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Last Updated on: 21st October 2023, 01:18 am

The X-Sisters Sex Bar is going to be the best spot for your St. Patrick’s Day celebrations! So join us and get ready to join in with a night of fun, drinks, music, and more with our amazing X-Girls. Our St. Patrick’s Day Sex-A-Long at the X-Sisters Sex Bar is going to be messy, hot, sweaty and the best place on the grid.

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The best part? The usual rates apply to spend time with our X-Girls, so you don’t even have to break the bank to join the party. To add even more fun to the spirit, we’re selling limited edition X-Sisters Irish Ale that you won’t find anywhere else! It’s the perfect drink to raise in a toast to the luck of the Irish.

But the real highlight of our St. Patrick’s Day event? Our sexy X-Girls! They will be dressed in their hottest outfits, ready to make your time unforgettable.

We will be celebrating ALL DAY! Though our main event kicks off at 11 am SLT so join us at any time.

At the X-Sisters Sex Bar, we are all about fun! Whether you’re Irish or not, our St. Patrick’s Day event promises to be an experience you won’t forget. Come join us and get your green on and get ours off!

St Patricks Day Sex

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