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If you’ve never heard of Bedtime Stories in Second Life then you’re not alone. It’s a relatively new experience brought by our very own Lumi. It was more of a one-off. She and Rach snuggled up on the sofa in the X-Sisters Sex Bar. I was minding my own business when suddenly I heard Rach. “Bitch, tell me a story”.

Bedtime Stories in Second Life

Bedtime Stories in Second Life | Storytime With Lumi

Once upon a time, there was a small, round biscuit named Timmy. Timmy was made with the finest ingredients and baked to perfection. He had a flaky, golden brown exterior and a soft, warm interior.

One day, while out for a stroll, Timmy came across a mighty battleship. The battleship was imposing and impressive, with gleaming guns and a powerful engine. Timmy was awestruck by the battleship’s size and strength.

The battleship noticed Timmy and, to Timmy’s surprise, spoke to him. “Hello, little biscuit. What are you doing out here all alone?”

Timmy stammered, “I-I’m just out for a walk. I’ve never seen a battleship before.”

The battleship laughed. “Well, you’re in luck. I’m headed out to sea for a big battle. Would you like to come along and see what it’s like?”

Timmy was hesitant at first, but he couldn’t resist the opportunity to see the world and have an adventure. So, he climbed aboard the battleship and set sail.

The journey was rough and dangerous, but Timmy was determined to see it through. He watched as the battleship fired its guns and fought off enemy ships. He felt the wind in his crumbly ears and the salt spray on his buttery surface.

In the end, the battleship emerged victorious and Timmy had the adventure of a lifetime. He returned home, but he would always remember the day he sailed on a battleship and saw the world.

Bedtime Stories in Second Life

Bedtime Stories in Second Life | Inspired

Throughout the story, Rach was in awe.


“He was the ship’s biscuit!”

Everyone was having a very relaxing day. The night prior was our Grand Opening and it was busy and we were all tired the next day.

Of course, we had all drank so much X-Sister Beer that the hangovers were starting to have an effect.

Bedtime Stories in Second Life
X-Sister Beer is now on sale.

Rach is never one to be outdone.

So it didn’t take her long to take one of our customers up to one of the rooms to make her own bedtime story.

Of course, it was never going to be a fairytale with a biscuit. If there is one thing that Rach is good at, it is getting men horny.

I have watched her work so many times and it’s like witchcraft.

While she bounced on his cock, the roof of the bar creaked. If moans were tips then from what I heard from underneath, Rach would have walked out of there a millionaire.

You should definitely come and experience some bedtime stories for yourself – here’s your taxi.

Snapshot 1750 1

Another House Inspection | Chandra

Tuesday region restarts always have a way of causing some sort of panic escape. I always seem to have to make a quick exit from my own house. So when we were thrown into a region restart, Lumi, Kane and I ran for the only place we knew was still safe.

The village.

Chandra has never passed a house inspection. In fact, her inspections have always had the worst outcomes. At times I question myself as to why I haven’t evicted her yet. Then I remember that she’s my roomie and I love her.

When we got there, we found Chandra. Lumi got extremely excited at the prospect of doing a house inspection.

We discovered a list of violations:

  • Christmas Tree still up
  • Stains on the floor
  • Plywood on the back wall
  • Hair all over the bed
  • Out-of-season candies in the kitchen
  • Unauthorized repainting of the walls and floors
  • Strange creepy photographs on the wall

To top it all off we discovered that Chandra may or may not be a witch.

There was only one thing to do. We had to put her in the water and check if the would sink or float.

She sunk.

Maybe she wasn’t a witch after all and we had just killed her.

Then she reappeared after a few minutes. It appears that I now have a witch as a tenant and something has to be done about it. I guess we’ll see how her next inspection goes.

Bedtime Stories in Second Life

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1 Comment

  1. Chandra Kusari

    Awwwwww now I want Lumi to tell me a bedtime story tooooo. 😀
    She should do Lumi’s story time in the evening.

    Prolly it won’t do any good, but methinks I still argue my case.
    I did cause the reason for the repainting of the wall. But I told you immediately and you send that repair girl from Tuna Tech, which I paid. So yes I caused the accident, but you authorized the repaint.
    I read up on the roommate agreement.
    §187; Section 4; Subsection 2: Freedom to Decorate clearly states: “The roommate is free to decorate his or her quarters as he or she sees fit, as long as she keeps to her dedicated space.”
    §77; Section 4 “The roommate is allowed to have guests and customers stay overnight, as long as the moaning or other noises don’t disturb the other tenants.”
    Even if I put the § about house cleaning into play, there is nothing that a few blonde hairs on my pillow violate the roommate agreement in any way.
    I didn’t find anything on out-of-season candies, besides cardamon cookies and cinnamon rolls are everyday sweets.
    The Christmas Tree, just to be clear was made out of plastic so no needles on the floor. I honestly forgot it. I hang my coat over it and didn’t see it. Could I argue it’s a tree-shaped cloth hanger?
    The plywood … well someone tried to remove a picture on my wall with C4, and it wasn’t me. Said someone then clobbered the plywood over the hole and blamed me. The good roomie that I am have restored the wall lovingly. The same way I take care of my house. Stains on the floor are quite natural for aging wood, even with the best care. Wood changes color over time.

    You should know there are no witches and I am offended that I got tied up by 3 adults and tossed in the water. I am glad I took some free diving classes last summer and can hold my breath for a few minutes, so I could untie myself. Good roomie that I am I did not call the police.

    On top of that, I always pay my rent on time. I make a killer Gin Tonic. I am sweet and nice and a very uncomplicated roomie.

    I did some quick mathing and by your own tables, I earn the grade: Best roomie EVA!

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