The Mystery Door Opens: September 16th at 11am SLT

The Mystery Door Opens: September 16th at 11am SLT

Last Updated on: 20th October 2023, 09:25 pm

Have you ever wondered how it is to stand in front of a mysterious door, not knowing where it leads or who might be on the other side?

You only know there is a woman on the other side.

An incredibly sexy woman, skilled in the carnal arts.

Waiting just for you.

When you walk through that mysterious door she will fullfill all your desires and make your wildest dreams come true.

Have you wondered how that woman looks like? How she feels? How mindblowing the sex will be?

You can stop wondering the mystery door will open soon.

What is behind the Mystery Door?

A New Event

We’re excited for our next event at the X-Sisters Bar on September 16th, 2023, where we’re hosting a “Mystery Door Event.”

A mix of anticipation, excitement and wild sex? That’s unmissable!

Here’s the way it works: Join us at the bar and encounter the mystery door. It’s easy  – simply pay the entrance fee, step through the door, and prepare to be teleported to a random place on the grid where one of our X-Girls will be waiting for you.

What X-Girl will you end up with? You won’t know until you get there.

Whether you’re a regular barfly or a first-time visitor, this event guarantees a night of mystery, fun, and amazing sex.

The X-Sisters Bar takes pride in creating unique and engaging events, and the Mystery Door Event is no exception. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to be a part of this. Mark your calendar for September 16th and we will see you there!

The Mystery Door opens between 11 am SLT and 2 pm SLT. To step through take this taxi. Afterward join us at our new club and dance with the X Girls to the tunes of DJ Zathras.

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