Phase Two of the X-Sisters | Sex Sex Sex and Office Expansion

Phase Two of the X-Sisters | Sex Sex Sex and Office Expansion

Last Updated on: 20th October 2023, 09:25 pm

Some weeks, time seems to slip through my fingers, leaving me wondering what exactly happened. This week was one of those whirlwinds, mainly due to the launch of our magazine. Little did I anticipate that it would propel me into Phase Two of my business plan sooner than expected. I had initially earmarked January as the timeframe for that—a move aimed at garnering more attention for our X-Girls. However, fate had other plans, and Phase Two of the X-Sisters Sex Bar came knocking earlier than I’d imagined.

With that came increased responsibilities, including higher weekly expenses. But, I couldn’t be more grateful that our business is thriving. The X-Sisters Sex Bar has evolved into a self-sustaining business, thanks to our loyal barflies and the dedication of our X-Girls.

Oh… I also got fucked on the kitchen floor.

Snapshot 501

Phase Two of the X-Sisters | A New Head Office

Phase Two had been a long-standing vision in my head. There were a lot of reasons for it. Ahead of them was the idea of diversifying our keywords. As any savvy content creator knows, keywords are a lifeblood of discoverability. More locations meant we could deploy a broader range of keywords, significantly enhancing our visibility in search results within Second Life.

Contemplating Phase Two, I thought about two distinct paths: constructing our offices or leasing several small parcels on the mainland and converting them into zeppelin platforms. The latter concept, albeit intriguing, came with its fair share of logistical problems, notably the potential for irksome neighbours. While I’ve always been willing to ruffle feathers in the pursuit of our staff’s well-being, I couldn’t ignore the safeguarding of our brand’s reputation. Consequently, the zeppelin idea was temporarily shelved, leaving me with a singular choice—the offices.

These offices held multifaceted utility. Although I didn’t anticipate spending copious amounts of time there myself, a growing conviction told me it was time to bring new talent on board. From the day we opened the X-Sisters Sex Bar, I have mostly been a one-person army, managing marketing campaigns, conceiving events, handling logistics, and dealing with the land and property management. The pace of my life as the bar’s owner is relentless, and the time had finally arrived to share the load.

Enter Jane, our newly appointed Marketing Manager. The office is now her domain and will serve as the epicentre of her strategic plans.

Phase Two of the X-Sisters | The Electric Chair

One lesson that has eluded me over time is the perils of taking Chandra to new places. It is never straightforward with her bouncy bouncy short attention span. On the day I completed our office, I invited her and Fox over to visit our new headquarters at X-Sisters Entertainment. The name X-Sisters Entertainment had become more logical, especially now that the magazine operates under its banner too. So now we have X-Sisters Sex Bar, X-Girl Monthly and the X-Sisters Store. It also opens up exciting possibilities for Phase Three (but more on that another time).

They both accepted the invitation and as we explored the office, I noticed Chandra’s hair constantly changing in colour and style. It was a maddening display of rapid transformations happening every 30 seconds.

“Chandra will you just decide on a hairstyle you’re driving me bonkers. Every time I blink it’s different,” I exclaimed, feeling like I was on the brink of losing my mind. Fox seemed equally perturbed.

“We would hate to have to use staples,” Fox warned Chandra, but she remained engrossed in her hair metamorphosis, completely oblivious to our exasperation. Eventually, Fox and I shared a knowing glance, realizing there was only one way to halt her ever-changing hair. Electro-shock therapy in the electric chair.

Phase Two of the X-Sisters | Fox’s Gift

You might have read the Toys post the other day about what it’s like to be my slave. It was an interesting piece, for me, it was interesting seeing how much he actually worked out about my mindset. I guess that’s something I’ll have to change. But what was really interesting is one point that he made – “But it’s the psychological pain that does the most damage. I believe Jess enjoys it because they are much more brutal and have a much longer-lasting effect with much less physical effort on her part.”. 

He is right, psychological torment is a more satisfying endeavour than physical although combining the two and watching him squirm is highly exciting. I wanted to do something nice for Fox so we headed over to one of my houses. There is a beautiful bar in one of the upstairs rooms which can be used for all sorts of things, mostly high-class escort services. I gave it the distinctive feel of being a more warm and classy bar than that of the main X-Sisters bar. 

First I made him dance, watching him strip on the bar I hoped that Fox would feel entertained. As we had our fun, slapping his cock and making him understand that his only purpose was for our entertainment Fox had him use a butt plug. The look on his face was priceless, the mix of pain and humiliation was electric when I told him that he had to use it without lube. 

Eventually, I had him do what the plan always was to do. He was going to make Fox cum and then make himself cum on the bar.

A Kitchen Fantasy

In that same house, there’s a spacious and beautiful kitchen, which happens to be one of my personal favourites among all the kitchens I own in Second Life. Recently, I found a HUD I had purchased when I first started my career as a Second Life sex worker. This HUD, I remembered, offered the potential for sex anywhere, provided you had rezz rights. At the time of buying it, my knowledge about rezzing and rezz rights was somewhat limited. So, I invested 5000L in it, only for it to sit in my inventory ever since. Given that most sims restrict rezzing for the general populace, the HUD had never found its purpose.

Curiously, there was one experience I had yet to explore— being fucked on a kitchen floor. The idea had always excited me, and so I made Greg help me check that one fantasy off of my bucket list. Unsurprisingly, he had his cock out faster than you could blink and was more than willing to help. 

Round Up

Today, we have not one but two exciting events in store for you. First up, don’t miss our “Mystery Door” event—an opportunity to step through the door and discover a random X-Girl waiting to be fucked. Later in the day, join us for the electrifying beats of DJ Zathras in our newly built nightclub. Get ready to dance the night away in a high-energy atmosphere that’s sure to leave you craving more. Phase two of the X-Sisters Sex Bar is well underway so don’t miss out! 

So, as always come and join us! Take these taxis to The X-Sisters Sex Bar and/or our bar at Street Whores! See you there!

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  1. Greg

    Always happy and willing to help a pretty girl like Jess cross a fantasy off her bucket list. Fortunately for me this was one I was thrilled to help with. Exciting stuff with the expansion plans, you’re a brilliant girl, best of luck with your endeavors!

    If you read the blog and want to support Jess, please consider stopping by the bar, getting a free copy of the X-Girls monthly and please check back for event announcements. Jess puts a lot of time and effort into those and would love to see you there, those are fantastic opportunities to meet Jess inworld, she would love if you came to say hi.

  2. Jane Gray

    I made the blog! Oh my gosh this is so exciting! Thank you again for hiring me Miss Jess, I am very excited to be part of the team!

  3. Chandra Kusari

    It was waaaaaaay longer till I changed hair again 45 seconds minimum!!!
    But sooowies I was just sooo undecided whut went good with the clothing and I did pay attention to whut was going on.
    The eletro therapy REAALLY charged my batteries .. thankies!!! I can higly recomend it!!!

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