Some days you expect to be quiet and make little money, that is the curse of a whore. Second Life has that up-and-down trend. At least in my experience, it has. The X-Sisters Sex Bar however sometimes has a chance to surprise you and throw you an unexpected curveball. The phrase Second Life sex work surprise is very accurate for this day. What sometimes sets in a belief that you are in for a standard day with the usual customer visits can quickly turn into making more in 30 minutes than you could imagine. Every day can surprise you and every customer can catch you off guard.

The start of an unexpected day

Second Life Sex Work Surprise | A Standard Start

It was standard Friday afternoon, the morning spell had passed and Christina had just left for her afternoon pre-dinner shift. That left just me and Mel in the bar. We spoke a little, talking about the things that whores talk about and then we heard footsteps.

When someone new visits the bar there is always a chance that they look around, take stock of the place, make some small talk and leave. That is the nature of Second Life and more so the nature of sex venues. Regardless, Mel and I are paid to entertain and engage customers and make them feel welcome.

Anton introduced himself and sat with us, we started to chat a little and he told us that he enjoys keeping whores happy. He wasn’t lying, within 30 seconds 1000L rung out in both of our tip jars.

As the day went on, Anton kept tipping us and we continued to chat. The second tip rung out, 2000L in each of our tip jars. After a while another tip rung out this time 3000L each. Both Mel and I were up to 6000L each just in tips from talking.

“You can do anything you want with me” Mel told him, and I nodded my head from the bar and agreed. He however told us that this was just the tipping, he wasn’t ready for business yet.

Then he said that he forgot something, at that point another 3000L hit the jars. 9000L each, a total of 18000L between both of us. Fuck…

Keeping myself entertained while Mel was with our customer.

Second Life Sex Work Surprise | They Just Keep Coming

As we sat there, dumbfounded we heard the jar ring out one more time. This time 1000L to which he chuckled and said it needed to be 10000L or it would irritate him.

Then the talk turned to business. He paid us each another 6000L and told us his very basic plan but one that was sure to keep everyone happy.

He would, in his words “Take this one (Mel), fuck her brains out for a bit and then come back and repeat the said process, but only to the one on the counter. (me)” This was going to be good. I could already sense the excitement and in my dumbfound state I forgot to take many pictures. Which is very rare for me but I was so caught up in the moment.

He took Mel upstairs and I could hear the moans and screams as he bent her over the bed. With his cock slamming into her, I could sense that he was dominant. He never expressly said it but the signs were there and the sounds from above clarified it for me.

After a while Mel walked into the bar, her body glistening in sweat and cum dripping and running down her thighs. She looked at me devilishly “Your turn”.

Just as I was about to step into the elevator I heard her shout through to me “He’s thorough”. Good, I like it like that.

Second Life Sex Work Surprise

Second Life Sex Work Surprise | Summoned

He was ready for me by the time I got upstairs, sitting on the sofa in the upstairs lounge stroking his cock. I was excited but also a little trepidatious about how much energy he would have left. So I jokingly told him “You must have a lot of energy”.

Instead of giving me a reply he just looked and told me “Got somethin’ nice and hard for you to suck on…may be a little coated with other juices, but that’s besides the point”

I knew what I had to do, so I slid to the floor, wrapped my hand around his cock and started sucking and slurping. I could taste Mel and the lingering flavour of his cum was there too. I felt dirty, I felt hot and I was so turned on.

He grabbed my hair and pushed my down, his thickness pressing into my throat as he just held me there. Gagging and spluttering all over him I could tell that he was enjoying himself. Before long I felt him pull my head up and he looked at me.

“Bend over” he commanded but before I could agree or even move he pushed me by my shoulders, bending me over the sofa and slid his cock deep into my slippery pussy. With each thrust he fucked me hard, stretching me out and delving between my walls. I couldn’t control it, my moans, my screams, the waves running through my body. I climaxed, tightening around his cock before he flooded me with his seed.


A Successful Day

Two whores, 32000L, thirty minutes. That’s how much we made and how much work that we did. 16000L to each of us and there was nothing out of the ordinary that we were asked to do. I once had a customer ask to pee in my mouth but didn’t want to pay the extra to do it. This customer paid me 16000L for basic vanilla sex.

I would say that for both Mel and me, it was a very successful day at the bar. Our customer left happy promising to return and everyone had a great time.

Of course, the rates at the X-Sisters Sex Bar are nowhere near 16000L for 30 minutes but we very much welcomed the tips. We have always had our big spenders, the ones that value our time and appreciate what we do. I think that this one might just take the title for the highest amount in the shortest time though.

I had to celebrate, so I sat on the bar and relaxed while I made Pam sweep the floor. That’s what managers do right?

Come and join us, take this taxi and I’ll see you there!

Making Pam sweet the floor in celebration


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Second Life Sex Work | More Money in 30 Minutes Than You Can Imagine

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