Hey there, fellow cyber scoundrels! It’s your Second Life furniture entrepreneur, Daria, here to spill the beans on the whirlwind that’s been happening in my life lately. So, as you may know, I own this little gem of a store called PleasureScape. It’s all about Second Life furniture that’s designed to take your sex experience to new heights. And let me tell you, we have been making waves lately. It’s like someone turned on the spotlight and threw me onto center stage.

Suddenly, PleasureScape is getting attention. I’m getting invites to exclusive events, the traffic through my store is flowing like a river, and my weekend sales are soaring to new heights. It’s like a  tornado swept through and turned my cozy little world upside down. Not that I’m complaining, mind you. Who doesn’t love a little chaos mixed with success?

But here’s the plot twist, my kinky comrades: I’ve been so caught up in the whirlwind of running my store that the usual CNC shenanigans have taken a backseat. Can you believe it? Even I’m shocked. It’s like the universe decided to play a little joke on me. But hey, life’s all about lemons and oranges, right? Or something like that. I’ll figure it out eventually.

So here I am, spilling the tea on my current life situation. PleasureScape is buzzing, my CNC kink is taking a break (for now), and I’m diving headfirst into this. 

Flourish Event and Beyond | The World of Second Life Furnishings

Well, well, well, I thought, things are about to take a sharp turn into the world of events. You see, one fine morning, I found myself in the midst of an event frenzy. How did that happen, you ask? Let me spill the tea.

It all started when I decided to throw my hat into the ring and apply for the Flourish event. Seemed like the perfect opportunity to dip my toes into the event world and see what all the fuss was about. So, a few months back, I sent in my application, eagerly waiting for a response. But alas, crickets. I figured maybe my furniture repertoire wasn’t up to snuff back then. But hell, did that change!

Picture this: I woke up one day, rubbing the sleep from my eyes, and there it was – an invite to be a designer at Flourish. Excitement doesn’t even begin to cover what I felt in that moment. I mean, being able to showcase my creations at an event? That’s the stuff a Second Life furniture creators dreams are made of.

But here’s the twist, my renegades. The floodgates of event invitations suddenly opened, and there was no turning back. Suddenly, my store’s traffic skyrocketed on certain days, and I started noticing some familiar event owner names on the welcome greeter. It was like a revelation, an awakening to a whole new level of exposure.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I was thrilled beyond measure, but reality soon kicked in. With all these event invitations flooding my inbox, I had to make some tough decisions. It wasn’t about thinking I was too good for certain events or anything like that. No, no. It was a matter of time, or rather, the lack thereof. I’m just one individual, and let’s face it, creating exclusives for multiple events every month or even bi-weekly? That’s a level of crazy I wasn’t quite ready to embrace.

Second Life Furniture

From Clutter to Class | The PleasureScape Store Makeover

Let me paint you a picture of the chaotic mess my store once was. It was a sight to light your eyes up, and not in a good way. When I first embarked on this journey, I never imagined that PleasureScape would grow into what it is today. I thought, maybe a few sales here and there a month, and if all else failed, rely on the marketplace for some extra coin. But oh, how wrong I was.

As time went by, my little store started accumulating more and more shit. It became a fucking labyrinth of clutter, where I found myself hopping over stripper poles and maneuvering around sofas just to reach the fucking door. It was madness, my friends. And it was time for a change, a move towards sanity and sophistication.

So, I reached out to my business partner, Chandra, and informed her of my plans to relocate. Now, let me tell you, Chandra is a fucking strange one. Bless her heart. She had her reservations, questioning whether we’d make enough to cover the rent and all that practical stuff. But hey, I’m the one who deals with the real stuff, while she sits there in her pink puffy pussy pants, lost in her own little world. Love her to bits, though. But don’t you dare tell her that!

Anyway, I made the move. PleasureScape found its new home, a spacious spot where clutter is banished and elegance reigns supreme. It’s clean, it’s organized, and it’s fucking divine. I’m head over heels in love with the new space, and I can’t wait to welcome all of you, to experience it for yourselves.

Taking on a New Virtual World Furniture Challenge | The Creation of the “Pussy Wagon”

I was in my workshop, sweating my tits off making furniture when out of the blue, a text message popped up on my phone. It was none other than my good ol’ pal, Jess. Now, I was ready to let out a primal scream, thinking she was about to ask me for more writing work. Time was becoming a rare commodity for me, and I simply couldn’t commit to that. But as fate would have it, she had a different request in mind.

You see, Jess had this idea…a bit unconventional, to say the least. She wanted something that wasn’t your typical furniture. No, no, no. She wanted a goddamn sex van. Yeah, you heard me right. Now, don’t get me wrong, my friends. Second Life furniture is my domain, but a vehicle? I wouldn’t even know where to begin. There are all these scripting logistics and placement nightmares to deal with. And to top it off, she wanted it to have an old, rugged look, as if she just snagged it from a police auction and slapped on a fresh coat of paint.

Despite my initial hesitations, I decided to take on the challenge. But not without striking a sweet deal, of course. Gotta keep that bank account happy, am I right? So, I set to work, crafting what would become known as the “Pussy Wagon” for the X-Sisters. Now, let’s be real here, it may not be my magnum opus, but Jess wanted it fast, so I labeled it “Version 1.0.” I’ll have plenty of time to perfect and unleash “Version 2” in the future, my kinksters. But for now, let me assure you, this piece of equipment is still a damn fine creation.

Time for a Break

That’s where I find myself at this moment. What started as a casual hobby of creating Second Life furniture has taken me on an unexpected journey.  I’m not complaining. There’s something oddly satisfying about watching people have sex on the furniture I’ve created. Perhaps I’ve stumbled upon a new kink – Daria the voyeur! Haha! Nah, just kidding, but it has been quite an experience.

Now, here’s the scoop. I had a chat with Jess, and considering everything that’s happening in my life right now, I’m not sure if I can commit to writing as frequently as I have been. So, I’ve made the decision to take a break for a couple of months. It’s either until things settle down a bit or until I can regain a better grasp on my time.

But fear not, my dear readers. This is not farewell, just a temporary departure. I’ll be back before you know it, armed with new tales to share and bitchy banter to entertain you. Until then, keep enjoying the pleasures that Second Life has to offer, and remember, Daria is always watching… figuratively speaking, of course.

With that, it’s time for me to sign off.

Daria, out!

Second Life Furniture | My Unexpected Journey | Daria

Daria Kovalenko

Meet Daria, an enthusiast of Second Life, where she fully indulges in her fascination with CNC (Consensual Non-Consent) roleplay. Her passion for this unconventional kink led her straight to the doors of this blog, where she now writes her immersive experiences with brutal wit and incisive observations, captivating readers with her unfiltered perspective. Beyond her skills as a writer, Daria's creative prowess extends to the ownership and creation of PleasureScape Furniture. Renowned for providing the best in Lovense integrated furniture within the vibrant confines of Second Life, she crafts pieces that ignite pleasure and entice a truly sensorial experience. Daria's unique and daring presence within the virtual world has solidified her status as a distinctive voice, unafraid to explore the uncharted territories of desire and consent. Her words and unapologetically raw outlook offer readers a glimpse into a world that blurs the lines between fantasy and reality, leaving a lasting impact on those who dare to join her journey.

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  • June 28, 2023 at 6:36 pm

    I am sooo proud of you partner. Aaaaand I doooo love the new store.

    Let’s rawk those events.



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