Old Faces and New Adventures | AFK Sex Dolls and Risky Encounters

Old Faces and New Adventures | AFK Sex Dolls and Risky Encounters

Last Updated on: 20th October 2023, 09:44 pm

There have been a lot of faces on this blog over the last year, some come and go and some stay regular. So when an old face shows up, it’s good to get some of that old fun going. Old faces and new adventures can be one of the most fun combinations. However, the best part about this week has been getting to spend some much-needed time with my sister. Sure, she may have blasted a customer through the wall with a tank only for him to say he was never coming back, but it was funny. 

Old Faces and New Adventures

Old Faces and New Adventures | Rich the Toy

The tradition of using Rich as a human sex doll when he’s AFK is growing. During his usual comatose state, I told Lumi the best way to use him. So she did, first using him as a footstool before getting very personal with her strap-on. Thankfully he has a good sense of humour. 

“He needs a procedure Sis”

Her words were like music to my ears. We haven’t done a procedure in almost 8 months. It did however mean that I would have to rebuild the clinic. So, Lumi ran through to the copier and got the paperwork ready for him to sign the forms. Of course, we can’t let him read the forms otherwise he would never sign them. So we distracted him and forced him to put his signature down. 

He will get his procedure next weekend, and we’re sure he’ll love it and not cry at all. Anyway, after he was all signed up and Lumi left, I used him as my AFK sex doll again. 

Old Faces and New Adventures | Kevin

I haven’t seen Kevin in a long time. In fact, I think it has been almost a year at this point. He had reached out to me a couple of times but unfortunately, I was always asleep when those messages came through. Thankfully, this time I was around at the same time that he was. 

Kevin is a reader of both this blog and Second Life Adventures, it was through those that he first found me. He had been a client of Caroline’s for a while and then he and I had a lot of fun too. So I invited him over to the bar for a tour. 

However, not having seen him in almost a year the tour didn’t get very far.

After a quick bottle of X-Sisters Beer, he wanted to take me somewhere a little more private. This wasn’t a surprise really, it used to be a regular occurrence last year. So I suggested my holiday home since I got rid of all of my other lands when we opened the 1/4 sim for the bar. 

So we headed back there and I slipped into some thigh highs and lingerie, almost instantly I could see his cock swell in his shorts. Giving it a playful squeeze I guided him to bed before undressing him. Kevin isn’t the usual type we see at the bar, he’s big and his cock isn’t a power tool but it’s fun. That’s what’s important. 

So I took him into my mouth, giving him the hottest sloppiest blowjob that I could until I could tell he really wanted to cum. At that point, I pulled myself up and started riding his cock. Bouncing up and down on it until he exploded, drenching my walls in cum. It was good to see an old face. He said he’ll be back soon, so I look forward to that. 

Old Faces and New Adventures | Zathras

Zathras is a staple at the X-Sisters Sex Bar, Second Life might not be as much fun without him around. However, I have never really known him to take risks. But, like Second Life likes to do, it surprised me. 

He took a risk and left himself AFK on a barstool for a while. Now, I know what you’re thinking. Jess, you take advantage of AFK people. 

You’re absolutely correct, I do and I wasn’t letting this chance go to waste either. 

I did however think it a courtesy to ask Fox for permission first. Then she took too long to answer and I knew that my time wasn’t going to be long, so I just did it anyway. 

Used Zathras as my new personal AFK sex toy. 

The Beer Bottle

It was a good day, I was still on a high from the 40k tip the night before so I was making some fun with it. At one point Gem was with one of our regular customers on the outside sofa. I could see that she was drinking beer so I sent her a message telling her I would pay her 2k to put the bottle in his ass. 

I never expected her to actually do it and I would have paid her anyway. However, she said that he was about to leave. Then that changed and they both headed into the office copier room. 

By that time I had forgotten all about the 2k offer so when I heard him scream for his life before before yelling that he was cumming, I was a little bit taken aback. 

She had indeed put a beer bottle in his ass while he was fucking her. This in turn made him cum really hard and the copier got covered. So after he managed to crawl his way out of the door in shock, Gem got to cleaning. 

At least I was sharing the wealth. 

A Full-Time Return?

Old faces, familiar faces and regular faces. We also had a few new faces too signing up for the group. Since opening our second bar on Street Whores, our group has grown quicker which is great. It means that the X-Girls have even more eye candy to look at and have fun with. 

Being back full-time this week has really made me realize how much I’ve missed it, and how much fun I have doing what I do. I think Dee might have to sit on the sidelines a bit longer. 

Come and visit us. Take these taxis to The X-Sisters Sex Bar and/or Street Whores! See you there!

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