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Chandra’s Travels | Gloomy Vengance

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Dear readers, last time I talked abouts what whores do in their spare time. Or at least whut this whore does in her free time. Today we go back to the X Sisters Sex Bar and take a look at what happened to me at our first Maid Day Event and sum of my lewd escapades at the bar.

Showdown at Maid Day

We recently had our Maid Day Event here at the X Sisters Sex Bar. Reluctantly I got up early in the morning … waaaaay to early for my taste. Not sures whut made me promise Jess to take on an early shift?

Methinks I was lured with the promise of breakfast. When I arrived at the bar there was no breakfast ☹. But there was coffee … I had to make for myself ☹.

Afterwards the morning started slow, so I at least had time to wake up. But then the guests and other girls started arriving at the bar. Let’s get the party started.

So I danced on the bar, had a few drinks, and was a good lil maid, who is very good at being very bad.

Later in the afternoon I went for lunch and to take care of some RL stuff.

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When I logged back in later at night Jess was at the bar. So was Mel, Gembot and Thalia? Aaaaand one guest who was surrounded by five horny sluts dressed up as maids. Our guest being a gentlemen decided that it was time he served us. So we dragged him up to the event room and had ourselves a wild and cum filled reverse gang bang.

After we drained him dry we headed back to the bar. Jess smirked at me and said. „You have a booking coming in soon.“

Looking at her in confusion I asked. „I do? Why didn’t you tell me earlier? Who is it?“

She grinned. „It’s a surprise.“


A bit laters the door opened and Daria came in. I smiled and waved at her. She made a face as if I had thrown dirt at her.

Whuts wrong with a smile?

Jess smirked. „Your date is here.“

Daria glared at me like she was gonna go all murdery on me.


I lived for a bits at Daria’s place, when Jess moved us to this sim, and my house was all wrapped up. Daria has some strange rules in her house. Read abouts it here.

Surely she couldn’t be mad at me for listening to music and dancing in her kitchen at 09:30 am. Since I was making her coffee.

Maid Day Coffee 001 result

Aaaand she surely didn’t notice the boy I snuck home for sum fun.

Did she?

Daria handed Jess some cash and smacked my ass. „Now grab me something to drink and lead me upstairs. I expect top-notch room service.“

Taking the tray of champagne a smirking Jess handed me I walked to the elevator. I noticed again, that Jess can be quite a MEANIE! I got this feeling she ratted me out to Daria.

Opening the door to a suite I stepped aside and smiled at Daria. “This is one of our finest rooms Miss. I hopes you like it.”

“We’ll see about that.” Daria glared at me and smacked my face. “Don’t smile at me bitch” That is repulsive!”


I opened my mouth, butts I was paid to be a good lil maid so I bit back my snarky remark, cast down my eyes, and stopped smiling. That was really uncomfy.

Inside Daria fell into the comfy sofa and looked at me expectantly. I placed the champagne within easy reach. She still glared at me.

I was confused.” Is there anything else Miss?”

She pointed at the floor in front of her as she kicked off her shoes. “Kneel you happy-go-lucky slut! I need a footrest.”

Going down I felt Daria’s feet on my back. My hands and knees were going numb while she was sipping her champagne.

After a while her feet got off me. “It’s a bit quite. Sing me a song. You know how to sing Miss chirpy do you?”

I sat up smiled and got slapped again. Looking down I could not hide the excitement in my voice when I answered. “Oh YES I loooooove music.”

From the sound of her voice, I imagined a vicious smile playing around her lips. “Good then sing me a song but make it a really sad one.”

WHUT?!? Butts why a sad song .. who needs those? Daria apparently!


Pondering what to sing the lyrics of an old Ann Clark song I had heard once, found terribly depressing and forgots all about it came back to me and I started singing:

Through these city nightmares you’d walk with me
And we’d talk of it with idealistic assurance
That it wouldn’t tear us apart
We’d keep our heads above the blackened water
But there’s no room for ideals in this mechanical place
And you’re gone now
Through a grimy window that I can’t keep clean
Through billowing smoke that’s swallowed the sun
You’re nowhere to be seen

Daria leaned back, her head moving with the tunage. “Yes let the darkness engulf you and seep into every fibre of your body.”

To HELL with that. Depressing music is for .. I dunno … but NOT me! Withdrawing into my happy place I tried my best not to let those awful tunes get to me. But my discomfort was apparent on my face.

BLEAAACH who listens to such depri stuff without being tied up?

“Good, you are in the right mood for the final part then.” Daria glared at me, dragged me across her lap, and began spanking my ass while quoting all my infractions against her dumb rules like being happy before 10 am.

Well since I wasn’t getting out of a spanking I didn’t hold back anymore, channelled my inner brat, and talked back to my heart’s content. Which earned me sum more spankies I guess, butts it was worth it.

Not that I dislike sum spankies now and then, butts imma sure Daria could have told me she likes me in a less spankalicious way. Butt methinks this is THE WAY OF THE GLOOMIE!!!

Rich the Live In Sex Toy

Rich is a regular at the X Sisters Sex Bar. Fun, polite, and generally a nice guy. He is around at odd hours so I don’t get to see him that often … well get to see him when is not afk. That doesn’t mean I can’t have fun with him, more abouts that laters.

I met Rich a while back when he came into the bar one night. He invited me for a beer and I was sitting on his lap feeling his hands all over me. Yas joined us and the two of us turned up the charm. Soon we had him up in a room. We just freed his cock from his pants and were getting all sloppy on it, when Rich suddenly jumped up trying to get his boner back into his jeans. RL had claimed his attention and he tipped us both XXtra for the inconvenience of not fucking our brains out.

That’s Rich …. I made sure to send him some lewd pics as thankies.

Rich often leaves his avi afk at the bar. Of course, a good-looking guy left at the mercy of horny whores leads to us having funs with him whenever the mood strikes us .. soooo quite often.

Like this one morning when I arrived at the bar Black Lingerie Thursday. Jess was already there. After I had my second cup of coffee I felt this familiar craving .. the need for cock. Looking around I didn’t see a guest to sate my needs.

But there was Rich. Grinning I whipped out his cock and had him hard in no time. Jumping in his lap I impaled myself on his shaft and rode him hard using him to make me cum. Jess was so kind as to snap sum pics we left in his lap, so he had sumthing nice to look at when he woke up.

Sometimes our times in pixelland match up. Rich and I managed to set up a playdate. Of course, we meant to play sum very nawty games.

I arrived at the bar all dolled up and we went up to a room. My clothes were quickly ripped off my body and I was tossed on the bed. Rich always says he likes my clothes best on a pile next to the bed. 😊Well he did get his wish. 😊

Kissing me his hands went all over my body. Wanting him inside me I slid between his legs and took his cock into my mouth. Bobbing my head I went all the way down to his balls, gagging over his cock. Raking my nails over his abs and chest I climbed into his lap and impaled myself on his cock.

I started riding him, only to find myself flipped on my back and on the receiving end of a rough, hard fucking. He tossed me around on the bed savagely fucking me. I screamed, clawed at him, and urged him on.

After we both came we took a bit to relax enjoying each other’s bodies, before I got him hard again. Turning I wiggles my ass at him winking. “Now I want you to fuck my ass.”

He seemed to like my suggestion, pinning me and stretching out my ass with his shaft. I screamed in delight, while he fucked my tight ass deep and hard, filling both my holes with his cream.

If you want to take part in my nawty adventures cum visit me at the X Sisters Sex Bar or at Candy’s Hotel. Also check out Jess Blog or the Second Life Forums so you stay tuned for our events here at the X Sisters Sex Bar.

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