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I made it out of the morgue. What a strange experience but also weirdly fun. I always seemed to sleep through guys coming in and fucking me, but waking up covered in cum was hot. I hadn’t even managed to shower after getting my freedom back before my phone vibrated. “Where are you? Meet me at your house, I have a new challenge for you.” It was Jess, this should be fun. I love a new Second Life challenge to get my teeth into. This one however, was a little scary.

A New Challenge

A New Second Life Challenge | The Meeting

I wanted to yell at her for leaving me in the morgue but I also knew that she had made money from me being there so she wouldn’t care.

“You might have at least showered” she looked at me with a laugh before reaching down to scoop up the cum on her leg that had splashed from my body to hers.

I bit my tongue. For whatever reason, she didn’t put a shower in the morgue. I guess dead people don’t need them. I did, but then I wasn’t dead.

The important thing now was, I potentially had a new challenge to do.

This was a little exciting.

“What do you need me to do?” I eagerly asked.

Jess has two smiles, at least that’s what I’ve noticed. There is her genuine, soft and warm smile. Then there is the smile that she gets when she and Lumi are planning something or when she is being evil.

I could tell that she was not smiling at me in a soft and warm way.

“Have you ever heard of SIN Tracker?” she asked.

A New Challenge

A New Second Life Challenge | SIN Tracker

Truthfully, I have heard of SIN Tracker and it scares me.

SIN Tracker is a search and kidnapping system. Basically, you wear a special HUD and people all over the grid can find you, taxi to you, drug you, kidnap you and then do whatever they want.

There are however four levels of limits that you can choose. From the official SIN Tracker help page, these are what they are:

  • if you do not like anything harder than a spanking and a bit of bondage, choose Soft
  • if you are not afraid of hard whipping : Medium
  • if branding, knife play, scarification are okay for you : Hardcore
  • if mutilation or snuff sound nicely to your ears, you have No Limits.

I had a very basic understanding of what SIN Tracker is after seeing it on my travels one day. Why was this the question and what did it have to do with my new challenge?

A New Challenge

A New Second Life Challenge | I’m In Danger

“I think you should try it and write about it” she gave me that evil smile.

“Huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuh?” It was the only sound that I could let leave my body.

Not only had she left me in her creepy morgue for a week, but now she wanted me to expose myself to being captured.

Not only that, I was failing to see where the actual challenge was in this.

“How is this a challenge?” I snapped.

“The challenge is to keep yourself safe” she grinned.

This is really not a me thing. I’m not a BDSM type of person at all and the idea of being forced into something just isn’t me either.

She was right though. Trying to stay safe would be a challenge. I suppose the limit system also helps a little.

“I’ll think about it” was all I could muster before walking out of the room.

Making A Decision

This one is hard. On one hand, it is a challenge and I do like those.

On the other, it is something completely outside of my comfort zone.

I trust Jess and I know that she wouldn’t put me in any real danger but I don’t know if I want to make this decision on my own.

I did go to SIN Tracker HQ and picked up the package. Now it just sits there while I look at it anxiously. I suppose if I was totally against it, then I wouldn’t have done some preparation right?

What do you think?

Should I put on the SIN Tracker device and play a game of cat and mouse for a week or so? Or should I just go about living my normal, adventuring lifestyle?

I do love a new Second Life challenge but this one scares me a little.

Sound off in the comments and help me make that choice.

A New Challenge

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  1. Chandra Kusari

    Uh that sounds dangerous. I would be afraid of doing it.

    Buuuutt I also love a challenge and have a hard time saying no to one. Damn, why doesn’t anybody dare me to be totes lazy on the beach for a week?

    Methinks you will make the right choice. But stay safe and don’t get lost again. I got lost in finding you too.

    • Zathras

      I hereby dare you to be totes lazy on the beach for a week. I mean, I don’t have a blog for you to write about it on or anything, but a dare’s a dare. 😉

      I mean, don’t forget your friends. Invite us to be totes lazy on the beach with you. But still.

      • Chandra Kusari

        Challenge accepted 😀

  2. Girls,

    I did that for some time. This probably doesn’t come as a surprise.

    Note that the SIN Tracker community is not as busy as you think. If you really want to experience this, you must commit to it for more than a week. Give it at least a month.

    Because of that, do not limit yourself, and make sure your hud is always set to online NOT to busy modus unless you are with a capturer. It is also possible to set your home as a safe zone. Don’t. Home intrusion roleplay is a big part of this.

    I dare you to go all nine yards, not just to test the water with your toe. It’s all or nothing.


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