Sex Bar Shift Report | Performance Reviews in Second Life

Sex Bar Shift Report | Performance Reviews in Second Life

Last Updated on: 20th October 2023, 09:45 pm

It’s time for a Sex Bar shift report. Firstly though, Gentlemen, well ladies too, I have a deeply concerning situation and so I write to you today with an appeal. I have had a lot of sex at the X-Sisters Sex Bar over my recent shifts. In fact over the last 6 weeks I have been having more sex than I ever dreamed of. However, there is one thing that I realized. It is perplexing and concerning and truthfully I need the help of some of our barflies! But I’ll get to that part! 

Sex Bar Shift Report

Sex Bar Shift Report | BLT and COT

A lot of people think that being sex workers means that we’re not held to any sort of standard or accountability. That’s not true at all and at the X-Sisters Sex Bar, we regularly hold performance reviews. Ok, maybe not regularly. Actually, maybe not ever. Really it’s just when someone does something and we need to entertain ourselves in those few quiet moments. 

Gem arrived at the bar for Black Lingerie Thursday but she wasn’t in black lingerie. That is the first concern. BLT is our most sacred tradition, every Thursday all staff must wear black lingerie. I’m almost certain that it’s written in the bible somewhere. 

“Thou shalt wear black lingerie every Thursday, but only if thou art prepared to take multiple cocks at once.” or something like that. 

A few minutes later she took a break. She had only just arrived and she was taking a break in the staff room?!?. I looked at Fox and we both agreed that it was time for Gems’ quarterly review. 

When she came back we all sat down, Gem does great. Customers love her and she knows how to keep people entertained. We did however have to set her a challenge. It’s only fair to keep her on her toes. So we told her that she had to get Rich’s cock out and then steal his wallet. 

I had just added “Cocks Out Thursday” as a weekly double-up event with BLT for our customers. Well really it was more for my pleasure but we won’t tell them that. 

Gem snuck over to him and then gave out the biggest burst of energy I’ve ever seen. She was dancing, twerking and doing everything that she could to get his cock out of his pants. She did it! While she was doing all of that, she managed to steal his wallet. 

Her job is safe for at least another week. 

Sex Bar Shift Report | The Quickie

The day had started off quite well for me. Rich had decided to tip 9k between the three of us that were on shift early in the morning and Dan had stopped by. 

It was the usual back-and-forth teasing with Dan. He was getting so horny that I knew if I kept going I could make him cum extra quick. 

I wasn’t wrong, after about 25 minutes of teasing I quickly jumped into his arms, wrapped my legs around him and spiked myself onto his cock. 

If I hadn’t taken a screenshot there and then, I wouldn’t have got one. He came instantly, filling my pussy and leaving his seed dripping from me. I would call that a successful session wouldn’t you?

Sex Bar Shift Report | Let Them Eat Cake

I missed Fox’s Rezz Day! I know I’m a terrible friend and boss right? Well actually no, she didn’t even realize that it was her rezz day until late on into the night and I was asleep by that point. 

I did feel a little bad though. 

I mean, really we can’t have our Executive Managers Rezz Day going uncelebrated right?  So I did the only thing I knew. 

Opened up the marketplace and looked for a cake. Then, I saw the best caked. 

It was huge! Not only that, I could put myself inside of it, open it and I would appear with ribbons. It was the perfect solution. 

So that’s exactly what I did. 

Sex Bar Shift Report

Regular Routine with a Twist

Do you remember that I told you about the nightly routine with Deci? Where he would come to the bar and fuck me before going to bed? Well, now that I’m back that routine has picked up again. 

The bar had been busy most of the day, but Thursdays always are. Strange sometimes that they are consistently our busiest days yet Wednesdays are the quietest days. When Deci arrived there was me and Chandra left so I joined him on the sofa. 

As is always the case, I get no warning. After he got me naked we spoke for a little while then in the blink of an eye, he picked me up and lowered me onto his cock. Thrusting up into me while I tried to take a second to figure out just what was happening. 

Chandra was over at the bar dancing, and then out of nowhere, he told me he was going to get her to clean me up. Lick his cum from me. Of course, Chandra being Chandra hopped straight down from the bar and sauntered over to the sofa. Bitch, I’m getting fucked give me a minute! 

After we both came, I could feel his sticky mess dripping from me. Then, before he was even finished I could feel the fingers of Chandra’s hand trying to pry open my legs. She was obviously hungry for some cum so Deci stood up and let her at me. Her tongue ran across my kitty as she cleaned his seed up. 

My Plea

Oh yeah! My deeply concerning situation right?

Well, as you can see recently I’ve had a lot of sex in the bar. If you go back through my most recent posts then you will see that there has been a lot of sex. IN the bar. Not in a room, not on a bed but in the main bar. Which is hot. 

However, my horny readers. I do still love getting fucked on a bed and I have had no customer take me to a bedroom in almost two months. It is either the bar or the toilets. 

So here is my plea for help. 

Please come and fuck me on a bed.

Take this taxi! 

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  1. Zathras

    You’ve got yourself a deal, Dee. 😉 Next time we’re both at the Bar and I don’t need to leave for work (like this morning): you, me, and a bed. It’s been too long for us anyway. 🙂

    • Dee

      Yay! I nearly made it to a bed today but it ended up on the Lalou sofa upstairs 😀 so I’m definitely getting closer!

      • Zathras

        So I see, looks like the three of you had some fun. 😉

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