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Dear readers! (Yes, I stole that from Chandra as payback for all of the “Dead Girl” comments) It’s your favourite former Virgin Bar Manager turned Franchise Manager. I’ve left my old gig behind and taken on a new challenge as the Franchise Manager of the X-Sisters Sex Bar and Beer System. It’s been a fun transition that’s for sure. In less than a month I have gone from Second Life Bar Manager to Franchise Manager and believe me, it has been an exciting journey.

From Second Life Bar Manager to Franchise Manager

From Second Life Bar Manager to Franchise Manager | Career Change

I enjoy the bar scene and serving customers… and having sex with them… a lot of sex. However, I felt the need for a change, something new and different to put my mind to. That’s when I stumbled upon the franchise position. Well I say stumbled upon it, I created it and told Lumi that I was doing it.

It all started during our weekly region restart.

The bar got the alert that it was about to restart and so I made my way to our head office, almost as soon as I got there, the alert came that it was about to restart too. Sometimes during restart times, you find yourself trying to dodge them one after the other, this was one of those times. With fewer options and the clock ticking down, I ran to the X-Sisters Ad Board hub and got a message from Lumi. She had just woken up and found herself in the middle of the restart, so I sent her a taxi to join me.

The hub is a low builder but there are a few ads there so I found myself looking through the newer ones. While I was reading one I heard some footsteps that I knew weren’t mine or Lumis’.

Snapshot 036

From Second Life Bar Manager to Franchise Manager | Club-1701

This is when we met Atlas. Atlas owns Club-1701 and had come by for Adboard reasons, fortunately for him we were using this place as our safe house while the world restarted. When I found out that he owned a club, my brain instantly went into marketing mode. Talking about how mutually beneficial business could be if we worked together, he seemed interested.

We all headed back to the X-Sisters Sex Bar and gave him a tour and a demonstration of the drink and recycling system. He seemed keen to implement it into his club. While we spoke, he asked if we would like to visit his club and see it for ourselves, we of course did. We’re curious whores.

After he showed us the relaxing pool and hot tub area Lumi had to leave. He is cute and business is business and when it comes down to it I am a sex worker. I could sense that he wanted to fuck me, when you work in this industry long enough you start to be able to pick up on these things very quickly.

From Second Life Bar Manager to Franchise Manager
Club-1701 is an outer space-themed club which is expanding into sex work

From Second Life Bar Manager to Franchise Manager | Sealing The Deal

Regardless of whether or not Atlas was going to take the drink system, I was going to have fun with him anyway. Lumi was gone, he was hot and I was horny.

We made our way into his hot tub to relax for a little, he told me that I was beautiful and while he had a slight touch of guilt knowing that Lumi had just left he was going to cum. I pulled myself onto his legs and took hold of his cock, gripping it and starting to stroke. He was squirming in pleasure which made me more excited.

From Second Life Bar Manager to Franchise Manager

Dealing with franchising was turning out to be fun, it hadn’t even been planned and if Atlas hadn’t walked into the Ad Board spot then it probably would never even have happened. Here I was sitting in his hot tub with his hard shaft in my hand, a potential franchisee.

His cock was twitching and his squirming and grunting let me know that he was ready for me. Moving forward I slid the wet walls of my pussy down around his member. He took a firm hold of my ass and started to bounce me up and down, it was electric. The water was splashing out of the tub, my moans were ringing out and his grunts were deep. Soon I felt his cock swell inside of me as he shot his thick cum all over my walls.

We both agreed that we would continue to hold our business meetings like this, I think it started a very fruitful franchise partnership. After Lumi returned later in the day I told her that I was retiring from the bar and going into the world of Franchising, she seemed to think it was a good idea.

From Second Life Bar Manager to Franchise Manager

From Second Life Bar Manager to Franchise Manager | The Sex Van

As part of our marketing and growth plan, we have been opening outlets across the grid. Opening small stores and information hubs in multiple sims such as Hooker Hotel, Tranquility Bay and a few more. After deciding that I was going to be our Franchise Manager I spent the last couple of days setting up these outlets.

Snapshot 101

After a long day of building and decorating, I made my way back to the bar. When I got there, Biggie was there. I hadn’t seen him properly in a while but he’s always a lot of fun.

Jess had recently parked a van outside of the bar, the idea is that you can sneak out and have sex when you want to feel really dirty. I took Biggie out to show it to him and he seemed to like it. After talking for a while he asked if I wanted to get dirty with him… I thought that he would never ask.

He slid his cock between my breasts and started fucking them, my knees were digging into the grass. This was hot, like really hot. I felt dirty and filthy in all of the right ways. When he covered my tits and face with his cum I grinned, I always have a good time with Biggie and this was no different.

From Second Life Bar Manager to Franchise Manager

Growing and Expanding

Taking on this new role has been a fun experience. I’m responsible for expanding the brand’s reach and now I get to have sex on the road instead of just at the bar. It’s a fun job and it provides a really engaging experience for potential customers.

I’ve seen firsthand how the beer system has helped whores massively increase their income and enhance both customers’ and staff’s experience. I’m excited to now go into the world and show how easy and fun it can be to be a franchisee of the X-Sisters Sex Bar. Whether it’s a nightclub, bar, or any other type of business, it’s going to be an interesting experience travelling around.

Oh, and I also get to have a lot of sex along the way.

Come and see for yourself or test out the sex van with one of us, hopefully, I get to help you experience it. Click here for your taxi.

Oh and I did also let one of our customers fuck me in our main office, but that’s a story for another day.

From Second Life Bar Manager to Franchise Manager

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