Second Life Sex Work | Unveiling the World of Virtual Sex

Second Life Sex Work | Unveiling the World of Virtual Sex

Last Updated on: 20th October 2023, 09:44 pm

Welcome to the X-Sisters Sex Bar, where fantasies come true, inhibitions disappear, and desires run wild. It is a place where pleasure knows no limits. My sister and I created a haven for all things sex at the bar. It’s a place where you can let loose, explore, and have the time of your life. We both love our career in Second Life sex work, so going down this path was inevitable I guess. So far, it has yet to disappoint. It does, however, never fail to surprise and that first customer of this day caught me off guard a little. 

Second Life Sex Work | Unveiling the World of Virtual Sex

Second Life Sex Work | Observing from Afar

Do you remember the guy that sent me a gift when I wasn’t trying to work? Then I ended up letting him hire me? Well, he was back and this time with a little different style. 

Doing my usual rounds to both bars I swung by Street Whores. When I got there a few moments later he arrived. Walking past me and saying hi. Some guys like to be regular, others like to sample the entire menu of girls in a place. No big deal, I thought maybe he was looking for something different. 

My plan was then to try and get Ebony some fun but before I could reply he messaged me. 

He wanted me to go into the bar, strip and start playing with my pussy while he stood at the other end of the sim watching. Fuck that was a hot thought. So after he transferred the cash to me that’s exactly what I did. 

This got him super horny so a few minutes later we made the usual arrangements and I headed over to his place. His craving to drench me in his cum before fucking me properly was still evident. 

It was a good, if somewhat slightly different, start to the day.

Second Life Sex Work | The Puppy Collection

I really am collecting a lot of puppies. They do well, following my instructions and keeping our staff happy. 

So, when Reggie appeared and offered himself as my footstool I knew I wanted Gem to have some fun. After he bought us a round of drinks I told him to make her cum. 

He was also instructed to look into my eyes while he did it. This seemed to get him extra horny and knowing that he wanted to fuck her, I told him to ask her nicely. Bringing her head up from drinking her pussy, his puppy dog eyes pleaded with her.

What followed was almost a beg. Something, which I think Gem had too much fun with. 

So, she started bouncing on his cock. Moaning and groaning as she rode. Her heightened excitement echoed off of the wall and before long Reggie looked at me and begged to cum. 

He had made her cum so technically he had done a good job. However, I wanted to play with him a little more. So I told him to make her cum again, then could have his reward. 

So that’s exactly what he did. 

Second Life Sex Work | Old Face New Space

I like it when old faces show up and since being back at work full-time, they appear to be doing that a lot. I see you all, lurking here. Well now I’m back, I’m enjoying seeing everyone come and visit. 

So when another old client appeared I knew it was going to be fun. At first, we just sat on the sofa and caught up a little, then he had to run off. A little while later he came back. 

This time I could see his cock twitch in his pants so I knew I was about to get some of the good stuff. 

With the necessary formalities out of the way, I dragged him upstairs and put on some lingerie. I knew he liked it like that, most guys do. Look sexy out of the bedroom and sexier in the bedroom and they can crumble with ease. 

From historical visits, he doesn’t like his name being written so I’ll leave that part out. However, teasing his cock with my fingers and then my mouth drove him wild. When he pulled me on top of him his cock was so swollen as I started to slowly ride him. His moans rang out before he flipped me over and fucked me hard. 

Apparently, he couldn’t get enough, but I’ll get to that part. 

Late Night Shift

Later on at night, I took a trip over to Street Whores again. It was super late and I couldn’t sleep, so I thought I would see what fun could be had. It didn’t take long before my nameless cock showed up, he wanted more. 

After he bought a round of drinks we spoke for a while, and then Deci showed up. This was almost turning into a fantasy in my head. I don’t know if the cock with no name liked the idea of fucking me after someone else, but he took a step back and went for a walk. 

Deci, ever the gentleman, got me naked and started to bounce me up and down on his cock. The passers-by were outside getting a show while he used me to cum. 

After he left, the other client stripped naked, threw me some money and picked me up. Lowering me down onto him as he started slamming into me. 

Fuck this was hot. Decis cum ran from my pussy while another cock fucked me. It wasn’t too long before we both came, me drenching his shaft and him filling me. 

A good end to a busy day. 

The Ultimate Quest

A few months ago I walked into Candy’s with my top that says “Underfucked” on it. Candy just looked at me with her head tilted and yelled “Underfucked? Really Jess?”. 

I thought it was just an ironic top to wear. 

She’s right though, can I really claim that I’m underfucked? Of course, I would love to be fucked more. I’ve fucked 7 customers back-to-back before but 10 sounds like a really good number. 

Maybe I should try and make that happen. 

Come and visit us and help me make that dream come true. In fact, I’m sure every X-Girl wants that to happen to them too. Take these taxis to The X-Sisters Sex Bar and/or Street Whores! See you there!

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