X-Sisters Sex Bar | Our First Second Life Birthday

X-Sisters Sex Bar | Our First Second Life Birthday

Last Updated on: 7th February 2024, 08:49 pm

Oh boy, time sure does fly! Can you believe that it’s been a full orbit around the sun since the X-Sisters Sex Bar first opened its doors in Second Life? I’m barely able to contain my excitement! As the big First Second Life Birthday beckons, it’s all systems go at the bar. Sure, the obvious celebration approach could be to host a small party, sip on some beers and call it a day. But “modest” is just not in our vocabulary here at the X-Sisters Sex Bar! We’ve lined up a full day of fun, coupled with the comeback of something big that you won’t want to miss. To top it off, this month’s edition of ‘X-Girl Monthly’ magazine will be out soon with a very hot picture compilation. All I will say on that is Fox, Chandra and a sofa. You can let your imagination fill in the rest until release day. The progress has blown me away from those very first anticipation-filled posts about our opening to today’s preparations for our first birthday. Oh, you want to know what we have planned? Well…

A Morning Like No Other | Ready for a Naked X-Girl Coffee Morning?

Ah, the aroma of freshly brewed coffee in the morning. A perfect way to start the day, don’t you think? Better yet is brewing your morning coffee amidst the amazing company of the X-Girls. But wait, could it possibly get any better than this? Oh yes, yes it can!

My mind’s on fire with this idea now… and you’re going to love it. The best thing about our upcoming birthday? It’s hard to pick, but the Naked X-Girl Coffee Morning could just clinch it!

You heard it right! There simply isn’t a better way to kick off a day, especially such an eventful one as January 25th, 2024. Make your way down to the X-Sisters Sex Bar for some morning brew and enjoy the X-Girls in their most primal allure. Watch as they dance, flirt, engage in conversation, and whatever else takes their fancy, all au naturale.

If the caffeine doesn’t jolt you awake, the experience we’re promising will not let you linger in the realm of slumber. From the stroke of Midnight SLT to 4 am SLT, the Naked Coffee Morning waits for you at the X-Sisters Sex Bar. Come for the coffee, stay for the naked whores!

Roll Out The Red Carpet! The X-Girl Awards Are Here

Award season is upon us! With the glitz and glamour of the Emmys, the Oscars, and everything in between lighting up the real world, the world of Second Life shouldn’t be too far behind, should it? Now, who’s more deserving of awards than our very own X-Girls? Honestly, maybe only that one persistent guy who’s been making his way into our landing spot, saying nothing, and teleporting out after a minute for an entire year, That is some astounding determination and consistency.

But time to steal the limelight back to our first birthday celebrations- the X-Girl Awards! From the 21st through to the 25th of January, your voices will be heard. Cast your votes on the official X-Sisters Website, with the award categories to be unveiled on the day. Get ready to vote because every single one of the X-Girls is vying for a trophy.

After the vote closes and has been counted, we all gather in the bar at 7 am SLT on the 25th of January. Then we hold the award ceremony. Each winner gets a trophy, and you guessed it right, they’ll have to strip naked! Of course, there’s no real reason for them to strip out of their clothes, but let’s be real here, who doesn’t want to see that?

This one should be fun.

Pirate Party Extravaganza

What’s a birthday without a proper party? And not just any party—my mind’s been sailing on the visions of a sexy Pirate Party, and it has been there since probably the St. Patrick’s Day party. That’s a long time. When the need for a birthday party showed up, my thoughts shot straight to a pirate-themed event. No matter what anyone said to me, pirate was what my mind was firmly locked onto.

Hitting the decks first will be Zathras, spinning some amazing tunes to set the mood. In homage to our beautiful Rach who DJ’d at our opening party, I’ll take the DJ decks and play some tunes too. Sure, my DJ-ing experience only extends to hitting ‘play’ on Spotify playlists, so forgive my week-long crash course from rookie to amazing professional DJ.

But, hold your breath because we’re absolutely bringing in a pirate ship! Imagine the X-Girls, off the starboard bow dressed up as sexy pirates! And what’s a Pirate party without beer, or even Rum? That’s right – RUM. I’m not going to lie, I hadn’t thought about turning our drink system into Rum for the party until I wrote that line. You just witnessed an idea form!!

You cannot believe how excited I am for this! Cath the tides on January 25th, from 11 am to 2 pm SLT. Don’t miss this pirate ships’ jubilation! We’ll see you there, mateys!

Yes, I know. Never talk like a pirate again Jess… got it.

Return of Mister-X

Ok, now this one is big! The Mister-X competition was such a fun and amazing time. Of course Biggie sort of turned it into a one horse race and eventually we ended it.

The Mister-X competition was a weekly contest, where our barflies accumulated points based on the number of hires they made, the volume of beer or champagne they splurged on, and the quantity of tips they showered the X-Girls with. Our points system translated 1 point for every 100L tip, 100 points for each 30-minute hire, and 1 point per round of drinks.

Now, as part of our first birthday celebrations, Mister-X is rising from the ashes – albeit with some twists.

Firstly, it’s transforming into a monthly contest, so we will only crown 12 victorious Mister-Xs per year. The winner gets the Mister-X trophy, a T-Shirt and a free threesome. That’s a pretty good deal, right?

But how will the points system work over a month? Well, that’s easy. For every 100L you lavish on the bar, be it tips, hires, or drinks, you earn a point. BUT whoever tops the tipper leaderboard each week gets a bonus of 50 points!

This is going to be good!

Our original Mister-X Trophy

A Sneaky Peek Into January’s X-Girl Monthly

Ok! I think I’ve written about as much excitement as one post can handle. There’s still quite a bit stashed up my sleeve too, a few surprises to spring on you during our first birthday celebrations. But first, don’t forget to grab your copy of January’s X-Girl Monthly which comes out this weekend. This issue is graced by the beautiful Alex on its cover, with Sayuri taking centre stage as our X-Girl of the month. Not to mention the super hot centrepiece pictorial that promises to set cocks twitching!

I’m holding back a teary-eyed piece reflecting on our journey to the one-year mark. Oh, don’t worry, you’ll hear all about it next week.

Word to the wise – you don’t wish to miss out on this birthday. So, get yourself down to the X-Sisters Sex Bar to join in all the fun.

See you there!!

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