What makes my job as the manager of a sex venue in Second Life isn’t the endless alcohol or the great music, it is of course the sex. I struggle to get enough of it. Then, when I get it back to back in one night that’s even more exciting. You see I live to keep our customers happy, it not only turns me on immensely but it also makes me happy knowing that they’re happy. If I get drenched in cum in the process? Then even better!

Manager of a Sex Venue in Second Life

Manager of a Sex Venue in Second Life | Raised By Whores

It was a night just like any other. The trees were blowing in the wind, the sky was lit with the moon and the former not-really-a-virgin-slut was at her usual position behind the bar of the X-Sisters Sex Bar.

Ok, I don’t really know if the trees were blowing in the wind or if the sky was lit up with the moonlight, I was too busy setting up the X-Sisters Flickr account. Which, coincidentally you can find at this link.

Anyway, while I was sitting at the bar setting that up Biggie arrived. It’s always good to spend some time with Biggie, he tells people that we raised him.

“Raised by whores” is the term that he uses.

In a way he’s right, we found him wandering the grid at 5 days old and took him in. We taught him what we could about Second Life and gave him the tools to enjoy it for what it is.

When he first came to us he didn’t know how to remove his clothes properly, now he has a photo studio and does some amazing things. I guess this is where I link a second Flickr account on this post. So here it is.

As we were sitting at the bar chatting he told me that he was inclined to take me upstairs. It had been a while and the thought was getting me excited.

Manager of a Sex Venue in Second Life

Manager of a Sex Venue in Second Life | Biggies Big Load

Biggie told me that he had purchased the Good Moaning Cock Rubber, which instantly got me more excited. You’re telling me I could make him cum and visually make him cum with my mouse movements?

Sign me up!

We made our way upstairs and after a while of playing with his cock before we even got into the room, we made our way to the rug.

This rug, as you know if you follow this blog, is something very special and has some amazing animations.

I started kissing and caressing his cock, my tongue and lips sensually running over it. The twitching of his member against my mouth only made me hungrier for it. Then, as I slurped all over his cock, I used the cock rubber and made him cum all over my face.

Fuck it was hot.

But.. I wasn’t finished. I wanted more and so I kept going, making him cum a second time and then a third time. Eventually I looked up at him and asked him if he would fuck me. I was so horny and ready for him as my face dripped with his cum.

So he did, he pushed me onto all fours on the bed and fucked me hard and fast before I came with him one last time.

Manager of a Sex Venue in Second Life | Zath Time

Earlier in the day I had received a message from Zath asking if I would be available later that night at the bar. Of course I would, I always make time for our customers.

Well, technically he had messaged a few days earlier but I hadn’t been checking my messages. It was the weekend and I was too busy partying and getting drunk to look at my phone.

After I had finished my time with Biggie, I sat back at the bar and finished off the last of the champagne when I got a message from Zath asking if I still had time. Eagerly I said yes and he said he would be right over.

When he arrived we had a small catch up and a glass of champagne before making our way upstairs.

Standing at the bottom of the bed we started to strip each other, our hands wandering as I teasingly played with his cock. He was excited and I couldn’t wait to have fun with him.

A Pleasurable Unexpected Series Of Events

When we finally made it to the bed, he pushed me onto my back and started gorging on my pussy. Sucking on my clit and teasing my folds, it was electrifying. Then, just as my excitement peaked, he pulled me on top of him and thrust his cock into my mouth.

I devoured his meat while he continued to tongue my pussy and asshole, his fingers sliding in and out between my walls. The pleasure was so intense, I couldn’t hold it any longer, the race to climax had already started and I was there at the finish line. I came, screaming around his cock and drenching his face in my juices.

He lapped me up before he asked if I wanted him to fuck my ass.

Well, let me tell you something, I’ve only been fucked in the ass once and so this was not a regular request. I couldn’t say no though, I wanted it and I was ready for it.

He flipped me over and eased his swollen length into my ass. Short thrusts at first, the pleasure coursing through me before he started fucking me harder and faster. Eventually, I felt him fill me with cum and I tightened my ass around him to milk him fully.

Another time with Zath, and another great experience.

The X-Sisters Experience | Unrivalled Pleasure Awaits

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I’ll be waiting for you.

Take this limo and I’ll see you there!

Manager of a Sex Venue in Second Life | Back-to-Back Customers

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