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Clubs in Second Life are great places to go to unwind. They’re especially fun when the night is unplanned and you get dragged along by your friends. I guess you could call it a Girls’ Night Out but given the inclusion of Biggie, I think that would be the incorrect term. Regardless, we went from the ballroom to the beach visiting different music venues. I didn’t know that’s what we were doing, I just assumed that I was taking a quick break from shopping and taking pictures to go and give approval for Biggies new suit. Lumi and I gave him his makeover and now he has to run everything through us to make sure that he doesn’t look like walking broccoli again. In my opinion, dancing clubs in Second Life are one of the best and most fun ways to spend your time when you need a little unwinding time from sex and this is why.

Dancing Clubs in Second Life
Oh, yes I have gone Brunette recently. I like it, do you?

Dancing Clubs in Second Life | Magnolia Club

When I took the TP request to go and check Biggies new outfit I thought that it would be a five-minute job of either telling him I liked it or slapping his balls continuously and telling him not to buy clothes for himself ever again.

However, when I got there Rach and Pam were both there also. I had never heard of the Magnolia Club let alone be in it but it was a beautiful ballroom. Aside from leaving in such a hurry that I forgot to take off my photo body lights, everyone else was dressed in their gowns and Tuxedos and I had shown up in my biker leathers.

Oh well.

Snapshot 617
Are we dancing or am I drunk and Rach is helping me home?

The building was quiet, really it was just us there but the music was varied and we made the most of it. Eventually, Chandra joined us too.

When I messaged her I told her “Put on a gown bitch” but she showed up just like I did. Leathers and not caring.

The Magnolia Club is beautiful and I would love to come here properly one night when it is full of people dancing. I might even dress for the occasion but who knows?

If you want to visit it then click this link.

Snapshot 626
Who needs gowns?

Dancing Clubs in Second Life | Sirens Cove

I’ve been to Sirens Cove a couple of times before and usually, it’s following a random teleport request from Rach. This time was no different.

Rach is a DJ and she always knows the best places with the best music, Sirens Cove is one of those places.

Unlike the Magnolia Club, Sirens Cove was busy. The music was alive and the dance floor was on fire. Well, not literally on fire but you know what I mean right?

Biggie’s newness to Second Life can sometimes be highly amusing. Sirens Cove is a moderate-rated club and so when he started running around naked waving his cock around there was a little bit of shock in the room. Rach yelled at him to put clothes back on and he did but he left his cock hanging out.

After a quick IM from me, he eventually put it away and thankfully he is still permitted into the club.

Sirens Cove is an amazing place for visuals, music and atmosphere.

If you want to check it out then use this link.

Dancing Clubs in Second Life
Sirens Cove

Dancing Clubs in Second Life | The Cove At Maui

Maui Swingers Club is an exclusive invite and members-only club, luckily I’m a member but unfortunately, my friends aren’t. The swingers club also has a no blogging or photos rule which is the main reason why I’ve never blogged about it. It is however a lot of fun and always busy.

Maui also has the Cove which is a small club outside of the main swingers club and it sits between the main club and Debauchery Furniture. When I realized that I couldn’t take my friends to an event inside of the club, the Cove was the option. So, after we left Sirens Cove we headed to Maui.

Dancing Clubs in Second Life
The Cove at Maui

The Cove, unlike the main swingers club, has no such rule for no pictures or blogging so for the first time here is the closest pictures to the Maui Swingers Club that I can ever post.

Again, it was a busy club and the music was amazing. We danced, we chatted and at one point Rach and I even conspired to kill one of the competition winners. Unfortunately for us, it turned out she was a manager at Maui and so wanting to keep my membership I decided against it.

I do love going to clubs in Second Life, you can have so much fun and also discover so many new music tastes that you never knew you had.

The Cove is fast becoming one of my favourites so if you want to check it out then click on this link.

Dancing Clubs in Second Life
2 of the 3. Only Lumi was missing.


These three clubs were so great to go to and spend time in. Sirens Cove is a fantastic club that I always have fun at and the Cove at Maui is my number one go-to.

There are so many different dancing clubs in Second Life that I would find it impossible to visit them all but I’m sure that you’ve been to some great ones.

Where should I visit?

What’s your favourite?

Let me know in the comments and take me there sometime!

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  1. Chandra Kusari

    I had a blast. That was so much fun .. we need to do a sluts night out more often.

    And I totes didn’t heat you telling me to put on a gown.

    If it makes you feel better, when we headed over to listen to Zath DJ I put on a ball gown and I was totes overdressed.

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