adding a “Beer Buddies” T-Shirt as a group gift for guys. Something fun to wear while sitting at the bar.

As long as you’re in the group, the gift board is on the top floor right next to the bar.

Lumi finally finished the bat that she has been working on for weeks. It’s great. We put it on sale in the store! Only 250L for an X-Sisters bat with three different poses.

We are planning on doing a big opening event.

DJ’s, dancing, and of course, a lot of sex.

I don’t really know what else you would need for an opening night. Do you?

Come and join us! – Take this taxi

Starting a Virtual Business in Second Life

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  1. BobMorane

    Nice store .. I dropped by this morning. Just had a quick browse, but I will be back again.

    • Jess

      Aw, I wish I’d been around when you stopped by. Hopefully next time! XD

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