The one thing that I have learned over the past couple of months is that when Lumi or I have an idea, we commit fully. We opened our Marketplace store to sell our X-Sister merchandise and after making some new merchandise we ended up with another idea. Of course, selling blow job vouchers on the marketplace may work but doing it as store owners seems like more fun.

Store Owners

Store Owners | The Idea

Clothes, weapons, tattoos, furniture, artwork and scripts. There are so many things that you can create and sell in Second Life.

When we started building our brand, the goal was to fund our own private island. Now we have slightly bigger plans but the premise remains the same.

“Sis, we need to find a small store in a busy sim to rent so we can sell things.”

One sentence was enough to get Lumi on board. My sister being my sister didn’t stop there, within minutes she was coming up with ideas to have booths at events and sending me links to apply for them.

It took less than an hour from the suggestion being made for Lumi to send me a taxi to a sim with available stores for rent. High traffic, beautiful view and an adult sim.

We discussed, we decided and we rented. We now had our own X-Sisters store.

Store Owners

Store Owners | The Workshop

We were ready, now we just had to properly package our products and take new photographs to put on the boards.

We headed back to my house and got to work. Rach joined us soon after.

Store Owners

After Lumi shot a hole in the roof with her sniper, she and Rach got very close on the sofa while Kane sat having a conversation with the mannequins I sat down for modelling purposes.

We managed to get the pictures but I just looked around the room in disbelief at what was going on in my living room.

“wtf is happening” I heard Lumi’s confused voice echo around the room

“You made me cum” was all Rach had to say before letting out gas.

Kane quickly stood up to try and get some air “Oh dear. the windows are melting”

Store Owners | Gassing Out The House

After Rach left, Kane was still deeply in conversation with the mannequins.

I tried to listen to hear what they were saying, but, as I suspected they were silent. This was worrying.

Eventually, we had to do something. Lumi and I both looked at each other before she asked “Can’t we slap him? or I can throw a gas grenade”

We put on our gas masks as Lumi shot a few grenades into the room.

Kane suddenly seemed to become aware of his surroundings “Wait a second. I smell something funny.”

He tried to stand up but the gas was too strong and he fell face-first onto the sofa.

Now, this was a problem, if he was dead then we had to find a way to get rid of him. First, we wanted to make sure.

Pulling out our tazers we sent some electricity through his body but got no response at all.

We had one final idea. We hid behind the mannequins and pretended to be them, telling him that he had to wake up for the fate of mannequin-kind.

It worked!

Store Owners

The Store

Our store is now open.

It is on the Skinny Dip Inn sim and it’s a beautiful beach area.

We sell limited-edition artwork for your home. These pieces are only on sale for seven days before they are gone forever.

We also have a chest stroker for sale, I made this a few weeks ago because everyone could spank me but I couldn’t run my fingers through anybody’s chest hair. Of course, we also sell our X-Sister line of clothing and so much more.

Or, if you really want to experience the X-Sisters then you can purchase a blowjob voucher for 350L.

We also have a “Customer Of The Week” board, currently, Lumi is the placeholder image for now, can you get to the top by Sunday? Special rewards every week for the top customer.

Of course, it didn’t take Greg very long to get on the wrong side of us and be met with the X-Sister police force.

Come and visit us, join the group for free gifts (currently a tattoo) and become part of the X-Sister family. (Disclaimer: Being part of the X-Sister family may result in death, being exploded or being arrested)

Take this taxi.

Opening a Store in Second Life | X-Sisters Merchandise, Artwork, and More


Welcome to the virtual world of Second Life! I'm Jess, the proud owner of Jess And Her Gentlemen and the co-owner of the renowned X-Sisters Sex Bar. Join me on my adventures as I delve into the wonders of this digital realm. Discover more about my exciting escapades and stay updated by following my journey right here!

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  • January 4, 2023 at 8:32 pm

    Love the store ladies! Best of luck with the new venture. For any casual readers, you should at the very least grab a t-shirt, the new ‘Violent Feedback Loop” logo is really cool!

  • January 9, 2023 at 3:57 pm

    Totes I do love it!


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