Navigating Sex Work in Second Life | The Post-Holiday Chronicles

Navigating Sex Work in Second Life | The Post-Holiday Chronicles

Last Updated on: 5th January 2024, 07:38 am

Sex work in Second Life, like any industry, has its ebbs and flows. These past few days have been a mix of busyness and quiet. As anticipated, the post-Christmas drought has settled in, which means a lot of residents just don’t have the money to spend on whores. The bar alongside so many other places on the grid goes through a very quiet period at this time of year. But here’s a twist that I didn’t see coming, one that wasn’t as prevalent last year. Private clients are popping in more often. Now that their wives are happy after being spoiled at Christmas, they’re seeking that professional touch for their own happiness. That’s where I come in – pleasing men far better than what their wives can. Yet, with the bar in a quiet spell, I had to do something to try and boost us through the quiet. And then I had a very odd scenario involving some wild sex, an attic and the hushed whispers below… Well, you may as well read on.

A Glimpse into Sex Work in Second Life | The Motel

Before diving into the steamy sex attic escapades, let’s take a detour to explore the brilliance of the X-Sisters Sex Motel. Now, you might wonder, is this another new thing Jess? Absolutely! And, if I may say so, it’s a stroke of genius.

For those that remember, up until around a year ago I was part of Candy’s All-Inclusive Sex Hotel. A place that really defined my career with sex work in Second Life. Rach and Christina were my living Wikipedia, and Lumi supported me through the twists of growing popularity thanks to this site. I loved the concept of the hotel and delivering room service to guests. But how can I rekindle the same sort of magic?

Fast forward to now, during the quiet period after Christmas, some might opt to ride it out. But not me. Running a business means ensuring my staff thrives and make money, even during lulls.

So, here’s the idea: the temporary X-Sisters Sex Motel. On our parcel, there was an empty space after I did some fun demolition in the village. The concept lets me add some new keywords in the search, but it’s not just about that but also about opening doors to roleplay.

For a ridiculously low price of 75L per week, guys can rent a room. Each room has a room service bell connecting to a board in the main bar. When the bell rings, X-Girls in the bar get an alert – someone needs room service. For 1100L, they get 30 minutes of X-Girl magic, delivered right to their door. No group joining requirements, no need for socializing in the bar if they’re shy– just the pure, personalized, unfiltered X-Girl experience. It’s a game-changer in the landscape of sex work in Second Life, offering a nice blend of wild sexual fantasy and convenience.

Exploring Fantasies in Second Life Sex Work

One of the fun and interesting things about working in sex work in Second Life is that you get to experience all sorts of fantasies. I love it, I love getting to do things or take part in scenarios that light up my brain cells. One of my regulars consistently brings to life an interesting scenario. His recurring fantasy that we play out quite frequently is that his wife is asleep in bed and he calls me up, as a high-class escort. I arrive at his house through the backdoor, through the kitchen and upstairs. We then quietly sneak into his attic where nothing waits for us other than a bed.

It is a very easy fantasy to set up for him. All it takes is the skybox and the bed and we’re ready to go. And he pays extremely well for it.

Better Than Your Wife

After undressing him, I sat on top of him and took his cock into my hand giving soft strokes. I caressed his growing shaft enough to make him start to moan and he whispered how good it felt. I spat on it and massaged it, my goal was to try and get him to wake his wife up. He didn’t want to be caught but I did. I love that feeling of a man’s wife knowing I do a better job than she does.

Eventually, I undressed and felt his swollen shaft spread my pussy while I sucked him in, starting to rock and ride. The bed creaked and the attic floor started to make noise. He asked me to slow down, he really didn’t want to wake her. So I rode faster and faster. I could see the panic in his face but he didn’t want me to stop. I slid off of him, the sweat running over his both while he drilled into me “Let her hear when you make me cum” I told him. That drove him wilder and he slammed harder and harder into me. Finally, I screamed as the climax tore through my body and then his cock erupted to fill me with his warm, thick ropes of cum.

I’ll wake his wife next time, I’m sure of it. I was so turned on that I almost set my Lovense Nora up to use on myself.

The Nora Chronicles | New Pleasures in Second Life

After reading that last part, you might be thinking “Wait, Jess.. I thought you only had the Lovense Lush 3..” and you would be right. Up until now, it was all about the Lush 3, and technically the Lush 2, but post-upgrade, it took a backseat. Enter the Nora, and oh boy, it’s a wild and fun addition to the repertoire. Brace yourself for a lot of incoming tales of how my Nora got put to use in Second Life.

The journey of sex work in Second Life has been my life for nearly two years—a crazy amount of time when you think on it. This month marks the first anniversary of my bar, and this year, my blog hits the ripe old age of 2. While some might consider slowing down, not me. I’m fueled by big plans, grand ideas… and an influx of booking requests. I will get to them, I promise!!!! Rest assured, no one will be forgotten!… well maybe one or two of the idiots on the blacklist.

So, if you’re looking for a seedy motel fuck or an attic experience, or you’re just looking for some amazing sex and possibly using Lovense synced up with me then you can either fill in the booking request form on this site of you can visit me at the X-Sisters Sex Bar. And of course, the X-Girls are always there to take care of you also. See you soon!

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