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I have been so busy with my texture store this week that I haven’t had much chance to go to the bar and work. After some good sales, I headed over to celebrate and joined Melisa and Biggie at the campfire. Shortly after, Biggie went to sleep and then Deci arrived. Deci is very tall but he’s also hot and he treats us very well. After he filled up our tip jars to the point of overflowing he then made a suggestion. Naked darts. Whoever thought about playing darts naked? I knew that it would be fun but I didn’t expect it to end up the way it did.

Naked Darts & The Best Second Life Sex Sofa
Ready to play darts

Naked Darts & The Best Second Life Sex Sofa | 3 Whores 15000 Points

In theory, the odds were in our favour. Only one of us had to beat Deci at darts even though all four of us could play at the same time. Then Melisa told me that he had already beaten both her and Yas before. You see, this troubled me because it meant that he was good. I know that Yas is good so if he beat her then he was too.

But, I also know that Jess taught me everything that I know about darts and Yas had almost the same training which meant that there was a chance.

Oh and I was undefeated. Never having lost a game of darts in my life.

It was late, the bar was quiet, we were all naked and so we took our places.

Naked Darts & The Best Second Life Sex Sofa

Deci kept trying to distract me by squeezing my ass and playing with my hair. None of it worked, I had my game face on and was ready to win this for us.

Then he stood by the window and as the light rippled across his body he looked so hot.

I told Yas and Melisa to distract him and block him from view so that I could take my shots.

Now he was a distraction.

All I needed to win was three 20s and we had beaten him.

I took my shot. The reflection of his cock in the window caught my eye at the wrong time.

I threw a five.

Oh no.

Naked Darts & The Best Second Life Sex Sofa
“You’re distracting me”

Naked Darts & The Best Second Life Sex Sofa | The Distraction

When it was my turn again I only needed 49 to win. This time I was serious, I looked at both Yas and Melisa and told them to properly distract him.

Melisa toyed with his cock a little while Yas pressed her ass against him as she danced. He was distracted and he was blocked from view. This was perfect.

If I was going to win, I had to go for a combination finish. Which for all you undarty players is two or three perfectly aimed darts instead of just aiming one dart at a double.

I took my first shot. 20.

I took my second shot. 20.

Then I took my third and final shot. Praying to the Whore Goddess of naked darts for a 9.

The dart flew out of my hand.


Yussss! We won!

The tip jars rang out in celebration as Deci topped them up again.

“What do we do with him now?” I asked my fellow colleagues.

Melisa screwed up her face a little for a moment before suggesting “Take him upstairs, fuck his brains out and milk his cock dry?”

Naked Darts & The Best Second Life Sex Sofa
“What do we do with him now?”

Expect The Unexpected

That’s what we did. The three of us took him upstairs to what is, in my opinion, the best sex sofa on the grid. The Lalou corner sofa.

Yas played with my clit while I rode his cock and Melisa had him eat her pussy.

The night was a success and so much fun. When Melisa came on his face that got him even hornier and I could feel his cock swell in me. That then made me cum around his cock which then made him cum.

We had so much fun with naked darts, making a good amount of money and getting fucked on the sofa. This is why I love working at the X-Sisters Sex Bar. You just never know how your shift is going to end up. I didn’t expect a foursome but I loved it. Then again, I am the best slut and will beat Chandra in our slut-off.

Oh, and I’m still unbeaten at darts. Do you think you can beat me? If you do then there’s a good prize in it for you. Maybe we can even play more darts naked.

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