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St. Patricks Day is the day for celebrating Irish Culture and so that’s what the plan at the bar was. We would throw our St. Patricks Day Sex-A-Long and make it something fun and memorable. To really get in the Irish Spirit we put X-Sisters Irish Ale on sale exclusively for the weekend but most importantly there was a lot of sex. My day in particular was busy, from threesomes to having some Lovense fun and even getting bent over the table in the middle of the party. St. Patricks Day may just be my new favourite holiday. Second Life Lovense fun is amazing, but even that was just a small part of such a big day.

Second Life Lovense Fun

Second Life Lovense Fun And Public Sex | Zathras Starts The Celebrations

I’m a firm believer that a party isn’t a party unless you have all of your favourite people there. While I didn’t quite have everyone there, I did have the majority.

The Irish Ale was on sale, we were dressed and ready for the day. The main party wasn’t ready to start for another couple of hours but our plan was to celebrate all the way through. Luckily, our first customer of the day was Zathras.

Second Life Lovense Fun

He kicked us off by filling up the ale tap and spending some time talking to us at the bar.

A lot of people assume that the X-Sisters Sex Bar is like most other places on the grid where you come in, pick one of us, pay us, fuck us and then leave. That’s not true.

We built it as a place to spend time and relax. All of us love to talk and just have general fun, of course, we love sex but you’re not just a number when you walk through the door to us. That’s one thing that we did learn from Candy’s All-Inclusive Hotel.

Zathras joined us for a drink and eventually made his way upstairs with Sarah and Torch. He kicked off our St. Patricks Day celebrations in the best way. Getting two of our best sluts drunk and messy.

Second Life Lovense Fun
Zathras started us off perfectly

Second Life Lovense Fun And Public Sex | The Roomie Experience

Threesomes at the bar are a very common occurrence. Not that I will ever complain about that because I find myself in a lot of them.

We were so close to the main party starting but Mister-X couldn’t wait. He was horny and me and Chandra are always horny too.

Biggie did just treat himself to some Lovense toys through my affiliate link but I’ll get to that in a little bit.

Second Life Lovense Fun

The three of us headed upstairs ready for fun. It was time for me and Chandra to keep our Mister-X happy

After a few minutes of teasing his cock I had a wicked idea running through my head. He was going to fuck me really hard and then when he was ready to cum, he was going to finish with and cover Chandra.

There are very few people who are as cock hungry and cum thirsty as Chandra, I wanted to give my roomie a treat. So, if I could get Mister-X to the point of really cumming hard then Chandra would get his full and heavy load.

So that’s what we did.

Second Life Lovense Fun And Public Sex | The New Lovense User

Biggie has been having a lot of fun at the bar recently, that’s why he keeps winning Mister-X. He just can’t stop and it’s fun and it’s hot.

When we were talking a few days ago, the conversation switched to Lovense. I told him how much fun it was and how I love to take control of a guy’s Lovense toys and really make them cum. He then headed over via this blog to buy himself some new toys.

When they arrived I was excited to help him use them for the first time. Our times hadn’t quite managed to match up yet but after our threesome, he instantly threw more money into my jar and he was ready to go.

Second Life Lovense Fun

Lovense are sex toys which can be controlled by a partner from a distance. For us, the Lush 3 is the little Bluetooth vibrator and for the guys, they have the Max 2.

Biggie picked up a Max 2 and a few other toys. Once we were in the bedroom he sent me the control link.

Our furniture at the bar is Lovense enabled which means that it will sync with the devices and react accordingly. My preference however is to take control and make someone cum hard. I think that it’s much more arousing if you know that I am the one telling your device how fast or tight to work your cock.

We had so much fun, I rode him slow and I rode him fast. All the while controlling his orgasm through his Lovense device. After he came, he told me that his legs were shaking. My job was complete, I had been a good little whore and made our Mister-X cum.

If you have a lovense toy then come and visit me because I have so much fun with it and it makes me so horny. If you don’t have one then you can buy one here.

Second Life Lovense Fun

Fucked In The Middle Of The Party

When Dan arrived the party had started to quieten down but he started throwing tips around like candy. I had to know where they were coming from and as it was St. Patricks Day I assumed that he was hiding a pot of gold in his pants.

Yelling out to all of the other X-Girls at the bar we surrounded him. Chandra unzipped him with her teeth, Lumi groped at his ass, Yas licked his ear and Rach… well Rach picked him up and shook him.

Second Life Lovense Fun

Unfortunately, I didn’t find a pot of gold but I did, however, find something more enjoyable.

He was throbbing at the attention.

I was horny just feeling how excited he was.

So I did the only thing that could be done at that point. I hitched up my dress and bent over the table and let him fuck me there in the room with everyone watching. It was hot, being watched by customers and the people who work for me and Lumi turned me on so much.

Second Life Lovense Fun

A Wild Party

We had the best time at our St. Patricks Day Sex-A-Long. From Edward getting defeated at darts to the huge amount of alcohol drunk and so much sex. I would be surprised if any of our barflies have any energy left for a few days.

This post doesn’t even begin to touch on how much fun was had at the party nor just how much sex there was. Not a single X-Girl or customer left that building at the end of the day without being fucked countless times.

Sasha had a home visit service, Yas was thrown around one of the rooms, and Jan had her first threesome at the bar amongst others. All in all, it was a very fun day and has cemented St. Patricks Day as one of my favourite holidays of the year. Of course the Second Life Lovense experience was a key highlight too.

Lumi and I are having the best time running our own bar. You should come and join us and have as much fun as you can imagine. Click here for your free taxi.

Ride or Die X Sisters 1
The X-Sisters are having so much fun

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  1. BobMorane

    Thanks for hosting that fun event. I had a great time.

    • Jess

      It was good to see you Bob! Instead of hiding away and giving me more reasons to break into your house

  2. Chandra Kusari

    Totes loves it!!!

    I had a blast .. lotsa fun, sex and booze … Uh and good tunage so I am happy.

    To bad Dan didn’t have a pot of gold hidden in his pants.

    • Jess

      Ahaha no but what he did have in his pants I had a lot of fun with aha.

  3. Biggie John Snow

    Thanks Jess, what a great party, and so much fun!
    Thanks for having us.

    • Jess

      It was such a fun night XD I can’t for the next one!

  4. Zathras

    Sure, I read this *after* you and I got together on Saturday night. 😉 I do have a Max 2 that I bought through Caroline’s affiliate link some time back, but I haven’t used it in SL yet, just for some solo play. So I’ll have to make sure it’s charged up and ready before our next time, Jess. Sounds like a lot of fun.

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