Second Life Erotic Adventures | A Day of Unforgettable Encounters

Second Life Erotic Adventures | A Day of Unforgettable Encounters

Last Updated on: 27th June 2023, 03:10 am

Seven. Seven posts, seven days. I don’t remember the last thing time that I have written this much and this consistently. But it comes down to one thing. Since I started working real shifts at the bar a week ago I’ve been having so much fun. It has been the gift that keeps giving. A lot of hot sex, a lot of crazy shenanigans and most importantly… a lot of good memories. Today, my subscription to renew this domain was due, and although the actual anniversary was just over a week ago, it still took me by surprise. Jess and her Gentlemen started as a hobby, a way for me to keep track of my Second Life erotic adventures, but it grew into something bigger than I imagined.

So, no lengthy post, no nostalgic trip down memory lane. Just a simple and heartfelt thank you. To everyone who has ever opened a single page of this website and read even just one word that I’ve written, you have no idea how much that means to me. 

You’re the reason I keep opening this site almost every day and hitting “Add New Post,” whether it’s Jess, Dee, or Sasha. You’ve given me a reason to keep writing. But now, let’s dive into the real fun.

Second Life Erotic Adventures

Second Life Erotic Adventures | A Chance Encounter

Where do I begin with this one? I wasn’t even planning to work that day. My plan was simple – go out and find a basement to build a small music room for when we have live DJs. Constantly converting the store had become a hassle, so this was my solution.

Rach was at the main bar, and Ebony was at the Street Whores bar. With both bars managed by managerial staff, I was free to run around and do what I needed to. However, I left the main bar and decided to swing by and say hi to Ebony for a few minutes.

While I was there, I received a random IM from a guy telling me he hoped I enjoyed the gift. It turns out he had bought me something from my wishlist. Sensing that my plans to be productive were about to be derailed, I invited him to walk the 20 meters to the bar.

We chatted for a bit before he hired me to take me back to his place. Well, I guess it could be said that I’m known to be a willing participant in erotic adventures, so I couldn’t say no to that.

When we got there I sat on his lap and he instantly started teasing my pussy through my pants. Things were getting hot fast and we literally tore each other’s clothes off, throwing them to the floor. Then, pressing me against the chair, he began pleasuring my pussy with his tongue, driving me wild.

After a few minutes, he led me upstairs, bent me over the edge of the bed, and continued his sensual onslaught against my now dripping-wet slit. Satisfied and quivering, I climbed onto his cock and he started fucking me. We fucked in every position we could think of. Him covering me in cum before each new position to the point where I was covered in it. Fuck that was hot. 

Finally, we collapsed onto the bed, gasping for breath. Before leaving, I let him know I expected to see him again and then headed back to the bar.

Playful Fun and Dominance

I didn’t even bother to dress, thinking I could just quickly dash back to the bar and grab a shower. However, when I arrived, as luck would have it, the bar was packed. So there I was, making my way through the hallway to the elevator wearing a body mask of cum, surrounded by a throng of customers and staff. At least I was setting an example.

After freshening up, I joined the rest of the crow in the bar. The conversation at some point shifted to Rich, who, as usual, was AFK. So I decided to turn him into my personal balloon.

When I say balloon, I mean utilizing a HUD that captures people in a lightning bubble. Forcing him from the sofa, I caught him in my bubble and paraded him around like a balloon. He was there for quite some time without even noticing.

Later on, when Lumi swung by, she took advantage of Rich’s eternal AFK status and used him as her footstool while he lay on the sofa. Conveniently, one of our customers, Reggie, appeared as well. Employing my authoritative voice, I instructed him to serve as my footstool too.

Telling him that our staff looked thirsty, Reggie knew exactly what to do and topped up the beer. He’s a good boy. 

Both X-Sisters relaxing with hot guys as footstools, it was exactly what we deserved.

Second Life Erotic Adventures | The Submissive Influx

Reggie is a good boy and he is very submissive. I actually asked both Gem and Fox what had happened in the last week. Suddenly we getting an influx of submissive guys. Not that I’m complaining, the reality is that it’s where I have some of the most fun. But it was a very sudden change of pace. 

I was however starting to get horny so I told Reggie to pick me something nice from the menu, get upstairs and strip. 

“Yes Miss Jess,” he replied, following my directions to a tee. 

At first, I had him bring me to the edge with his tongue while I tormented his manhood with light touches and teasing kisses. Making him throb for me until he was practically at the begging stage. That part is the real fun for me, teasing them until they can’t take it anymore. 

After I hit climax on his tongue I pinned him to the bed and started to bounce up and down on his cock. His moans filled the room, and whatever he attempted to say became indecipherable.  Eventually, I told him to cum and like the good boy that he is, he did. His cock erupting and blasting thick hot streams of cum deep into my pussy. 

As he lay back on the bed, I stroked his chest and asked him “Did you have fun?”

He said that he did, so with a nice wicked grin on my face I replied “Good, then clean me properly” before wrapping my fingers around his hair and burying his face tight against my pussy. Making him clean up every last drop of his creamy aftermath. 

Well… what else was I going to do?

A New Piece of Second Life Furniture

When I was with my first customer of the day, the one that I wasn’t even trying to get. I was having a lot of fun with the animations on the bed. So before I left, I had to check who made it. It turned out that it was r.a.w.a.g.e. A brand which, believe it or not, I had never used. 

Conveniently, a few days beforehand Rich had said that he wanted to take my shopping to buy us one for the bar. So after experiencing it first-hand, I knew that I wanted to get one. 

Rich, however, Mr Constant AFK was as you would expect – AFK. So I headed out and picked one up. As luck would have it, they had a 50% sale on for group members. Aside from stopping myself from buying the entire store simply because it was a sale, I did pick up the bed. 

Now I just need to find a willing participant to fuck me on it and break it in. 

Any takers?

Come and visit us and help us make new Second Life erotic adventures. Take these taxis to The X-Sisters Sex Bar and/or Street Whores! See you there!

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